By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Hundreds of teens attending the Big Bash dance party Friday night at the Radisson Hotel ran for cover after supposedly hearing gun shots on the University of Minnesota campus.

People who were there said it looked like a scene from a horror movie.

“It was so crowded, like it was just like a wave of people. It was crazy, it was like mayhem, ” said Mike Blamo, who was in the crowd.

Police were called to the hotel on reports of shots fired and when they arrived, they found a group of teens fighting. Police used pepper spray and pepper bullets to disperse the crowd of 900 teens, ages 16 and up, in order to find a shooting victim.

Police said they found no evidence of a gun fired inside or outside the party. There were, however, hundreds frightened and confused teens running out of the hotel and onto Washington Avenue.

Teens who attended the dance said it started off fun, but toward the end, the fights broke out.

“We got in and everything was going normal really until the end, like about 40 minutes left, then a fight broke out — it was like three different fights,” Blamo said.

Blamo said the crowd was worked up because of the fights and how the police reacted to the melee.

“I was mad that it ended like that, because we were having so much fun,“ Blamo said.

WCCO–TV tried to reach the organizers of the Big Bash dance and the Radisson Hotel management, but neither party responded.

Police said no one was arrested and that no one has come forward claiming to have been shot inside or outside of the dance.

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  1. Sarah Stiger says:

    “in order to find the body of a teen who had supposedly been shot” Good grief they were looking for a body and they didn’t even know if anyone had been shot? That seems a bit pessimistic! How about “looking for a possible shooting victim”, or ‘victim of an alleged shooting”? AND how about asking the attendees some questions instead of blasting them pepper spray and pepper bullets? No wonder it was mayhem, when you take that approach. Well, sounds like a good time was had by all!

    1. CommonSense says:

      If you think someone is shot and bleeding out on the floor, you don’t have time to be polite! Your main focus is to save the victim. And have you ever successfully dispersed a crowd of 900 people by politely asking them to move? I didn’t think so.

    2. Jonesy says:

      Are you serious your going to blame this on the type of music that was played. Get real Real fast. It doesn’t matter what type of music was playing it had nothing to do with what was going on JACK ASS.

    3. I weep for the future says:

      Frannysue, if you were in fact there your grammar, lack of punctuation and overall attempt to pass off your experience in an intelligent way was a huge failure. I’m quite sure that the gas and other means employed to disperse a large crowd of low life teens was warranted. I’m sure the vids are being put on youtube or wshh as we speak. Please go back to school and learn proper English, or passable English in the very least.

  2. Get a clue says:

    Good ole diversity.

    1. Mike says:

      Pepper spray and pepper bullets? This does not sound like a good way to serve the public!

      1. Model Behavior says:

        Oh really? How are they supposed to get a large crowd of unruly, fighting teenagers to stop fighting, blow a whistle and call a time out? The individuals who were fighting are lucky they didn’t get their noggins whacked with a club.

        1. Frannysue Teah says:

          I Was One Of The People In The Crowd That Night And If You Think That Breaking Up 900 People With Pepper Spray Is Gonna Slove Anythin You Need To Check Your Intelligence Because i Was On Who Got Hurt And I Thank God That Nobody Got Hurt seriously Or Even Killed From Being Trappled Over All Of You Are Saying This Because You Was Not There So Please Before You Start Telling People Whats Proper Proceeder Think About What Eithcal This Case Is Simple We Were Pepper sprayed Because There was A Majority Of Black Kid Thas All I Have too Say About That And i Am Filing A Lawsuite

          1. Jeff says:

            If you were outnumbered 900 to 50, you need a competitive advantage. Sorry, deal with the pepper stray if it can save a life. What if someone had been shot? What if you were shot? The police are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Make up your mind, do you want to be inconvenienced or do you want to die is essentially what it comes down to. Stop your wining and realize that the police were not there all night and don’t know what they are walking into. They did what they had to do. I am in 100% support of the police. Also, if the some (not all) teenagers would just realize that there is so much more to life than who said who is stupid or who took whose girlfriend, people would be more apt to listen when you have something to say.

