By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A former teacher and coach at Cretin-Derham Hall will have to register as a sex offender and pay a $300 fine after being convicted of having sex with a former student.

Judge Richard Sherer convicted Gail Gagne of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct for having sex with the former student and football player in 2008. Gagne was 25 at the time; the student was 16. Gagne  had been working in the weight room as a supervisor at Cretin-Derham Hall High School in St. Paul when the two became acquainted.

Gagne was originally charged with a felony but received a lesser gross misdemeanor conviction. She has a stayed sentence of one year, which means she will stay out of jail as long as she stays out of trouble.

“I think this was an appropriate resolution to a very unhappy situation,” said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman. “If a lesson is to be learned from today, it’s teachers and youth leaders and coaches have no business having sex with minors. Period.”

The victim’s mother read an emotional statement in court Monday, stating, “Our family is left holding the dirty laundry of the defendant’s unprofessional and self-serving actions.”

She also said her son’s grades suffered because of the incident and he was denied leadership positions at Cretin, after word got out about the allegations. She said another sibling who attended the same high school has also suffered from the gossip.

Gagne did not say anything in court. Her attorney Earl Gray said she is currently living and working in California, but will not be able to work again as a teacher after the conviction.

“The punishment for the fifth-degree offense is not half as severe as not being able to do your job as a teacher and a coach for the rest of your life,” Gray said.

Gagne is the daughter of former professional wrestler Greg Gagne, and granddaughter of famous Twin Cities wrestler Verne Gagne.

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  1. Romper Room says:

    Wasn’t the so-called victim (lol) a senior?
    Another truly off the wall and dumb question and thought. Any actually think the dude hadn’t already been around the block?
    And what kind of moron would ‘fess up to this anyway?
    Guess it’s kool for the kids to do it but since mamma smells money it’s a crime.
    The dude will forever be the brunt of jokes regardless —- idiot idiot idiot

    1. Tom says:

      Romper Room

      Very true! Did the kid want too file a lawsuit or did the mother? I think it would be the mother. It’s funny when the mother claimed that her childs grades started too suffer and he wasn’t able too pay attention in class, well i would say it would be difficult if you he is getting a “woody” lol. Personally If i were this 16 year old boy I would be embarresed if you are sueing because you had sex with a older “female”. I think the mother is saying “my young, sweet, and innocent, catholic son, is not allowed too get a “woody” under my watch. This is a Joke! I wonder if the mother would have sued if it was a male teacher who was accused of doing this?

  2. anon says:

    I remember a couple teachers I would have liked to sleep with. I wouldn’t have gotten them in trouble either…

    1. Tom says:


      Me to! And I went too Catholic School and there were quite a few “civilian” teachers that made if difficult for me too concentrate. It would also explain my bad grades LOL

  3. betcha he had a big role in it too says:

    With you anon …. guess the worlds changed and maybe the “boys” today need mother to ok and sign off of things.. 😉
    The whole thing reeks of a lawsuit……duh
    “So young man – how did are you able to drive that Ferrari when you don’t have a job?” – well sir, she shared her wealth and everything else with me and what can I say. I am but an innocent victim. Besides – I like boys. lmao

    1. Mike says:

      The common denominator here is, more Catholic educators abusing children and no one going to jail!

      1. sally says:

        wrong news report… what your doing

  4. Hola Gomez says:

    No harm done to the boy. I can bet you 5 bucks on that. When I was 15, I only wished prayed that any 25 year old women would have sex with me.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      So much for the equal protection under the law.

      “Jim Crow” laws Punished blacks harder, and aided and abetted white criminals too.

      1. johnnycmoun says:

        Typical blackman comment

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          I’m far from being black, I am just pointing out fascism.

            1. Victim Du Jour says:

              I can mix black speak, with a Scandinavian language.

