— It is sad, but true: there are homeless veterans right here in our community, but a Minneapolis cop had an idea to help vets who find themselves living on the street.

Adam Grobove, a Minneapolis cop, is loading up a backpack for every squad car in the city’s second precinct. His idea: when officers encounter a homeless person they believe is a veteran, the backpack is given as a gift.

Check out the above report.

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  1. Mary says:

    What? Why not REALLY help them. Geeze! What a stupid report!
    What useless news info that doesn’t even qualify for News!

    1. Bub says:

      What, even with PJs. Might that be a little cool this time of the year under the Henipen Ave btidge?

    2. anonymous says:

      Funny thing Mary — it’s these veterans on the streets that have allowed you the freedom to speak your mind, be hugely judgmental and expose your ignorance. At least these officers are gratefully acknowledging the sacrifices these men and women have made and offering a kind word, a small act of compassion and restoing a meeger amount of dignty. I seriousl doubt this is the American dream they had in mind when they stepped up to the plate to preserve your freedoms. Maybe you could step outside yourself for a split second!

      1. Vanessa says:

        I believe Mary meant that a bag of toiletries doesn’t really solve the problem of homelessness or do anything to change discriminatory ordinances, misconceptions, and hardships that homeless veterans must endure each day. Homelessness is a complex social and economic problem, and there is no easy solution. I am grateful for any attempt to make positive interactions with the homeless instead of the usual “policing” you read about. I think it is important to appreciate these efforts, while acknowledging that there is still much work yet to be done. Thank you Officer Grobove for initiating this kind gesture! May others be inspired by your thoughtfulness, and I truly hope this provides opportunities for genuine interaction.

      2. Roxy says:

        I could not have said it better myself, anonymous. I am writing an essay on the American Dream and all the homeless veterans, but its a comparison with the vikings stadium and whos paying for it and why cant they help all the homeless families instead of paying 600 million dollars on a stadium. Those vets deservre to be respected and given the help that they need. I am not happy with the way this country is. the Statue of Liberty quote’s ” Give your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” Where is the American Dream, when there are no jobs? I wish I could do something about it but I am only one person.

  2. MAJ says:

    There should never be a HOMELESS veteran. I do not mind if my tax money goes to help them.

  3. David Shotley says:

    A little harsh Mary. A kind gesture can go a long way. Don’t you like Christmas or Birthday presents? What are you doing for the homeless vets? Maybe you should take one in. .

  4. Rachelle says:

    Please don’t be so close minded….
    There is nothing stupid about bringing attention to the fact that there are homeless vets out there. I think it is a great article, but should have gone deeper for these people that need HUMAN COMPASSION. They fought for your rights and freedom you know. Those back packs are like their apartments – they hold their entire life in them and are very valuable to them. THANK YOU MINNEAPOLIS PD – and please let us all know how we can help them as well.

  5. Just me says:

    Thank you to Adam Grobove, a small piece of generosity can go a long way.

  6. Tad G says:

    Nothing stupid about bringing attention to the homeless – agree.
    Totally stupid manner in which to do so too


  7. DSS says:

    Sorry Mary, but i bet this officer is doing more for the homeless than you are. Unless you are doing more for the vets, dont put him down for his generosity.
    Thanks Mr. Grobove!

  8. Terry says:

    Thank-you Mpls. P.D………Mary… get a life……………

  9. DSS says:

    And to whomever wrote this article. Thank you! Whenever I read good news like this, it really brightens my day!

    1. Bub says:

      Kudo to you DSS. A real humamitarian article rather than all of the doom and gloom we are normally flam basted with.

  10. artist says:

    Great to hear there is a positive side to the Minneapoliis PD. As for u mary, have you fought for our country? Bet you wouldnt even pick up a cigarette butt!

  11. Sgt says:

    A Huge OHRAH to Minneoplis Police Dept.from a former Marine.

  12. Bob Nas says:

    I have picked up homeless folks – and sometimes it’s really bizarre. Many of them do not want to be off the streets; but some do! We need to stop asking the government to do what our families and extended families should do for their homeless loved ones. Thanks MPLS PD for doing something like this! Thanks also for your partnering up with the Salvation Army. There are compassionate people out there!