            1. Frannysue Teah says:

              So First Off You Cant Tell Me To Stop Wining! Secondly WERE YOU THERE NO! I dont think so So Talk What You Know And Thirdly All 900 people were not involed with the fight, it was ovious who the fighters was and they left right when things was getting outta control. Its people like you that make me really see the ingnorance in this world put youself in our shoes the panic and distress we was put through we were maced three times in the buliting in the parking lot and on the street now do you think thats fair because to me you seem haertless for the other 850 people who was just having a good time there is nothing you can argue because you have no idea on what went on that night so you have no room to talk or state an opinon based off of the MEDIA!!

              1. Peter says:

                My tax money at work!! Can’t even write a complete sentence correctly. God help us!!

                1. Pate says:

                  That’s what I was thinking,too.Good grief! Instead of whining about how disadvantaged Frannysue Teah is claiming he/she is,then DO something positive with your life instead of complaining.It has nothing to do with race.It has everything to do with you.

                2. Peter, Paul, & Mary says:

                  They got their edumacshun on

                3. Jan laughs at Peter and Co. says:

                  You got played like a fiddle Peter ! 😉
                  Hate to inform you of this but — Frannysue is a male from Wayzata who played you and the others here like a fiddle while playing on his paptop. We all enjoyed the game played
                  Those of you who always play the “race thing” – you are the most idiotic and gullible around. Race brings the crud of life to the top where it swirls like a turd in a toilet. LMAO
                  Tell you what – maybe today you can actually figure out what’s what in life and who’s who. Try it …. or did your education system in your ‘burb let you done ???

              2. shhhhh says:

                It’s “were” you were put through this stuff, and that’s just for starters….. Learn English and people will take you seriously.

              3. cawoelffel says:

                GRAMMAR PEOPLE!!! Pease stay in school because you appear to be alarmingly under educated.

                1. Frannysue Teah says:

                  Thank you for trying to make me see illiterate, I clap for your ignorance. You silly people will never understand, so it is a watse of my time to argue with all of you. I am a VERY educated black woman, and i was typing fast on this website because i was highly upset. SInce all of you have questioned my intelligence i have no reason to hold any other agrument with any of you. Thank you

          2. listeningtothevoicesinmyhead says:

            Yet ANOTHER example of our fine education system (or should I say LACK OF). This person can’t spell, capitalizes all first letters, has run-on sentences. Why not just write it in Ebonics so we can all be confused. What a waste of breath.

          3. Mplscutiepie says:

            Generally, proper spelling and grammer strengthen an argument.

          4. Tailgunner says:

            Frannysue…..Have you ever attended school? You obviously do not know how to spell………………………

        2. Bri says:

          I agree, I like my public medium rare.

      2. Bob says:

        Mike hold your breath and wish…..

      3. James Harvey Kirby says:

        Kent State University? Monday, May 4, 1970?

  3. Jason says:

    Walk a mile in the cops shoes. You try and tell 900 teens to move there is an emergency, or for that matter ask the outer perimiter of teens where the shooting victim is. The only way of getting there attention just short of old west style shooting your real gun off is the way they handled it. I applaud the fact that they tried to find the reported victim right away. If it were my kid possibly bleeding to death in the middle of a 900 person party, I sure hope to God the police do what it takes to get to my child.

    Funny how everyone wants to blame the police right away. When people need help they want to know why they didn’t get there or solve the issue fast enough. And when they are not needed, then people don’t want them around at all. If there is one bad cop then they all must be bad, because people are quick to paint every cop with the same brush.

    I applaud the police, and appriciate what they do for us everyday.

    1. Janet says:

      Well said Jason! I wholeheartedly agree. When I see a cop drive through our neighborhood, I wave and smile – wanting them to know I appreciate them! I am one who wants them around!

      1. Pate says:

        So do I.I thank them for patrolling my neighborhood.They already have to frequently deal with the morons of society as it is,and I applaud them for putting up with such trash.