              1. Mike says:

                Ok so your a white guy who wants to be black

  5. Curtis says:

    Why is it that alot of people think this is ok? If it were a male teacher with a female student it would be a much different story. It would also be a much different story for the criminal if they didn’t come from a famous, wealthy family.

    1. KracktUp at this one says:

      Hmmmm – guess I struggle to see what the issue is Curtis. Can’t envision a male having any issue with this. That’s the kep word I guess. A true red-blooded male. If on eisn’t then ….. well, guess one might struggle.
      Bet this sappy kid was the joke of the team then — and now. No one will ever accuse him of manning up to anything… lol

  6. The Trend says:

    Once again a little slap on the wrist for female offenders

    1. Double Standard says:

      A male would have been jailed for years.

      1. Not quite true... says:

        Not true. Same thing happened in New Ulm a few years ago. The girl was only 15 and the male teacher only got a few months in jail. The girl got a huge lawsuit settlement from the school and when she turns 18 they’ll probably live happily ever after together…

  7. mayhem says:

    did she use any wrestling moves on the dude?? pin me baby

    1. Tom says:


      LOL ! Good One!

  8. Randy says:

    I would have sagged my Art teacher when I was 16. And I wouldn’t have told anyone about it. rotflmao

    1. darrell says:

      thats so true me 2 dnt know y they go run they mouth 4 like its wrg lol

    2. I'm hot for teach'ahh says:

      Yea, right. You wouldn’t have told ANYBODY? That’s like a badge of honor for a 16 yr old weight-room jock. At that age, had FaceBook been around, you would of had it as a profile pic, probably. 😉

    3. Victim Du Jour says:

      And it’s a crime to say female victims wanted it in a courtroom.

      1. Victim of the year says:

        Do you know that from experience?

        1. Victim Du Jour says:

          Don’t use me to cover up your criminal record.

          1. The Trend says:

            The militant feminists want to eliminate the presumption of innocence for accused men. Nancy Grace has still not apologized to Duke Lacrosse

            1. Victim Du Jour says:

              The Red Stocking Manifesto

  9. thoththebuilder says:

    It’s obvious there are some people in here that live vicariously through other people’s degenerate actions.

  10. WJ says:

    Gagne getting off easy has MUCH more to do with her daddy’s ‘deep pockets’ than it does a male vs female thing.
    This behavior is nothing new.
    She has NO morals or scruples, and considers herself “bulletproof”….as proven today with the light sentence.

  11. Michelle says:

    Is a weight room supervisor considered a “teacher”?

    1. tiredandretired says:

      She wasn’t hired as a teacher until after this event occurred. Good point. Still, she was totally wrong.

  12. nate says:

    Not sure who her dad is but besides that, there have been at least a half-dozen or more cases like these that have made the news that I can remember in the last 15 tears or so and none of those women received even half the sentence or negative attention had the genders been reversed. If it were a male teacher/coach/leader of any type doing that to a female student the whole country would be screaming for him to get the electric chair. Women want equal rights? How about equal punishment too…

    1. Mel says:

      I totally agree. A predator is a predator. A grown, adult woman should have known better. If she wanted it that bad, she could have gone to any local bar and offered herself to an available, adult man. But, the fact that she went for a minor, I don’t care how big he was, shows that she has unhealthy, predator behavior.

    2. The Trend says:

      Women want equal rights not equal responibilities

    3. He is right! says:

      As a woman I have to agree with you Nate- seems like this is a situation that would have a much harsher punishment if it was a male teacher/female student. That seems wrong to me! Either way it’s creepy, what kind of a woman has those desires about little boys…yikes!

    4. cycle with love says:

      “Not sure who her dad is…”?:
      Apparently not! She has the surname of the most famous wrestling family in Minnesota: her grandfather was Verne ‘sleeper-hold’ Gagne; her father is his son, also a wrestler. The ONLY reason she’s getting this press! She can go back to La La land to disappear and LOOSE this “squeaky-clean” Midwest hopefully forever!

