By John Lauritsen

By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

MORA (WCCO) — A 6-year-old Mora boy remains hospitalized after he was hit by a car while trying to get on a school bus.

Zane Joiner was crossing Ninth Street around 7:45 a.m. Wednesday when the accident occurred.

Marie Wireman said she has experienced something she doesn’t wish on any parent. From inside her home, she heard a car hit her son Zane as he and other kids crossed the street to get to their school bus.

“It’s been very difficult. It is nothing I ever expected to go through. I made it out the door well before anyone made it to my door,” said Marie Wireman. “It was terrifying. I had no idea what was wrong with my son.”

Zane was airlifted to North Memorial in Robbinsdale with a skull fracture, eye socket fracture, broken collarbone, and bruised ribs. On Thursday afternoon he was upgraded to fair condition.

“I am upset. I get more upset that the cops don’t patrol the road enough,” said Wireman.

Wireman believes drivers go way too fast on Ninth Street, and other than flashing lights on a school bus, there is nothing to indicate a bus stop. She also believes there is no reason kids should have to cross the road to get on the bus.

More than anything, she doesn’t want to see other children go through what her son is going through.

“I would like to see more officers watching and I would like to see the school change that bus route. There are a lot of families with young children in the townhome complex that we live in. And there are two driveways so it would take a minute to loop that circle and pick the kids up,” said Wireman.

Authorities say the driver who hit Zane Joiner has been cooperating with their investigation.

There is no word yet on whether or not charges will be filed.

Comments (31)
  1. Blame game says:

    I am upset. I get more upset that the cops don’t patrol the road enough,” said Wireman??????? Seriously I hope you said this because you are not thinking. Having cops patrol more often is not going to help your situation. You should have been outside with your child DAAAAA. Always willing to blame someone else. The bus lights should be an idication in itself to stop. This is really a bad judgement by the driver. I feel bad for your son he will be in my prayers.

  2. james says:

    Don’t throw stones unless you live in a glass house, and we all know you don’t. How can you blame the mother? you don’t know all the facts, and the school board and the bus company both new this was a problem spot..

    1. Consider all says:

      Maybe daylight savings time started too early. Not very light out yet at 7:45 a.m. Really 6:45 sun time. Go back to standard time until end of April!.

  3. Mel says:

    She may have had a baby in the house, and the kids from the complex probably cross the street together. The fault lies with the driver and the driver alone.

  4. Katie says:

    Thank You James!!! As a mother I cant IMAGINE what she is going through! For all of you who blame the mother, you don’t know her story, or why she wasn’t out there with her son! What is the reason for the flashing lights on a school bus? To let drivers know to STOP!! There are questions on this when you take your drivers test! To this poor boys mother: your son is in my heart and my prayers and I hope for a speedy recovery!

  5. kitten2010 says:

    By the way the TV showed where the bus stop was for the children….they would have already crossed the road and were waiting for the bus, implying that the the bus was not present with flashing lights. Indeed the driver could have slowed way down when seeing a group of young children and my heart does go out to the parents – I too would never wish this any parent. However, the parents know the danger and that it has probably existed at this area for a long time and should have taken measures for safety [ meaning taking turns with other parents to be at the bus stop or contacting the proper authorities to get the situation corrected (we contacted the highway department about puting crossing signs up in a neighborhood I lived in years ago) ]. Kid at this age can’t see that playing around at a bus stop could be really dangerous…..they expect adults will protect them and do no harm. The out of state driver should have been more attentive to driving during school hours given being not familiar with the area. I do hope the little boy recovers without any lasting effects.

  6. Suzie says:

    She is the mother. This is her child. Why is anyone blaming her for her own son being hit by a car? Accidents happen. Stop, before leaving any nasty blaming comments about this woman and put yourself in her shoes. A mothers love is unconditional and she has a right to be angry – just as you would be angry if it happened to your own child. Come out of your bubble and STOP judging people. This is what makes america so ugly.

