DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — The Duluth City Council is expected to weigh in on a bill that calls on local law enforcement officers to play a more active role in enforcing federal immigration laws.

Two councilors have introduced a resolution opposing a House bill they say could overburden local officers and impede police relations with minority groups.

Councilor Patrick Boyle says it will only “increase mistrust and create barriers to open dialogue.” Boyle and Sharla Gardner have offered the resolution to be considered Monday night.

Not all councilors agree. Todd Fedora says the bill simply requires officers to make a reasonable effort to determine if a suspect is in the country illegally. Fedora tells the Duluth News Tribune the council shouldn’t be debating immigration policy.

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Comments (18)
  1. Bob Schwalboski says:

    I would think every city would want it’s law enforcement to uphold all the laws of the land. “All—–are created equal” doesn’t apply anymore? Are we goiing to make exceptions based on Political Correctness. If so then we are in deep Do-Do! Illegal is just that, ILLEGAL. What part of this don’t some of you understand.

  2. sam says:

    racial profiling!!! just because a guy looks hispanic doesnt make him a illegal!!
    Mexicans belong here more than Germans @& other Euro trash, atleast Mexico is connected to the same land & they didnt ship here!

    1. Alan says:

      First, I am completely against racial profiling.

      Second, the Mexicans are mix of indigenous people and the conquistadors (Spanish “Euro Trash”).

      The “Euro Trash” that came here created a political, social, and economic environment that is envy of many in the world.

      If the American SW (California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona…) was still part of Mexico, illegal immigrants would be sneaking across the boarder into Kansas and Arkansas in order to leave their dysfunctional country. With out the “Euro Trash” the land that is the United States would most likely resemble the rest of the Western Hemisphere economically (minus Canada, more “Euro Trash”).

    2. twinswin1 says:

      This is true. Hispanic is not Mexican, folks. It just means some one descending from a Spanish speaking people. People have their blinders on when it comes to this. Hispanic=immigrant=illegal. They make no effort to distinguish.

      Speaking Spanish isn’t a good indicator of someone’s nationallity. My husband’s first language was Spanish and his family is American, pre-dating both sides of mine in the US which would be the 1840s.

  3. sam says:

    & if its ok to talk about races when describing people than here, immigrant workers Ive seen have worked harder for less money than white & black americans at every job Ive been around, they also dont complain.
    White workers have to take smoke breaks or whine about union breaks!

  4. Tom VandenBosch says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Sam. Hispanics do the jobs (low-paying jobs) that whites are too damned lazy to do. And I am a Caucasian American so I am not just throwing stones at another race. When is the last time you saw a Hispanic person panhandling–begging on the streets for money? NEVER! They come here to WORK, not to live on welfare!

    1. Anonymous Coward says:

      It’s not about race, its about being here legally.

      Not speaking English is a big giveaway.

      Someone from, say, England speaking the Queens English could be illegal also, but intelligence (which so few of you flaming liberals seem to have) would easily rule that out because they would need to afford a plane ticket and pass customs, which someone walking over the boarder from Mexico doesn’t have to do.

      You may work with white trash, but at least their ancestors followed the law/rules when they came here.

  5. Helper says:

    Illegal immigration is at a 10 year low.

    1. Bob says:

      Helper every time you open your mouth something bad comes out…..

  6. b says:

    solve the problem kick everyone who is not white out of the country they dont belong here they belong in there own country you dont see white people taking over other countries

    1. Amanda says:

      wow… kikcking everyone that is not white… I see now… but again it’s not about being RACIST… so let me ask you, you are going to kick the NAtives too? they are nor white, but I do believe they have more right that you and me to be here.

    2. twinswin1 says:

      I laugh at your ignorance and now I am stupified by it. Most Hispanics are white, perhaps not in color but by ethnicity.

  7. GVA says:

    We have laws , enforce them. Illegal doesn’t mean they can come here and live and work

  8. oh oh says:

    Please stop the hysteria, Duluth is one liberal city and will never ever get rid of their illegal babies. What concerns me is that they are afraid to even speak to the illegal because it could impede happy happy relations with them. hey if I am speeding and get a ticket, i am not going to be very happy will you leave me alone too or are the city council members racists and only want to kow tow to their illegals who they help illegally vote in every election. If the pollice are not going to enforce the law of the land, then fire them all.

  9. J says:

    What you need to realize is that immigration law is a federal law, therefore, it needs to be handled through the federal court system. So if the local PD detirmines someone is illegal, that person will then have to be turned over to the feds. If the feds won’t or can’t take them for whatever reason, the illegal walks. Unless the city want’s to flip the bill to send the person back to where ever they came from. Happens all the time to people with warrant’s from other jurisdictions. If someone is stopped for speeding, and detirmined that they have an outstanding warrant from, say, Florida, Florida gets a call and is asked if they want this person. If Florida dicides they don’t want or can’t afford to come get the person, the local police hand them back their license and say, “Have a nice day.”

  10. twinswin1 says:

    Clearly, Duluth has a problem with those unwanted Canadians.

  11. Victim Du Jour says:

    The Duluth City Council voted and ended the War in Iraq too.

  12. Mel says:

    Can illegal immigrants obtain legal driver’s licenses? If not, then it should be easy to weed out the illegal immigrants regardless of what they look like. Cop pulls someone over for a moving violation, person can’t produce a driver’s license, person is brought in for driving without a license, then the authorities work to identify person. If they are illegally here, then they are given over to Immigration authorities. Am I missing something? Also, lets not forget the illegal immigrant who ran into a school bus and killed a few kids.

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