  13. JAY says:

    16 yrs old and never had sex before, yah, Im believing that…NOT! Cant believe he suffered any emotional problems either! In any case, it isnt right that a person takes advantage of a minor, even IF he/she is a willing partner, or started the flirtatous behavior.

    1. Ed Korte says:

      How can you know that the 16 year old had sex before the incident? Maybe I am hopelessly naive, but I certainly wouldn’t assume that any person who was 16 had had sex. Why would you assume that?

      1. Ralph bets naaaa says:

        hate to think the kid was in that 30% minority that didn’t or hadn’t now….just saying

  14. Valerie says:

    Yeah, i had a really good looking teacher once when i was a young girl in high school. Didn’t get the chance to have sex with him, but maybe there’s a lot of daughters doing it with their male teachers nowadays.

  15. Hank says:

    Of course it isn’t appropriate. Justice is supposed to be blind to the gender affected. However, I would guarantee the boy didn’t suffer too much afterwards. I was in a similar situation in high school and got very close to fulfilling my dreams with a hot, older female teacher. (I’m a dude, by the way). It never happened, but it would have been awesome. I remain attracted to women older than me.

  16. tiredandretired says:

    As a retired teacher, I am disgusted to hear about such cases. No adult should be having sex with an underage person, especially one that is in a position of authority over them. Granted, at the time of the incident, the perpetrator was not yet hired as a teacher, but she was in a supervisory position. Such irresponsible actions are harmful to the victims, their families, the community, and the vast majority of teachers whom do their jobs responsibly. As for Ms. Gagne’s sentence, it’s a joke. In response to those on here whom are salivating as they relive their adolescent fantasies; it’s time to grow up.

  17. Elmo says:

    So a 22 year old gets caught with child porn, and is sentanced to 27 years Federal, He was a weiner waker, yet this teach was banging the kid, Slap on the wrist.

  18. Matthew says:

    tiredandretired — odds are you’re old and not very attractive. It’s too bad you were dealt that hand. People who want to life life to the fullest consider all of their opportunities and take risks. A retired teacher like yourself probably never did anything interesting or exciting. Well, you had your chance.

    1. Paul says:

      You’re the real loser, Matthew. Totally amoral. Sad.

    2. tiredandretired says:

      Matthew, you have no idea what my life has been like. First of all, I’m not an old man (still in 50’s). I have been married to a wonderful, sexy, beautiful woman since I was 20. We raised wonderful kids together and are continuing a lifetime of great adventures together. We now are blessed with several beautiful grandchildren. Besides teaching and raising a family, I have had many other jobs and experiences. Many of those involved physical and/or financial risk. I was a starting varsity athlete at a Division I university, coached state champion and national level athletes, completed a Doctorate, have traveled extensively, and once thwarted and captured a knife-wielding robber (despite being unarmed). I have hunted, fished, hiked, and canoed/rafted in wilderness areas throughout America and Canada. The greatest risk I’ve taken, however, was to become a teacher. It was also one of the most invigorating, meaningful, interesting, and exciting experiences of my life. I am very glad (and proud) that I took that opportunity to give back to my community. My hope is that, someday, you too will grow up and have such a wonderful life.

      1. Mel says:

        You are an all-American man and you have my full respect! Thank you for taking the high road, and thanks for calling your wife sexy, even in her 50’s. You are more of a man than Matthew, and I’m glad I married a man like you, and not like Matthew. Any man can bar-hop and bed-hop. Where’s the challenge in that?

        1. sadbuttrue says:

          It might be easy to bar hop and bed hop, but to do it with attractive women day in n day out is tougher, i do not regret my 5 years of doing this, it was wonderful, and tiredandretired way to retort urself by being mel, lol hero..

          1. Mel says:

            Ha ha! If you look at some of the other news stories, you’ll see that I have othet comments out there as well, so I truly to respond to tiredandretired. I’m a 35 year old woman and married with 2 kids. I, like yourself, used to throw myself around. Then something woke me up and I wouldn’t go back to that lifestyle for all the money in the world. That’s why I have so much respect for tiredandretired. Although being faithful to the same person for a lifetime is very challenging, the benefits far outweigh the struggle.

