MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The use of all tobacco products on county-owned properties is now prohibited.

The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners approved the new policy Tuesday, in an effort to reduce the hazards of second-hand smoking.

Smoking is prohibited inside county buildings, facilities and within a 45-foot radius of street-level entrances to county buildings, including inside vehicles.

This policy also applies to rented property where the county is the only tenant. It will still be OK to smoke on roads and right of ways.

The rule will go into effect on July 1.

Comments (32)
  1. Ed says:

    I stopped going to Hennepin county after they stripped the people of freedom when they passed the first smoking ban.

  2. sandy says:

    How much of the tax payers money will the the 12,000 signs in 12,000 different languages cost? Feel as though we have a new dictator in charge in the State of MN.

  3. Hugh Jorgan says:

    So when are they going to ban vehicles from around their properties for spewing “cancer causing agent” fumes? When are they going to prohibit residents in Hennepin County from having a bonfire, or burn wood in fireplaces and wood stoves, or burning natural gas and/or propane?

    Moved the hell outta’ that County years ago – refuse to be part of, or pay County taxes to the dorks. So all you leftovers can pay ’em, for living in a crime riddled crap-hole of a County…

  4. choice is for idiots says:

    Love it! Make smoking illegal all together!!!!

    1. hypocrrites says:

      The cowards will never ban smoking all together because the hypocrites want the tax money that they layer on all of these maligned and discriminated against smokers. The tyranny continues!!

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      Socialism is a mode of worship, and the Minnesota Bill of Rights says Hennepin County isn’t allowed to impose their religious beliefs on the public.

      Unless they have definative proof someone has been killed by outdoor second hand smoke.

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    And it’s this same mentality before the I-35W bridge collapse.

    Who ever it is worrying about people smoking out doors should be laid-off and his or her pay can go towards hiring a bridge maintenance worker.

  6. Billy says:

    Can’t smoke in cars, can’t smoke in bars, cigarettes have too much tar, how far will it go, no more snow, Hennepin County can blow, blow,blow

  7. lars says:

    Pretty soon you won’t be able eat a cheeseburger in your car while driving on a county highway!!

    1. Robbie says:

      That is called a DWB

      Driving while eating a burger. 90 days in jail and a forced vegan diet for 2 years while on probation.

      It just might happen.

  8. Chris says:

    Ohhh myyyyy oshhh!!!! How rediculous is that?! Everybody just go out and take a deep breath! Our air is so polluted and everybody worries about a little cigarette smoke! C’mon people!

  9. No Rollin Over says:

    Well, it’s official. Fascism has officially landed on our shores. Why don’t they ever ban products that they like, liquor maybe,or golf or even dry cleaning which causes more damage to the air than smoking?

  10. Hannigan says:

    The anti smoking nazis are taking this to absurd levels. Do you know just by living and working in a congested city, you are breathing in as many or if not more chemicals and carcinogens than someone smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. It’s quite amazing how fear mongering, lies and half truths on the dangers of second hand smoke are so prevalent in our society. Outside air disperses the smoke to such a great degree, that you would literally have to stand in a group of 100 people 24 hours a day, having them blow smoke on you for years and years for it to even pose a slight to moderate health risk. The bottom line walking past someone smoking outside on their lunch break poses you no more risk than breathing the already polluted air.

  11. JB says:

    Smoking banned in buildings seems to be enough. Who and why are we giving our tax dollars to make these laws. In a time when our government is crying that it does not have enough money for good programs that help people. Someone or some people are being paid to sit behind a desk and find ways to waste tax dollars. Stop the waste!!!

  12. Mike says:

    I am not even a smoker and this is absolutely ridiculous….who do they think paid for and owns this property….everyone one of us. This is taking government way beyond what is meant for….not even in your own car!!!!!!????

  13. Bella says:

    The New England Journal of Medicine took a look at thousands of married couples. They compared non-smoking couples to those who had one indoor smoker. The spouse who had a smoking partner lived as long those who did not smoke in the home. The study also suggested the spouse with a smoker in the home was slightly healthier in their later years then those who did not smoke.
    Hennepin County lost all common sense. Do they realize that their union janitors will only empty a cigarette container that is within 10 feet of an exterior door?

  14. Do it in your house says:

    This is great! Smoking should be illegal all together. Smoke in your own house and car (without kids in it). I hate walking pass someone who is smoking and inhaling the awful smell.

  15. Shari says:

    I really hope that the next thing they look at trying to ban is colonge, after shave, lotion, perfume, hair spray, flowers, plants, pretty much anything with a scent. See, I have allergies and this stuff bugs me. So, I feel, that everyone else should conform to what is best for me. i think that all flower shops, perfume counters and city parks should be shut down. Oh, I have bad reactions to MSG too. I will support any bill that works to shut down Asian restaraunts. Am I starting to sound like a lunatic yet???

