MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A local radio station is still feeling the effects of what some are calling a racist prank.

On March 22, KDWB’s Dave Ryan in the Morning Show aired a segment titled American Idiot where a parody song about Hmong families was performed by the show’s producer.

The producer rapped about a family of 24 sleeping on the floor. And it included the lyric, “Hmongs get pregnant early.”

AT&T responded on Monday saying the Dave Ryan in the Morning, “recently broadcast a song parody that was demeaning to the Hmong.”

Because of the parody song, AT&T says, “we cannot financially support KDWB when it allows discrimination to be included in its broadcasts.  As such, we have withdrawn all advertising from KDWB.”

Last week, KDWB’s program director, Rob Morris, said the station has a lot of Hmong listeners and apologized to those who were offended. But he also defended the airing of the parody saying the station has received a number of comments from Hmong people who think the song is humorous.

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  1. Lee says:

    Why would anybody get that worked up over this? The comment wasn’t hateful. Asians have large famillies. So do Catholics, but nobody freaks out when Catholics are the butt of good natured stereotype jokes.

    1. Josh says:

      I think you should probably listen to the whole thing. It’s pretty bad. http://tinyurl.com/44qfzal

      1. Pretty Bad huh? says:

        @ Josh. Dude…if you think that is “pretty bad”, i can only imagine the extent of your sensitive nature. All they did was talk about Hmong sterotypes. They didnt issue a manifesto calling for the systematic descrimination of Hmong people.

        Do you really not have a sense of humor? And even if you didnt find it funny, is your life so small and meaningless that a song parrody is all it takes to get you hot and bothered. Pathetic and sad:(

        1. Her Thao says:

          I am Hmong, 24, and was a loyal listener. I am glad ATT&T took actions but I still feel this is not enough. Alot of people say, “Why are you guys making it such a big deal? It’s funny?!” No! They crossed the line with that song and I will not sit here and be discriminated against any longer. We, the Hmongs have suffered enough and it needs to end now. If we keep in silence, discrimination will never end. WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT!

          1. Bruce Yang says:

            Lee, Pretty bad huh?, and whoever else. I don’t know what Ethnic you are, but I am a Hmong. I consider myself an educated person, been in the US for 30+ yrs in this country, and I’ve been pretty influence by the culture and ways of life here.
            However, I want you to know that there is a fine line between a funny joke and what you may consider a joke that goes beyond funny, where it demeans, insults, or put a group of people down. I would advise for you to go and listen to it one more time. This time, please pay attention to the words (every single one), and the laughing behind it, etc. I hope you will understand why this is so offensive to us then.

  2. Bob says:

    Would you call a black person the “N” word? No. So why would this be any different? A racist joke is a racist joke. It doesn’t matter how funny it is.

    1. Bob's not laughing? says:

      WRONG WRONG WRONG…..It doesnt matter how racist, vulgar or crude as long as its funny!!!

      Maybe you and people like you can form your own society where people with sticks up their butts live in peace and harmony. But let the rest of us keep our humor, even if you are too uptight to understand it.

      I bet you cry in sadness when you watch Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roast. Because those are mean, racist, and vulgar….but oh SOOOO funny!!!

  3. Just Saying says:

    yea I agree everyone is too sensitive. Come on AT&T, Healthpartners and who ever else pulls their ads. Get over it. Maybe we should stop doing business with you because your pulling your ads and your too sensitive. You would never pull your ads if they were talking about Christians.
    Double Standards?????

  4. Schae says:

    Enough with the politically correctness the bleeding heart liberals want. Besides, AT&T has bigger things to worry about–like the fact that their customer service SUCKS!

  5. captobvious says:

    If the shoe fits, wear it, but at least hmong contribute violent gangs to society now so thats a nice plus

    1. Can't stand idiots says:

      Are you trying to be funny are ignorant?? So hmongs are the only ones to have released violent gangs on society???? What about the Aryan brotherhood, crips, MS13, bloods, Latin Kings, Skinheads, etc etc

      And if history recalls, some of the most violent “gangs” were all started by caucasian or European backgrounds. John Dillinger, Billy the Kidd, Al Capone etc etc…

      Your either ignorant or dumb. Choose one.

      1. captNOTobvious says:

        He’s both.

    2. captNOTobvious says:

      catobvious, so do White-Americans, Black-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Indian-Americans, other Asian-Americans, Swedes, British, Germans, Italians, Nigerians, Somalians, Indians, Australians, Brazilians, Canadians, Icelanders, Koreans, Russians, Iranians, Persians, Jamaicans, Haitians, Hollanders, etc., etc.

      Please, I’d advise you to go educate yourself more on people and get off your high horse. EVERYONE contributes to society.

  6. Michele says:

    Wow, I’ve never thought of a major phone company as “liberal.”

  7. Not So Offended Hmong. says:

    You know, KDWB is good. I love listening to the morning show and think that everyone on there is great (maybe not so much Steve-O). I’ve come to accept their humor and unless you’ve listened to them for a LONG time, it’s difficult to understand that they (the morning show cast) really do NOT intend to offend, and have been well-known to doing a lot of good in the cities here (free events, x-mas wish, donations, etc.)