      2. just8 says:

        Thanks for being a fabulous role model for all!!! I really appreciate reading about somebody choosing to lead a positive and moral life.

      3. Boring says:

        Isn’t that what Matthew just said?

  19. Victim Du Jour says:

    A massage therapist Got 11 years in prison for telling a repeat customer to check herself for breast cancer and slapping someone on the butt.

    Ashton Larson and Brianna Broitzman get a gross Misdemeanor and a few months in the county jail for sexually humiliating old people and spitting in their mouths.

    Our Court system is practicing a brand of fascism.

  20. Goob says:

    I heard she pile drove him, gave him the stomache claw, then threatened the sleeper hold if he didn’t have sex with her

  21. Ron says:

    You can tell–even from the poor-quality picture–she’s stacked and hot. Way to go kid. Your mom wasn’t too happy, apparently, but I’ll bet your dad gave you the high-five.

  22. tom torpid says:

    40 years for looking at a picture of a naked minor; fine and suspended sentence for a teacher who has sex with a minor. Great system we have!

  23. Chris K says:

    The teacher actually looked pretty hot on the news….I would have hit it too LOL

  24. cycle with love says:

    So the age of consent is 16…was it consensual sex? What’s the big deal…except for the fact that it was at a ‘goody-too shoes’ Roman Catholic High School and it didn’t get shoved under the rug like all the pedophilia. I’ll bet the kid got a good ‘pay-out’ from the Gagne family and won’t have to suffer much there? Much ado about nothing…in Roman Catholic gay-bashing Minnesota!

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Hollywood and the Music Industry is hiding a lot more Pedos from the 70’s than Roman Catholics.

      The Summer of love in SF had big problems with the human trafficking of young girls.

    2. Tc Radiodj says:

      Minnesota does NOT have a age of consent. The law says anyone under 18 is a child. Anyone over 18 is an adult. Technically if your 18 and your gf is 17, you are a pedophile oer the law.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        16 is the age of consent in the State of Minnesota, unless the adult is in a position of authority.

        But it seems like they should change it to 18, so adults don’t use it as an excuse to kid themselves.

  25. Victim Du Jour says:

    I think the Court System is run by the Kotex Klux Klan.

    That’s why women don’t go to jail for domestic abuse, drunk driving, and sex abuse of old people and children.

    1. The Trend says:

      If you look at the behaviors in the “Duluth wheel” apparently they aren’t wrong on principle but only wrong when men do them

    2. Ed says:

      VDJ, your on a role today! LOL

  26. Dave Seavy says:

    I agree with those who point out what would have happened to a male teacher. It seems like women are let off the hook so easy, and yet a man would have been sentenced to 12 years in prison. No way would they have dropped it to a gross-misdemeanor. It sort of makes you wonder if she and the judge had “an arrangement.”

  27. Victim Du Jour says:

    A woman in Southern Minnesota was dismissed by a judge for criminal vehicular homicide, even thou the police and emergency people found her behind the wheel in a fatal crash.

    Fascism is when you expect the male population to live in constant fear of the law, while not applying the same rule of law on the female population.

    It’s like when Democrats punished black people harder than white people with laws. And Ku Klux Klan people ran the court system.

  28. dude to u says:

    Mom and pop wanted to get more money is what it sounds like. Maybe they got the short end and the lawyers made off with the big bucks. Oh well like the kid has as it sounds has his one and only trophy that he earned in school. Some are self taught others need after hours hands on . Slow news day as this happened a couple of years ago.

  29. john says:

    Mrs. Robinson … are you trying to seduce me?

  30. BS says:

    This is BS! If it were me…an ugly white guy…id be doing life….what a crock….better be hot and a female if yout gonna bang a child…..

