aprilvet jimsheely Aprils Veteran Of The Month: Jim Sheeley
Jim Sheeley was drafted into WWII in February of 1943 at age 19 and was stationed to Karachi Air Base India as a cryptographer. After a brief stint in Assam, Jim was posted to an emergency landing field in Burma which soon was evacuated due to heavy enemy bombing. He was separated from his unit and survived alone in the jungle for 2 weeks. Sgt. Sheeley’s service continued to the end of the war. He returned home and enrolled at Milwaukee State Teachers College on the GI Bill.

A retired school teacher, Jim recently reached his 31st year as a volunteer at the VA Medical Center. He enjoys the time spent with other veterans, calling bingo, dealing blackjack and other games.

Recalling one of his many experiences in India “I once decoded an EYES ONLY message for our general stating President Roosevelt had died. Imagine being the soldier carrying that news in a lockbox and delivering it to your general”.

aprilvet jimsheely 002 Aprils Veteran Of The Month: Jim Sheeley

Jim is currently recovering from an auto accident but hopes to return to volunteering at the VA soon.


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