  7. Parent says:

    There is no good reason to send your kid into a situation that you know is dangerous. Mom said she knew it was a bad road. Bus stops are always dangerous and little kids need supervision. A lot of things can go wrong…the best way to minimize the risk is be out there with your kid or arrange for someone else to help you out. Lots of errors in judgement contributed to this tragedy…the “blame game” shouldn’t be used to excuse the lack of supervision for those kids.

  8. Suzie says:

    You ought to be ashamed for leaving a comment like this. What were the circumstances? Where was the bus stop? Were the kids standing at the bus stop when it happened? How do you know that the children weren’t walked to the bus stop by a parent? How do you know there wasn’t a parent standing out watching the kids? Is the road a straight-away where the driver should’ve clearly seen the children? It makes me positively sick that people rush to judgement when they weren’t standing there watching the entire thing happen. She was in Mora – where do you live? Standing to judge people will get you nowhere in life and as a mother yourself, you best hope that no one gets into a position where they have to judge your ability to parent “correctly.” I too am a mother of 4 children, but I don’t and never have had the right to judge someone else. I leave the judgement up to God.

  9. kitten2010 says:

    Thank you for the “mature” reader’s who understand my comments. Indeed – it’s about the lack of supervision by the parents. My kids are 3 1/2 years apart and when my oldest started school I TOOK MY YOUNGEST TO THE BUS STOP WITH ME!!! If I couldn’t go I CALLED MY NEIGHBOR to watch my daughter at the bus stop. RESPONSIBILITY is all I can say at this point. We all indeed make mistakes that we wish we could take back…..but the chance of this tragedy could have been significantly reduced ahead of time. It wasn’t like the parents in the neighborhood didn’t know this problem existed.

  10. Suzie says:

    I would think at this point that the mother and anyone else who witnessed this has a pretty clear picture on what changes need to be made. My point to you was that sometimes other peoples judgemental opinions are more damaging than helpful. I tell my own children that everyone has a right to an opinion. The most valuable part of that however, is knowing when your opinion should be kept to yourself. For her sake, I hope she doesn’t read these comments.

  11. Julie says:

    “Shame on her” is a pretty bold statement.

  12. John D says:

    Kitten2010 – How do you know that the chance of this tragedy would’ve been reduced? Were you there? Come on! I agree with Suzie and Julie! Watch what you say – or keep it to yourself. I pray that a tragedy like this never happens to you – putting you in the position of listening to people’s comments such as yours. Shame on you!

  13. red says:

    the other day when the story 1st came out they were saying the driver was on the phone is this true? if so he ceratinly was not paying attention get off the poor womans back

  14. james says:

    People are saying that someone should contact the proper authorities. Well guess what both the school board and the sheriff’s dept. have both been contacted many times about this trouble spot and NO ACTION has been taken, they blow it off as it’s nothing. I know as 3 of my children still go to school in mora…

  15. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe anyone would blame the mother…we don’t know the whole story. Should she have been out there? Maybe – hindsight is 20/20. Sounds like there was a group of kids from the same complex who were at this stop and it was in March…obviously the kids have been going to this stop for more than a few months now. Maybe she watches from the window…maybe there was a different parent there. Who knows? I am so glad this boy is alive – could have been worse. The main fault lies with the driver. Anytime you see a school bus ahead regardless of lights or stop signs you need to watch and see if it stops and be ready to slow down and STOP because you KNOW there will be kids nearby.