    2. Niel says:

      +1 Jason.

      People, don’t blame the police too soon for their actions. They were trained to do what they do (small few, I might question). But the pepper spray was appropriate. Mothers and Fathers of these children, I hope you don’t sue the police department for your child being pepper sprayed. Once a bullet goes off in a crowd like this, your kid should’ve been taught to run as far as possible from the epicenter.

    3. Lil Sis says:

      Really from what my brother said who is the host of the Big Bash. The police did their job but in the wrong way and order. And I believe that your being very bias and taking up for the police. Just because there was alleged shooting doesn’t make it right for what happened to those kids that were maced and tramped on. It not funny how teenagers don’t like the police, its just some police officers are out to get kids or to meet a quota but i can agree with the police doing everything in there power to save that kid but it could’ve been handled different.

      1. Jason says:

        I work in a profession that deals with Public Safety, and if a person is shot there is no time to waste. Remember the initial call was a person was shot, not a report of shots fired. Until you see a person bleed out like a deer, where they are talking to you with eyes open and a minute later they are stone cold dead. You wouldn’t know anything about priority.

        I’ve worked concerts as an EMT before, and when kids and adults are in large groups and having fun; they don’t care about what’s going on. Specifically I was working a Blink 182 concert at Midway Stadium. It was a hot and muggy day. A person went down with a febrile seizure, and we literally had to have Blink 182 stop the show and threaten to walk off the stage before we were able to access the patient. I to this day thank the Lead Singer for helping control the crowd. That day the delay to reach the patient was 6 minutes, and the person seizing had been stepped on and trampled because God forbid during their seizure they interrupted someone else’s ability to enjoy the show.

        So again until you know the other side of the Job, and the Life and Death decisions that need to be made in a split second, all I am asking is STOP BLAMING PUBLIC SAFTEY PERSONEL THAT ARE DOING THEIR BEST!!!!

        Oh and I can promise you without a doubt that quotas are a myth. There are times during holidays and other times and events throughout the year that there are increases in citations. These are usually referred to as “saturations” but they are paid for by state and federal Grant Money, and again it is for your safety so you don’t get killed by a drunken speeder on St. Patty’s Day. During these increases they do pull you over for things like Seat Belt Use so they can also check if you have been drinking. But they don’t pull you over to increase a revenue stream.

        1. Tisha says:

          Not trying to be disrespectful but you writing big paragraphs and taking sides isn’t gonna help. I just think that mace isn’t the to go that’s all. and most of the over exaggerated stuff is with the causasian people not african american. That’s all.

          1. Jason says:

            I am not trying to be rude either, and I respect the point of the long paragraphs. I am just trying to offer an accurate view from the other side. People these days are unable to truly discuss something and see an argument from both sides, especially when it involves public safety. People either like them or hate them and there is no in between. I understand how scary it would be if you have never been maced, but that is why we have to be maced and tased before we can carry them. The first thing an attorney would ask us is if we knew the pain and suffering we were inflicting on someone by our actions. We can say yes, and explain that it is not a long term pain, that it is just short term to gain control of a situation. I do think though that people do not understand what a cop goes through while performing their job. A Cop has one of the highest suicide rates, along with divorce and addiction of any job. And that is due to the stresses of things like this. Let’s say they handled it differently, like the way people seem to say it should have happened. When the crowed moved, there was a shot person and they were dead. The cop would play the “what if” game, be angry at his commanding officers for not being more aggressive, and then would have that mental thought that had I been faster I might have saved him.

            The thing to take away here is it is not about race. Just think about how you would have moved 900 people in 5 minutes or less, and whether you think it is OK to sacrifice someone’s life for the comfort and convenience of others. Remember the original call is a person was shot. There is Recorded Audio at the 911 dispatch center. And a lot of people in these threads are saying that the story is not telling the truth. Last time I checked Reg Chappman is Black. This is not a race thing; it is a personal viewpoint of cops argument.

    4. Schae says:

      Well said, Jason.

