By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A group of high schoolers from Royalton are getting some unexpected attention, all because of an extracurricular project that is opening doors for their future.

Hunter Jasmer and Brittany Martinez are used to answering questions about their solar boat.

“All built from the ground up by a bunch of students,” said Martinez.

The two have toured the state showing off the Royalton Tech Club’s design.

“Our solar panel sits in there and then that will charge the batteries,” demonstrated Jasmer.

But at a recent technology conference for teachers, the two weren’t just getting questions about the boat. They were getting questions about their future.

“We also had a person from NASA come talk to us,” said Jasmer.

When NASA advisor Joyce Winterton saw their invention, she also saw two scientists in the making.

“I was very impressed. Clearly, they are the type of students who can take a problem and solve it and that’s what we’re looking for at NASA,” said Winterton.

“She said we should start thinking about applying for an internship for NASA,” said Jasmer.

Both Hunter and Brittany will have to go online and apply, just like any other student.

However, Winterton seems to think these two have a really good shot at working side-by-side with NASA scientists.

“What’s not cool about outer space? I think it’s pretty sweet,” said Jasmer.

It’s a project that started as a push for green energy and now it’s pushing two high school students to a career in science.

“When you think about Royalton, Minnesota, you don’t think of something this extraordinary,” said Martinez.

As interns, the students would actually design rockets or balloons that would be sent into space. Neither student has applied quite yet.

Comments (12)
  1. Tom Willard says:

    This is always the first thing out of someone’s mouth when there is a potential for money. ‘They stole my idea’ Waaaaaaaa….!!

  2. Thardel says:

    Well then who are “The two have toured the state showing off the Royalton Tech Club’s design”? Should they not get any credit for touring and explaining the invention? If it wasn’t for their efforts, this invention might be sitting in someones garage instead of getting all this attention!

  3. Advice says:

    It’s a sign of the times, tear others down rather than build them up. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the two. Who knows how much of the interview was trimmed? Before you jump to any conclusions, why don’t you talk to Brittany or Hunter?

  4. Derek Fussy says:

    Ya most of you people i posted befor i looked in to it and Hunnter did say our names and the news took them out but i do hope that i help two kids live a great life.

  5. Derek Fussy says:

    That is one sext boat!!!!

  6. The Aunt says:

    I am Derek’s Aunt. Derek put in hours and hours and hours on that boat. I understand why he was upset, but you are correct “Advice”. Derek took your advice and did talk to Hunter. Brittany posted on facebook the they told the reporter the names of the students who actually designed and worked on the boat and that those boys should receive the recognition for it. She said she told the reporters that they were only going to modify it. Tom, I can’t believe you can be so harsh. These are high school students. Anyways, good job Royalton Tech Club and all the students who worked so hard on this solar boat.

  7. Sadie Eiynk says:

    Derek and everyone else who worked on this should be on the news. They are the ones who actually built it and made it happen. I have no possible idea why you wouldn’t put them on there.

  8. Very Impressed says:

    This is so incredible that a group of highschool students can create something like this. WAY TO GO ROYALTON TECH CLUB!

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    Way to go Royalton! You rock Brittney!!

  10. GO ROYALS!! says:

    Great Job Tech Club!! Keep up the good work. Royalton School District is getting more impressive with the kids it has!! Keep working hard to set the standards high!!

  11. M. Bratsch says:

    Thanks for all the positive comments! We are very proud of all our students and realize that projects like this always involve more than one or two participants. that play several roles throughout a project. I hope that all students realize how important they are to our projects. Our goal has been and always will be to create meaningful experiences for our students. I am so proud of what has been accomplished by all my students past and present.!
    Advisor: Mr. Bratscn

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