  16. Amy Smyser says:

    I would like to comment I AM THE MOTHER OF THE BOY WHO WAS DRIVING THE CAR. I am absolutely beside myself and so is my son because of Zane and this was a terrible accident I know you want to blame my son because of his age but he was not speeding, he had his cell phone siezed by the police and that had not been in use at all before he dropped his little brother off at Trailview he didn’t use his cell phone again until he called 911 to say that he had just his a little boy and then he called me. You have no idea what goes through your mind when you get a phone call like that. And the first thing I wonder was just like everyone else was he going to fast was he on his phone no he was not doing any of these things it took me until this long to post something because I was irrational and I would of said very negative things because you people especially yesterday sure ripped my boy to pieces and it was an accident and he is my son. My son is a 4.0 student, he teaches little kid wrestling, he was a mentor for the fourth grade kindness retreat, he is very athletic and is a very responsible boy who has just endured every drivers worst nightmare to hit a human and then for that human to be a little boy is even a worse nightmare. And after all of that have the Media and people who can just randomly comment horrible mean things without knowing any kind of facts at all I understand that we are all concerned parents and citizens I get that but hopefully you or one of your children are never on the otherside of your opinions because wow!!!! It wasn’t enough to know that a little boy is in the hospital and I should of drove I guess maybe then this wouldnt of happened to my poor son who has to live with this and deal with all of your judgements and fallacies. TO ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO SENT ME MESSAGES AND PHONE CALLS AND SUPPORT THANK YOU IT MEANT THE WORLD AND TO ZANE AND HIS FAMILY WE THINK ABOUT YOU CONSTANTLY AND IF YOU ONLY KNEW HOW SORRY WE ARE AND HOW MUCH WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOUR COMPLETE RECOVERY

    1. moraMN says:

      Thank you for clarifying Amy! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. I hope the rumors of you being harassed and threatened by certain people are not true….it was clearly an accident!

    2. Hate On Me! says:

      Amy i dont hate on your son for this. I respect him fully. I know Zayne very very well. I am thankful that your son stopped and called 911. That was a really brave thing to do. I dont know how many people could say they would stop or evern get out of the car or call 911. Cause that is a very hard thing to do. But it upsetting how your friends of families are going saying Zayne ran into the car. Thats is BS. Zayne is a very smart kid and knows better then play in the road. I just hope you guys are dealing with this in a good way. We are trying to. I am sorry you guys had to take this on also.

  17. james says:

    my children also go to school with your son. actually friends.. they also said that he was distraught about the whole situation, as he had interaction with the little boy as a tudor… My daughter also is a tudor in the same class, he is a good person, this was just a horrible accident…

  18. mom says:

    I feel very bad for that little boy and for the boy who hit him, accidents happen and it is not blame when you are saying that a parent should be outside with their 6 year old while they are waiting for the bus, it is common sense. Not passing judgement but there is no excuse that is good enough as to why she wasn’t out there, if she had a baby get the baby’s coat on and take it with, If she had to get ready for work get up earlier so you are ready to wait for the bus with your child. I am not judging or blaming the mom just questioning her parenting skills at that moment. All you who are asking us not to pass judgement onto the mom the same should be said for the driver. It was an accident, don’t think he saw the little boy and flored the gas pedal

    1. sawyer says:

      Thank you for your level-headed comment!

    2. Hate On Me! says:

      SHE DOES NOT HAVE BAD PARENTING SKILLS. SHE IS A DAMN GOOD MOTHER. ZAYNE IS ONE OF THE SMARTEST 1ST GRADERS I KNOW. SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Oh and none of us are saying that he flored the gas. So stop putting things in peoples mouths. THANKS!!

  19. Emlee says:

    First, let’s get clarification from reporters: was the school bus there already, or, as reported by other media outlets, was the child crossing the street to get to his school bus stop? Makes a big difference. Was the child in a crosswalk, or did he dart out mid-block?

    Next, look at the Minnesota standards for when a child neglect complaint can be opened. The standards clearly state that children under age 8 are not to be unsupervised. Someone at least 12 years old should be directly responsible for the child. I’ve seen the studies which show that kids under 10 cannot judge speed and distance well enough to be in traffic on their own. Yes, I accompany my children to their bus stop each morning, then leave for work, even though we live on a dead-end street and they are over 8 now. If there is an issue with younger children in the pedestrian’s home whom the mother needs to supervise and they can’t walk their big brother to the bus, then arrangements need to be made with an older student or another parent who can accompany the neighborhood kids across the street and at the stop.