  13. Jeana says:

    What about the homeless who are not vets???? I find this ridiculus!

    Why do we not take care of all homeless.

    1. Debi says:

      Mary, Mary, Mary … if it weren’t for those homeless veterans – you wouldn’t have the freedom to run your mouth and expose your ignorance. Maybe the next time you get out of your nice warm bed and hop into your nice hot shower and get dressed in your nice clean clothes and then waddle off to your kitchen for a nice hot cup of coffee and a good breakfast – maybe, just maybe you could take a split second to step outside yourself and think about what a blessing these officers are to those in need. Maybe you could think about how grateful these homeless vets are for a bar of soap, a tube of toothpaste, a stick of deoderant and most importantly – a compassionate gesture and a kind word. After all they have done, after all they have endured and continue to endure – at least they have a little piece of dignity given back to them. I doubt seriously that no matter what circumstance has them living on the streets, this is not the life they imagined for themselves. So put your blinders back on, continue to chastize and go on living your American dream!

    2. anonymous says:

      Hey Jeana – what are YOU doing t help?

  14. anonymous says:

    Mary I am glad ;your life is so great that you can bash an attempt to help others. Especially those who fought for your freedom. When you stated they should do something to really help them.. Well first of all if you actually listened to the report, the back packs also contained information for the vets on where and how to get the real help. Which is by the way out there. As many of the homeless veterans have mental health issues related to their military experience such as post traumatic stress disorder, the first step is finding them, establishing trust, and seeing to some of their immediate needs. This attempt though not a fix all is a start. This story has elevated my respect for the PD and I thank them as a wife of a disabled vietnam veteran for what they are doing.

  15. Blake says:

    First comment and it’s from a heartless witch. No one should be homeless let alone someone who served his or hes country. getting a little gift that can make them feel a little more human im for that.

  16. Diane says:

    Great article and compassionate. But what I think is ironic is the ad preceding the homeless video is for a realtor.

  17. Larry says:

    I’m confused.
    How is a clean, good smelling homeless veteran better for society than a dirty, stinky homeless veteran?
    Shouldn’t we as a society be addressing the homeless problem, too (which in some cases means dealing with underlying mental health issues)?

  18. anonymous says:

    Statistics show that approximately 26% of the homeless in the nation are veterans.

  19. Chopper says:

    “You have not lived today successfully unless you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.” -John Bunyan

  20. Helen says:

    Hey Mary, What branch or service did you or your family serve with? What a sad attitude to have toward our service men and women trying to keep our country free and sad for us. What have you done volunteer wise to help? I’m proud to be a part of the “Quilts of Valor” program here in Minnesota to show gratitude to our service men and women. PTSD can be very hard to overcome for many people. Try helping!!!!

  21. Eva Stoner says:

    I am a Veterans Advocate and a Claims Representative for the MN Dept of Veterans Affairs, Outreach Division and American Legion. If you or someone you know is a Homeless Veteran, please contact me at 612-970-5662 or call/visit your local County Veteran Service Officer. Homelessness happens, we’d like to help!

    PS, I’m a Veteran and sincerely appreciate what Officer Grobove is doing for my fellow Veterans. No single agency, donation, or kind gesture can “fix” homelessness, but together we can affect change and help people in our community!

  22. Cari Jaksha Canning says:

    I think the people criticizing this news story have clearly missed the fact that the back packs also contain information to connect these veterans with organizations that can help them get off the streets. The personal care items are just a way of saying ‘you’re not alone, and we haven’t forgotten what you’ve done for our country’.

    This is an excellent idea and I am grateful the police department is looking for a way to give back to our veterans. EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to make a difference in the life of a veteran, you just have to try.

  23. Roxy says:

    I don’t think there is enough shelters or homes to get all the veterans of the street. Instead of paying for a football stadium, build more shelters for all the homeless people. It would create more jobs too. I just don’t get it, aren’t we suppose to help our country? What happened to our country? The Government is taking away from the people that can barely make it. Why don’t the rich give to the poor? oh thats right they want material stuff, who’s got the most of everything. The rich may give to charities but which ones, help to build shelters and soup kitchens.