ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Federal prosecutors are accusing a 43-year-old postal worker from Jordan in the theft of about $4,000 in cash and gift cards from mail she delivered.

An indictment unsealed in federal court in St. Paul on Wednesday charges Michelle Lynn Bressette with one count of theft of mail by a postal employee.

She allegedly stole the money and gift cards from December 2009 to October 2010 while an employee of the Prior Lake Post Office.

A message left with the public defender assigned to the case was not immediately returned Wednesday evening.

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Comments (3)
  1. Mark says:

    one way or the other, these state and federal union members feel they are deserving to take whatever they want. Unbelievable. The liberal do gooders on here will be compelled to blame this behavior on someone. This woman must have been a victim???

    1. mark from says:

      Well said Mark

  2. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

    Way to jump the gun and point a finger that someone is going to point a finger. Kind of loses the message when your post is completely off base and has nothing to do with the story it is post on. Are you really that stupid that you would think someone is going to defend a postal employee that steals the mail. I don’t care what you think of “liberals”, at least they wait for someone to make a stupid statement before they bash someone on it. Hey look, that is what I am doing now, calling the stupidity of the Mark’s. I have to say it does feel good, but I did wait for you to spew your idiotic rhetoric before I pointed the finger back. Repubs have nothing better to do with the time they have than make sh!t up and point fingers no matter if they are in politics or just civilians I guess. How sad it must be in your lives that you feel that you constantly have to fight a battle that nobody else knows is going on (because it is in your head). Must be the same guy who tries to race people from stop lights to make yourself feel like you have accomplished something. Don’t worry, I am sure someone will hug you someday when you lose that temper a little bit, hang in there angry guys.

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