    People protesting lack of a marked bus stop, check the standards in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. You only get to put “Bus stop ahead” signs where the stop area cannot be seen from a certain distance away because of sight obstructions like curves or hills. If this was the only 9th St I can find in Mora on maps, it’s flat and straight and right by a school and was going to have heavy traffic at the time of day the crash happened. As for lack of police patrols, I know Mora isn’t that big, and people all over town are probably asking for the one or two officers on duty to be at all their neighborhood bus stops at the same time! If police sat by the school to do enforcement and crash prevention, they’d be accused of trolling for tickets on teenagers when there are “more important things to do”.

    Tragic? Absolutely. Preventable? Likely—19 out of 20 crashes are preventable by one of the parties involved. They’re crashes, not uncontrollable accidents. Reporters, please give us the specific contributing factors, not just the heart-wrenching generalities, so we all learn from this and can prevent similar incidents.

    1. Hate On Me! says:

      So I would like to say something about this. That bus stop is at the top of the hill. So yes there should be a sign out there for it. I dont understand how you think your miss queen here and talk your BS talk. You are no part of this. Half of you guys arent. And yes i am apart of it so you cant say im not. I hate everyone who has said bad things about this whole thing. Each family needs to find there own way to deal with this. So let it be and keep your BS to your damn self. No one wants to hear it. Learn the roads before you speak.

  20. Sam says:

    The mother has several reasons for not being outside at the moment of the accident, it is a usual routine and none of it was expected! It was an accident!!!! and only god knows exactly what happened and why! For all of you whom choose to blame the mother, it’s a little ridiculous don’t you think? if everything in the world was to be prevented, the world would be a perfect place…… well facts are it’s not and accidents happen and that happens to be just what this is…. Thank GOD Zayne is still alive today, granted he’s still hospitalized with a lot of work still ahead of him to fully recover but, he’s still breathing 🙂 and yes it’s very traumatic for both parties involved I can’t imagine being the cause to somebodies pain as such and I know the family of Zayne personally and I know just what there going through. I can only imagine it’s a struggle each and everyday that passes for both parties. So enough blaming and just know the facts, and pray! Lets unite as we stand and work on making the world a better place for everyone together one step at a time……

  21. this isn't working says:

    my heart goes to Zayne ❤ wishing for speedy recovery

  22. joe says:

    My son is a friend of Zane. It’s an apartment complex with many kids getting on the school bus, not 1 parent was outside. My wife was 3 cars behind the bus. Don’t rip on anyone, not all the info about the accident is released. Just be greatful Zane is alive and give your kids a big hug. I know I hugged my boy

  23. Stephani says:

    Accidents happen!! Yes it may have been prevented if; maybe there was someone outside or perhaps he was sick that day…… Unfortunately thats not the case, Zayne’s mother has significant reasoning to not be outside at the bus stop in the moment of the accident. If every accident was avoided or actions were better judged maybe there would be none and the world would be a perfect place but, It’s NOT. I personally know Zayne and the family I know the pain and suffering they are going through and the injuries Zayne has welcomed as a challenge to his everyday living. so no need to blame “the mother” the fact is there was an accident and a small boy was hurt, I can only imagine that the boy on the other end is not feeling any glory! I’m sure it’s terrible for him emotionally as well. So lets unite as we stand and make the world a better place together!!! It’s rather unfortunate it takes some sort of tragedy to bring focus to what needs to be done or the area in this case that needs to be changed.

  24. Bad mouth me says:

    I’m Zayne’s step father we also have a 3 month old baby boy. I sit and read all this and i see more negative comments about my wife then about how Zayne is doing. It sounds like some of you just wanted to get on here to bad mouth. How can you sit and judge someone that you don’t even know. To the mother of the boy that hit Zayne i am sure that your son does feel really bad for this i would hate to be a 16 year old boy and have to live with that. No parties have seen the police report yet so we can’t really say what happened. I hope your son recovers from this too i know that both parties are hurt. To all you people that want to sit and blame that is BS you have no idea what goes on here at the townhomes you want to say that no one is ever out there that is a lie. Thank you Stephani for your comment. TO EVERYONE THAT HAS SUPPORTED US IN THIS TERRIBLE TIME WE ALL WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU.

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