    5. Chris K says:

      Well I say F the police. I hate there ass to this day. They shoot people reaching for wallets, rough people up and have no crowd control skills. They can go to hell.

      1. Jason says:

        Again you paint all Cops with the same brush. This is the exact thing people like Martin Luther King, and Jesse Jackson, and other urban leaders try to preach about race. I am a believer that if you act like an A-Hole, I will treat you like an A-Hole no matter skin color or gender. If John Smith lives on 1st Street and is rude to my kids and is an A-Hole to everyone he meets, I don’t assume that everyone on 1st Street is the same. This applies to Cops too. There are many thousands of Cops working every day, and 10’s of Thousands on the force one way or another. That does not mean that because of some bad experiences, and what you see on the news that all Cops are bad. Could you just think a little before you generalize?

  4. Think about the CHILDREN! says:

    Umm…where were the chaperones? Were there any? This is why high schoolers need to stick to only high school dances, or a club venue (that’s 16+ AND cards) that is a confined space, allowing better control of things. I hope these kids were being carded to make sure no older creeps, bf’s, gf’s were getting in.

  5. Holly says:

    900 hundred kids….what was the fire code capacity of this place!??

    1. Mplscutiepie says:

      Exactly!!! I was there to watch my nephew perform and I can tell you that the place was way over capacity, and inadequately staffed with campus security to handle a crowed of unruly teen. Lets not talk about how the teens were dressed, dancing and acting it was just a matter of time before something broke out. Unfortunately I felt the effects of the pepper spray but thank God that no one was seriously injured or hurt.

  6. Jill says:

    Unfortunate. Seems like both sides are scared.

  7. Scott says:

    I was at the party… There was only ONE fight. The police where really the cause even after the fight stopped police ended the party. They were laughing and macing people saying have a nice night.

    1. +1 jason says:

      are you one of those idiots?

    2. ricky collins says:

      scott please contact me as soon as possible…im one of the guys that threw the event 612-810-6946

    3. Ed says:

      There is a lesson there for ya Scott, Once the cops show up the party is over and you are now playing by their rules, suck it up and get over it. No one to blame here but the kids that were fighting, Take all your anger at the cops and direct it to the kids that ruined it for everyone.
      Cops don’t have time to stop by and coddle the kids at the party, they come to do their job.
      Don’t like the way the cops do their job? don’t give the cops reason to show up.
      Learn to act in public or keep the party in the school gym.

    4. Mplscutiepie says:

      Sorry Scott, I was there as well and I seen at least several fights

      1. Thomas K says:

        It’s “I saw” deary….saw.

  8. +1 jason says:

    +1 jason. definately right thing that they did to move those idiots outta the way, so they can actually “protect and serve” the one in need.

  9. Alyssia Bell says:

    I was one of the attendes at the dance. And i can assure you that there was no gun shooting at all. All of the people that were supposedly “fighting” were at one end of the big ballroom but yet innocent people such as myself were maced in the face. We were already leaving out the doors in coat check when the police started macing. They did not shut down the party it was the men performing it that told evedryone to leave and we WERE. next thing you know we are being maced…people were TRAMPLED with BROKEN body parts, shoes litterd the floor of victims that were trampled…but yet the news did not speak of that. If you were not there and do not know the story and saw for your own eyes you should not comment. Please dont say we were unruling kids because we were not we were all carded and searched before we entered so no gun was there. I still cant understand why they maced and pushed aand caused mayhem when we were already leaving., As a person that suffers from asthma the mace took a complete toll on my body and it is not right for innocent people to be maced or end up with broken body parts because of a supposedly “fight’ that never happened. WHOA POLICE GREAT JOB!!!