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      The State of Minnesota wants to castrate all the ugly and Misfit people like the Nazi “Action T-4 Euthanasia” program.

      That way women with moustaches can drool over kids on American idol or Justin Bieber, and not worry about child molesters.

      1. Josh says:

        I know. That’s Republicans for ya.

  31. don't overreact says:

    a child? when i was 16 i definitely didn’t consider myself a child. and these two were only 9 years apart in age. hell my parents were 7 years apart. i would not be surprised if the 16 year old took advantage of the 25 year old. espescially if he was from the city and her from the burbs.

    1. The Trend says:

      Don’t overreact? Try telling that to women if the genders are reversed

  32. lib says:

    I am sure they will both marry iin the next couple of years, but the coments are telling, she is a beautiful woman and I am sure every 16 yr old boy has her in his dreams, however, a child is a child, and if the situation were reversed and this was some hot looking guy having sex with a 16 year old girl, the sentence would have been different. she is so beautiful but seeks a child? That is a pedophile, and when she is old and creepy? I am sure her sentence will be more severe.

  33. Mike The Situation says:

    if everyone would just shut their F@#$%^& mouth, everyone would be better off!

  34. Rahaul says:

    Sex crime against a minor boy or girl is a sex crime– guilty person must be punished,,

    1. Ed says:

      I agree, and I volunteer to take her out back and do the same thing to her she did to that little boy.

  35. Mike The Situation says:

    I think we should be worried about more important things, like the US ECONOMY!!! Everyone should check out this video.

    I’m sure there are thousands of people having sex with minors as we speak, but it just so happens that this teacher was busted because people don’t know how to shut their f@#$%^& mouths!

  36. Tc Radiodj says:

    What a message to send. Females can molest children with a slap on the hand however, if the roles were reversed, and it was a male teacher, he would get 30+ years. Welcome to Minnesota female child molesters! It’s ok if you do it!

  37. Drac says:

    So you can have sex with someone 16 or older, just not when you are in a “position of authority.” You can have sex with a person 16 or older and look at him/her with your eyes, but don’t you dare take a picture of him/her or now you are possessing child pornography even if you never show it to someone else. These laws are just plain stupid. Why not make the age of consent 18 and leave it at that. That would do away with some of these idiotic laws.

    As for her sentence, in another article Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman commented that the sentence would have been the same had the genders been reversed. bulls**t , Clearly she got special treatment because of her gender and her family name.

  38. lib says:

    You’re right Tc, it is a horrendous double standard, welcom to the PC world.

  39. Mike The Situation says:

    how about you all worry about your own lives instead of what some teacher and student are doing behind closed doors! Life isn’t fair…DEAL WITH IT!

    1. The Trend says:

      This is dealing with it- with the internet you can now say what you really think instead of parroting all the feminist PC platitudes (all men, all bad , all the time) that have lead to this blatant double standard. Life isn’t fair but the law should be- we can change the law or enforce it EQUALLY

  40. M B says:

    My parents were 11 years apart and they did fine, They didn’t meet when either of them were teens though.

    I also doubt that he was in any way “Damaged” by this. If he was a weightlifter, I seriously doubt she would be able to force herself on him in any way.

    Most guys that were 16 in my class would have loved to have sex with the hot teacher. I suspect it’s his parents looking for ‘compensation’ that caused him to claim damage…

    I also wonder about what we define as a “Minor” these days. What is the research that says that they need to be 18? I certainly didn’t feel like a minor at 16. This age was arbitrarily agreed on by politicians who were unwilling or unable to create a “adult” test and needed to say “You are no longer a child at this age!”

    It was not that long ago that people were marrying at 15 and starting families (some states still allow this with parents’ permissions). What changed that made us decide that these people that were once (and for so long) considered adults are now children? I don’t advocate child molestation in any way, but I wonder about our arbitrary assignment of Majority. I know many adults that shouldn’t be considered such and some “kids” that should. How do we know when they’re ready for an “adult” relationship other than assigning a number to be “it”?