  16. Joni says:

    It’s all horribly pathetic. Why doesn’t the Goverment – Federal and State have the guts to just make tobacco illegal. We’re subsidizing tobacco farmers, aren’t we? Supposedly it’s more addictive than heroin and yet we all know why they won’t ban it completely – BECAUSE there are people making a fortune off tobacco. I don’t know what is happening to this country. .

  17. Harmony says:

    I WILL smoke in my car in ANY place; including county property, that I would like to! Let’s take it a step further, I WILL smoke ANYWHERE outdoors I want to as well. Doesn’t the government have better things to waste money on?

  18. Sandy says:

    This all has to stop, I would love to see them also ban drinking , that causes more hurt , sickness and death and no on says anything about that. I love what Shari said, I also don’t want to be around gambling so they had better quit talking about getting more state run gambling. So many suicides are related to gambling that it is irresponsable to build more gambling places. I also am alergic to dogs so please ban all dogs in the state of MN because you might be walking by me and I would start sneezing.

  19. Smoker says:

    Why do people whine about smoking. Just think of all the stink that comes from exhaust fumes, the stink that comes from gas tank fumes from all those vehicles passing through/under the government center on Sixth St., nothing has been done about that yet.


    The county should turn off all lights when not in use at all facilities, also.

  20. CoachMcGuirk says:

    If Hennepin County has to pass such a draconian outdoor smoking ban, shouldn’t they just not just stop there, and ban the sale of ANY tobacco product(from cigarettes on to hookahs), period? Either cigarettes and all tobacco products are dangerous enough that ridiculous incremental laws against the private property rights of business owners shouldn’t be talked about in the first place, or ALL smoking bans affecting any privately-owned business restricted to s only should be immediately repealed.

    Enough of these incremental smoking bans, and the laughable nonsense these county commissioners say about secondhand smoke/environmental tobacco smoke! (also referred to as SHS and ETS) I hope people haven’t forgotten that in Wisconsin in 2009, Ban the Ban Wisconsin CAUGHT an anti-smoking group ed trying to twist data from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources study to absurdly justify an indoor bar smoking ban was needed in a county debating a bar ban for unincorporated areas.

  21. Dolores says:

    Quit whining smokers. grow up and realize that non-smokers are sick and tired of being forced to inhale your poison.
    Oh come on now….don’t assume that I never smoked. I did. A lot. I was stupid. I was inconsiderate of others.
    As I child I was subjected to second hand smoke and hated it. My father was, and continues to be an arrogant a-hole that, to this day, will not acknowledge the harm from cigarettes EVEN THOUGH MY MOTHER DIED OF LUNG CANCER.
    quit your damnable whining…..grow up!!!!!

  22. Cynic says:

    Your Mum was luck to escape seeing her daughter grow be a fascist. Props to your Da though.

  23. CoachMcGuirk says:

    My above comment should’ve said that smoking bans are wrong in private businesses restricting entry and employment to just s. Hope that correctly shows up, even if a word or 2 in this 2nd sentence gets cut off. And I noticed the tendency of comments here to have one or two words cut off without the full spelling shown, for no apparent reason.

    And very well said about Dolores’ comment, Cynic! If she wants to be ignorant in thinking all smokers are inconsiderate and believing the exaggerated claims and lies from anti-smoking groups, that’s her loss. Plus, it shows how closed-minded she obviously is towards smokers and issues relating to smoking.

  24. CoachMcGuirk says:

    wrong in private businesses restricting entry and employment to any 18 years of age or older. Maybe it’ll show up now.

  25. Archie Anderson says:


    The “Bunker they call a Government center is just that,Outsiders are searched as if they were gioing into Fort Know, For the safety of the Commissars that fill the Socialist stronghold. Comrade Commissar Mike Opat said it best, “People are free to make dumb decisions, But that freedom stops at “OUR” property line”

    Minneapolis in hennepin country is a “sanctuary city” that will Hide illegal infiltrators and aliens from the law, The Commissar mayor Ryback wants LGA funds for $50,000 drinking fountains, Any reasonable citizen that would ever consider investing in such an Anti American, Anti freedom city ran by such direlects deserve their frustrations when the tax Commissars come calling with a copy oif the New regulation Booklet. The Real strong hold for freedom and prosperity is in Coon Rapids and Anoka country, Flee the dictatorship of Fort Hennepin.

  26. jason johnston says:

    Completely agree on everyone’s comments, besides the non-smokers. Does Hennepin county know how much money they will lose because of this? I refuse to go to games or even do a night on the town because of the ban. Why would I waste my time? A: I’m not a hard core smoker anyways B: I don’t like walking next to someone that’s drunk and pukes or his/her friend is carrying them down the street. This absolutely makes no sense and I refuse to obey. How about taking care of the druged up hobbo’s in minneapolis? Heck can’t walk two steps without getting approached. Kick there a$$ out of city limits.

  27. Saoirsey says:

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  28. Deathclawsg says:

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