    1. ricky collins says:

      please contact me as soon as possible 612-810-6946…im one of the guys that threw the event

    2. Frannysue Teah says:

      Tell Em Girl These Fools Dont Know How Much Of An Scary Experince It Was For Us


    I am Ricky Collins one of the promoters who threw the BIG BASH! We throw safe events for the 16+ crowd, bottom line. I’m not blaming the police but they made things rise to the level that they did! Inside the party it was just a small altercation in the middle of the ballroom and the cops swarmed in and set off tear gas bombs which caused over 900 people to panic! We had parents there, security workers, and we hired UMPD cops to be on duty. This party was a very safe and well run event! We understand that the cops heard there was shooting and reacted to that call. But even though they were doing there job it wasn’t fair for all those innocent people who were trying to have a good time. If you have further questions for us email via

    Ricky Collins

    1. Jason says:

      I believe you that for the most part you through safe parties, but if there were UMPD cops there they would have access to the channel on the radio that the other police officers responding to the person shot call were using. That is the plus of 800 MHz radios. And obviously this party was not safe, because a fight broke out and people felt that someone had been shot. This is an accusation that cannot be taken lightly. It is the same as yelling Fire in a crowded setting. True or not people have to believe that when some says it is happening that it is true. So I am sorry that this party got out of hand, but this one did not end up Safe, and that started with the fight that your promotions could not control.

    2. Mplscutiepie says:

      Greetings Ricky, I was also in attendance that night, I was there simply to support my nephew who was one of the performers. In my honest opinion the venue was over capacity and inadequately staffed to handle a crowd that size. I know that you and the rest of the promoters had the best of intentions and it was suppose to be a fun event for the teens but you may want to consider raising the age limit to at least 18+

  11. Ggj says:

    I was also at the big bash. I can say this story was viewed on the police side of it. I have to add in that the security was called over 3 times to stop the fight and did not respond at all until the panic started. The minneapolis pd did not need to mase the people who were already on the floor and the people who were trying to leave they made it more difficult to exit. Security was not good at all at this event. NO ONE DID ANY PAT DOWNS TO GET IN. And also were not doing anything to the people who were smoking ciggaretts and weed inside the event. I will NEVER attend another life endangering event they throw. Very shady they just want money.

    1. D.Watson says:

      Okay I agree with some of your story like how the police made it more difficult for ppl already leaving to exit and how the whole room should have not been maced. But I was patted down and I saw other ppl patted down too so I disagree with you on that plus a pat down is not going to stop ppl from fighting anyway. I’m unsre about the smoking I smelt weed but I didnt see anybody smoking I think a lot of ppl came to the event high so you cant blame the promoters for that. I dnt believe that they just want money either these guys are simply trying to have fun safe events for the younger crowd in a safe environment. I mean seriously Minnesota is already boring all they were trying to do was provide local entertainment to create more fun and excitment in the state of Minnesota so you can’t knock them for trying to make a difference. You have to look at this situation from both sides.

      1. Ggj says:

        My friend was burnt by one of the blunts. I know for a fact they were smoking. Nd there was more than one fight going on unless u just want to count it as mass craziness as a whole. I was not pat downed or no one that was coming in at that time.

        1. D.Watson says:

          Well I didnt see it you did so I’m not going to say that they we’re because there was a strong smell of weed going around during the middle of the event. Most likely there was multiple fights & yes things got crazy but you cant stop ignorant ppl from coming to a party. Far as the pat downs all I know was that they were suppose to stop letting ppl in at a certain time so i really dnt know what that was about I’m just glad that nobody was killed !

          1. hmm says:

            Why is it that all ignorant people at parties seem to come from one particular group of people?

  12. mathew walters says:

    i was there

  13. temia says:

    okay they blew it up to something it wasnt. There was no guns involved besides the police. It was a fight and kids panicing made it no better. I attended the party and other parties that these guys threw for 16+ and they never ended in that way. The police crashed the party not the kids so i blame them

  14. Analyah A. Schlaeger says:

    Um…. so me and my friends were there… and whoever wrote this really played it up… there was ONE fight… and the security came in eventually, there were no gunshots at all… and don’t you think that if you actually asked the people who were in attendance what actually happened, you would get the REAL truth? ,The police came in, people were already leaving, and then they started macing innocent people who were TRYING TO LEAVE in the face, who had nothing to do with the fight, the people who had started it had already been asked to leave, so i can understand why the police were called, but was the mace really REALLY necessary?! If you commented and weren’t even there, you have nothing to say, and S.O.E did nothing wrong, they tried to handle the situation very well, but the police were doing their job, but with excessive force. Totally unnecessary and there are untruthful “facts” in this report.

