RACINE, Wis. (AP) — Racine police are baffled over a 123-year-old gravestone that mysteriously turned up in someone’s driveway last year.

Police say the headstone marked the grave of Henry Fenske. He died on Jan. 14, 1888.

A person found the marker last April in the driveway of a nearby house. The responding officer noted that the slab had dried dirt on the bottom, suggesting it had been removed from the ground.

The 200-pound marker lay on grass that was still green, indicating it hadn’t been there long.

Police have spent nearly a year searching for Fenske’s descendants or for a cemetery with a missing headstone.

The Journal Times of Racine says police are now asking for community help. Officers hope someone has information that can help them figure out where the headstone belongs.

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Comments (11)
  1. Funnyrabbit says:

    Why do people do desecrate graves? Seriously sick

  2. R says:

    My goodness.
    Find a bare spot in a cemetary and place the stone in the spot and move on.
    I doubt that the original owenr of this pre 1900 headstone has a great deal to say about it.

  3. r says:

    How about Henry E Fenske – who currently lives in Eau Claire, Wi. >
    Any relative?

  4. weshouldbebeyondthisnonsense says:

    i personally think grave stone markers and cemetaries are kinda silly,anyways…after the worms,there isn’t anything left but a bunch of bones,so why waste the space and money on them?…luxerious coffins and the embalment for the wakes are leaning toward ancient Egypt,a “christian burial” with pagan concepts of soul and afterlife,anyways,huh?…relatives should simply make the funeral pire and burn the bodies,or build the branch bed and let the birds have the flesh and the weather disintegrate the bones after a while…if a person beleives in a immortal spirit,than certainly ,a person would know it wouldn’t be there in hell(hebrew sheol and greek hades)with the corpse…seems death of a family member is simply structured to put money in the pockets of 1)funeral home directors.2)grave stone marketers.3)coffin mnanufacturers.and 4)cemetary property owners…kinda like a diamond guru’s idea that every has to buy his diamonds to get ingaged and married…

  5. weshouldbebeyondthisnonsense says:


    1. weshouldbebeyondthisnonsense says:

      nah…freak is a “stein” jew who cant grasp reality,huh?

      1. weshouldbebeyondthisnonsense says:

        or purposely “freak”ing the truth,as they are well known to receive funds through interest and deceit!

  6. yesssirrrreeeee its Goofys says:

    Michelle Bachmann’s headstone.
    When we arose from the dead to make a fool of herself now a day she hid it in under the sod. Mother Nature wanted no part of her and heaved ip up to the surface.
    Maybe she’d best go claim it quick as her days of camera mugging will be drawing to a close.

  7. Katie says:

    Wisconsin doesn’t have an historical society/organization that has a member to do a geneological search for this man? Or is it that the Racine Wisconsin police department doesn’t have very good problem solving skills unless a gun, knife, or fist is involved in the crime? Come on, Racine Police Dept! Get with the program!

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