By Peter J. Nelson, WCCO

I do when they look like this.

Sports Illustrated released their MLB 2011 Predictions today and I almost like what I see.

They have the Central right.  They even feel our pain and knew what Twins fans wanted to see in the ALDS.

I have a problem with the ALCS and beyond.  You can maybe guess what my prediction is.  The problem is that I’ve only been right twice in the past 23 years.

Here’s how the pros at SI think the season will shake out.  What do you think?!


Red Sox (100-62) Twins (90-72) A’s (87-75)
Yankees (92-70)* Tigers (89-73) Rangers (85-77)
Rays (84-78) White Sox (84-78) Angels (77-85)
Orioles (78-84) Indians (70-92) Mariners (63-99)
Blue Jays (77-85) Royals (67-95)
Phillies (93-69) Reds (89-73) Giants (91-71)
Braves (89-73) Brewers (84-78) Rockies (90-72)*
Marlins (85-77) Cubs (81-81) Dodgers (82-80)
Nationals (75-87) Cardinals (78-84) Padres (76-86)
Mets (74-88) Pirates (65-97) Diamondbacks (71-91)
Astros (64-98)
*Wild-card team
American League National League
Red Sox over A’s Phillies over Rockies
Twins over Yankees Giants over Reds
American League National League
Red Sox over Twins Giants over Phillies
Red Sox over Giants
Comments (5)
  1. Paul says:

    I like it! But then again I am a Red Sox fan living in a Twins state

  2. Bummy says:

    east – Boston, New York, Baltimore, Tampa, Toronto
    central – Minnesota, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Cleveland
    west – Texas, Oakland, Aneheim, Seattle
    east- Atlanta, Philly, Florida, Washington, New York
    central – Cincinatti, Milwaukee, St Louis, Chicago, Pittsburg, Houston
    west – San Fransisco, Colorado, Los Angelas, Arizona, San Diego

    Divisional Series:

    AL – MN over NY, BOS over TEX
    NL – SF over PHI, ATL over CIN

    Championship Series:

    AL – MN over BOS
    NL – SF over ATL

    World Series:

    MN over SF (word to your mama)

  3. TwinsblogWCCO says:

    I like it Bummy. I like it alot.

  4. Tea LOVES the TWINS!!! says:

    I’m just happy to have a GREAT BASEBALL TEAM with QUALITY players…both ON and OFF the field!

    (Unline the Vike’s and Wolves…)

    THANK YOU TWIN’s! You are one of the MAIN reason’s I can make it through winter here in MN!!!!

  5. Twinswin1 says:

    If only I lived here in ’87 or ’91. Twins as always. But anyone but the Yanks.

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