    1. D.Watson says:

      I totally agree with you the police over did it and made things worse. Although, I did not get maced majority of my friends did which is wrong on so many levels since they were all innocent. False facts is another thing a agree with it amazes me how ppl who were’nt even there somehow or “think” they know what happen. I’ve been to parties were it ended similarly but never to this extreme.

  15. quinn duke says:

    hi my names quinn i no for a 100% factz ricky collins ,nino powers, and brayshaun gibson are respectable non gang related guys who i went to school with and where throwing this party because they felt as if the 16+ crowd needed a big party to go to and be with there friends and have a safe time we do not associate with those type off people so if you think that the cops were right u were wrong that event was way to fun so what some kids fought the security had it on lock no one had a gun the tear gas was untolerable 16 year old and over shouldnt have to be tear gased while having fun i feel ass though the mnpd are out to get these event and i wanna put a stop to it thank you

  16. Natalie fuentes torres says:

    I told my “friend lets go i have a feeling something bads going to happen” & then 2 mins later a stampead of people came running over us we ran & the tables flipped people were pushing each other & all over me, i blacked out & couldnt walk i resaulted with a twisted ankle & a nervous attack, people even stole others belongings.

    1. oscar says:

      why the heck did you went to that place you @%$#

  17. Dude to u says:

    Sounds to me that they let to many people attend. Where were the off duty police that they should have had at this event?? Why didn’t the people hosting have security in place? I fire see law suites coming from this against the Raddison. If the hosts did not provide security than the Raddison should have made them get some or provided their own and charged the hosts.

  18. dan says:

    The officers need to be punished for thier reckless behavoir… I hope minneapolis gets sued big time for this… Minneapolis police and University police are out of control and have been for some time now….

    1. MN Tom says:

      no, the police are not at fault, keep the hood rats in the hood

  19. Snooky Thurmond says:

    Don’t believe the hype people, the cops clearly overreacted to what they perceived as outta control youth. The people responsible for this event did have security and EVERYONE male and female were searched prior to entering. DO NOT let the media and other a-holes twist the facts. For more info log onto “”

    1. Ggj says:

      I was not searched….or thepeople who came in with mee

  20. Big Dog says:

    There will be no law suits against the police for doing their job. Any person who attends a large gathering like this takes a risk. I have been on both sides and it is not an easy situation to handle. Why is every one so sue happy. Protests and concerts and the police being involved has gone on for decades. I was an instructor in pepper spray. Yes it can be nasty, but is a lesser tool than a taser gun, baton or firearm. Both sides will evaluate this and hopefully the next event will be safer.

  21. Peter, Paul, & Mary says:

    Boy I’m sure glad ‘Mike Blamo’ was there keeping everyone safe. Really ?Mike Blamo ?? Who the hell is mike blamo ?

  22. Trey says:

    If you can’t stay at an upscale hotel like Radison in peace what hotels are safe? Imagine how unnerved the hotel guests must have felt with that kind of party going on down in the ballroom.

  23. Only Trying To Follow Instructions says:

    I am one of the so called “unruly” teens that attended the party. Yes there were some people there who were fighting and yes i am glad we have police to keep us safe.but while we were trying to leave the building innocent minors were maced trying to exit the area. You cant just group all 900 teens as people who are trying to cause problems. Most of us went to just have a good time in what we thought would be a safe environment. After I was ordered to leave the building. I was standing alone as a young woman (not knowing where my friends were and if they were safe) and a policeman held a mace can in my face ordering “Get the F*** out of here or I will mace or taze you”. I was not causing any problems, just waiting for a ride so i could follow their instructions to leave. I’m sorry but as a young female teenager I’m not just going to walk around alone in the dark at a late time without supervision. In conclusion I think it was wrong that the police maced innocent minors who were only trying to follow their instruction.