  41. Sheila says:

    There is a differance between 16 and 25, BUT it usually isnt a sexual one. This aint about him, This is about poor mommy and daddy that have to deal with it. Wake up people. Dont you think going to a Catholic school you could have had a different way to handle this other then messing up someones life to make you feel good. Come on!!

    1. The Trend says:

      Stop blaming the victim

      1. Ed says:

        Right, there is no “victim” here only a very lucky young man with a big mouth.
        Blame the parents for being greedy.

  42. cycle with love says:

    Nobodys commented on the fact this incident happened at a Roman Catholic high school (Cretin). This is just more unwanted attention by the church to cover-up their archaic sexual history. Years ago they used to call masturbation: “self-abuse” and a GREAT personal SIN. Now if you don’t masturbate occasionally those little unused sperm cells will flock around and create PROSTATE CANCER! If Ms Gagne had been employed at my alma mater: St Paul Central, she would have been promoted! It’s WHERE she got caught—that matters in ‘squeaky-clean’ Roman Catholic Saint Paul!

  43. Really? says:

    I cannot accept many replies to this story ——- teachers have NO reasons whatsoever to have sex with students. What the heck is wrong with some of you?

    1. junior fretting poor kids fate says:


      and fact we were deprived by our teachers and instead had to engage in things with our friends moms instead. And they always were so old 🙁

    2. M B says:

      I believe the issue is not so clean cut as you may think. Are you saying that two people are not allowed to care for each other because one is in a superior social position than the other? That would mean that it should be illegal to date a manager at work, or that you’re not allowed to date a senator, etc.

      It comes down to whether he honestly made the decision to enter the relationship willingly or was coerced. This is an adult decision made by one who is nearly considered one by the law. The case presented is trying to imply one of abuse, but I think it was otherwise. The facts don’t fit and it is the parents doing all the calling-of-shots with the son seemingly going along for the ride (pardon the pun). It could simply be a case that they actually cared for each other, and once found out, the name-calling and accusations started flying due to the parents. If it was a 18 year old boy (man), no one would be complaining, simply because of two years. Doesn’t that sound odd to anybody?

  44. Jamie from s 'water says:

    Mammma wants MONEY
    Then she’ll smile again lol

  45. Stranger Danger says:

    man has sex with student/child = crucified like he should be
    woman has sex with student/child = slapped on the wrist by the court and congratulated by the public

    the things people will try to justify, this has nothing to do with emotional attachment, just the fact that a grown adult seduced and committed sexual acts with a minor, lets just say it for what it is and not try to butter it up..

    1. Gomer'sPile in MN says:

      sex is beautiful S D — I congratulate them both. They had SEX. Good for them. Bad for her when Mother Dearest got involved. I sense Mother Dearest may have a void in her world and that’s why she’s so bitter. And money…lots of money … of course 😉

  46. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    The Truth:….Good looks……………Money…………..Excellent Lawyer……….= No Jail….and No felony………..lets keep it real…….Ugly……..No money…….Public Defender……= prison time…..

  47. Alex says:

    I just found this today, and I happen to be related to her. Vern Gagne is my Grandfathers cousin and this girl is his granddaughter. I just thought that was pretty interesting.

  48. mike z says:

    Hey, no offense to women or anyone else, this just comes to show that female offenders like this get off much easier than than their male counterparts. First it was Brianna Broitzman and Ashton Larson molesting little grannies in Albert Lea, now it’s Gail Gagne Having Sex with underaged boys at Cretin-Derham Hall, and as a result, they all received very light sentences for their crimes. That is just the way how the court system is. So gentlemen, just remember if you were convicted of those crimes that these women were convicted of, you would have served more jail time and were forced to register as sex offenders. Therefore, instead of viewing this as “Kangaroo Court” welcome to now what is known as “Kotex Court.”