    1. MN Tom says:

      haven’t seen a hood rat yet not causing trouble

  24. oscar says:

    i am going to make law suit to make sure they work hard to keep people live from death i hate that @#$%

  25. content_pessimest says:

    Any time you have a gathering of blacks you can expect guns and violence to be involved. All of the shooting at funerals, schools, clubs in the last several years have been all black gatherings. Even the black expo in Indianopolis every year has shhotings.

    1. Allan says:

      Are you serious? V-Tech, Columbine? etc.. Black gatherings???!! LOL

      1. content_pessimest says:

        Only a moron would use Columbine as an example of White violence. Didn’t it happen about 20 years ago. LOL Black violence like this happens every day.

  26. Hip Hop Kills says:

    This is why the kids need to keep the parties in the school gym with limited numbers of kiddies till they learn to behave in public.
    The event organizers need to be held accountable for this and should pay all costs.

  27. jeff says:

    after reading some of the accounts of people that were there, i have to say the police sure could have handled things better. they handled the situation, it appears, as if they were a group of armed protesters and not a bunch of frightened children. it is always a small few who ruin it for the bunch. let this be a lesson to those would be fighters at the next “hoodstock”.

  28. Alysse says:

    I have read all the comments on this page, and I have to say I agree with both sides, but some of the things being said are ridiculous. It has nothing to do with these kids being black, or listening to hip hop music. This can happen with any large group of people. I am white and from Canada, and at my high school prom party we had 300 plus people. Towards midnight a large fight broke out and someone was thrown through a window on the second floor of the hotel. Everyone on that floor was covered in blood and glass. Around 20 cops showed up and handcuffed all the kids who had blood on them, and questioned others. As rough as the cops were, and as scary as the situation was it had to be done.

    The point of this story is that this happens in all communities. With the amount of police officers being killed now, they have to be careful. They don’t know what they are walking into and their lives are at stake as well. As much as I hated being treated like a criminal and handcuffed, being roughed up a little is better then something serious happening, or someone losing a life. Thats just my opinion though.

  29. Shameeka Fippins says:

    Good Ol HipHop & Diversity..What are these people even doing near a College?? Isn’t that “trying to act white”???

  30. MN Tom says:

    what do you expect is going to happen when all the hood rats get together. happens at all their parties.

    1. FlippIn crazy MN Tom says:

      Got it here in Plymouth and in St. Cloud.
      Except the players are white ‘hood rats.
      Bad boys abound and color and ‘hood area have no bearing. Nice try there Tommy 😉

  31. Common sense grown up. says:

    Everyone that is angry at the cops because they were “frightened” by them needs to TOUGHEN UP! You think it’s a big deal to be frightened for 5 minutes? Think about the civil rights demonstrations where this stuff happened to people who were fighting for freedom! Dogs and fire hoses turned on them because they wanted equal rights….. and now you criticize because you were scared by the cops while they tried to find a dying person? News Flash- you will be scared again in your life, I assure you. And you will probably survive just fine. Another article on this included: No injuries were reported. So what is everyone crying about? Anybody who criticizes the police misunderstands the situation. The fault is not with 50 officers trying to find “the body of a teen who was shot”. The fault is the young punks who decided to fight at a fun event and ruin it for the rest of the attendees. Guess what- no fights, no cops. It’s like getting upset at the firefighters for breaking a window while they put out a fire. Maybe in your dream world, cops carry whistles and foam bats, move through crowds like the breeze, and smell blood like a shark so they don’t have to disperse 900 people to find somebody’s child that is bleeding to death. Get some perspective. Yeah, it sucks this happened. Get mad at the fighters who made it happen, not the cops. Yes cops do stuff the wrong way sometimes. I got arrested for stealing my own car once. Never got an apology, and had to pay $180 for the tow. That stuff happens in life to all of us.

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