    I respect AT&T’s decision. I am happy that they don’t tolerate these sort of issues and took the appropriate actions to show it. Unfortunately, Steve-O can be very rude and offensive on the show. I don’t think he meant it, as it was complete humor (I HOPE). I’ve come to appreciate his radio personality, but am disappointed that he also doesn’t know when he’s crossed the line. I didn’t find the parody offensive, but I could see how it would also offend others.

    1. bill says:

      You are a stupid person. How can you not be offended when someone is making fun you, your family, and your whole culture. You need to educate yourself about discrimination. If you let this slide, more and more people will think that it is ok to discriminate you. Please educate yourself before you say discrimination is ok.

      1. Bill is Emperor of All things Not funny says:

        LOL….hey bill you do not get to decide when people should be offended. As you are not the emperor of humor!!!

        And you asked, how can you not be offened? Its easy, you understand that KDWB was not talking about any specific person, it was a play on typical sterotypes. Are you really that obtuse?

        And unless you are a COMPLETE moron, you would understand that a song parody does not equal a coordinated discrimination campaign levied by kdbw…it is just a joke Howdy!!!

        You are extremely pathetic and sad. I will pray for you and (God i hope not) your children.

      2. Not So Offended Hmong. says:

        Bill- thanks for your opinion. I value your thoughts and believe that you are right. This parody song could be offensive to many people, as we’ve seen surfaced. However, you need to read my comment better in detail. Yes, I’ll agree with you and call the parody discrimination. Yes, it discriminates the Hmong people. However, I believe it is YOU who needs to become MORE educated on the subject of discrimination. Apparently, you only know the negatives of the word and not the real meaning–to recognize a distinction (Dictionary.com). I am happy some Hmong families are larger than what Americans are used to and that some may sleep on the living room floor. I am happy that we have culture and bring diversity and DIFFERENT to this society and world. Embrace your neighbors and those that are different than you, but don’t forget that we’re all human beings.

        I have no feelings towards the parody, but I am educated enough to realize that they did not mean to discriminate me, my family, or my culture in a NEGATIVE way. But that’s how I see it. I also agreed how it could offend some individuals, but also mentioned that sometimes Steve-O (the song-writer) doesn’t know where to draw the line.

  8. Michael Tierney says:

    Since when is good taste a liberal or conservative thing? I would think that AT&T like most business listen to their customers – if a significant number of AT&T customers complained, then AT&T would at least threaten to pull their advertising.

    Lastly, stop with the PC – that is a conservative invention to rile up you guys – you can’t logically argue your point of view, so you throughout the PC terminology – If you have a valid opinion – state it, don’t hide behind the PC Curtain

  9. Naomi says:

    If AT&T is so libral why am I getting mail telling me to switch carriers because they support the tea baggers? Anyway I hope they shut KDWB down. Or B96 or what ever they wanna call it, they both play the same music at the same time and its irritating as h e double hockey sticks!

    1. Radio head says:

      89.3 The Current. At least MN Public Radio did something right.

      Plus Naomi, KDWB and B96 have to play certain kinds of music certain amounts of time throughout the day. These record companies pay for the stations to do this. If you’ve listened to KDWB’s morning show, they admit to it too. The morning cast dislikes and also jokes about the repeated tracks they have to play.

  10. Venting just a tad. says:

    Hey that person who likes to call themselves a republican and a conservative of the U.S., it’s time to get off your throne. Labels mean nothing. Just because you vote anti-liberal, doesn’t make it right for you to think you’re so much better than anyone else not like you.

    And just one more mean thing I have to say that has nothing to do with this news story: why is it always the Conservatives quickly pointing fingers at their counterparts? Think for yourself and not let the politics do the thinking for you. Be a good human being, idiots.

    1. MNTom says:

      But I am better than you.

  11. Paul Solinger says:

    Thanks, AT & T. I wholeheartedly agree with your decision. It’s a sad day when some people have a problem with businesses standing up against racist speech.

  12. Mark from... says:

    I hate AT&T and their customer service but love them more now for pulling their ads off. A radio station can only be funny to a certain extent and this time kdwb just crossed the line. I’ve stopped listening to them because they have a bunch of idiot DJ.. 91.1 is so much better and you can actually learn a thing or two from it. KDWB SUCKS!!

  13. MNTom says:

    Last time i listemd to that station it wemt KDWB 63. that was an AM station. they haven’t been worth anything since.

    1. MNTom is Ancient!!! says:

      Congrats MNTom, you are older than dirt!! Thus your opinions and thoughts are pointless as you will soon be dead.

      Can you tell us what it was like before sliced bread and color tv’s too?

  14. Mn Man says:

    Isn’t AT&T short for American Tub & Toilet?

  15. Ryan says:

    If KDWB 101.3 was just trying to tell a joke? Why is everyone starting to hate each other? You got the ones defending the joke telling the offended to lighten up/sensitive or get out stupid. Than you got the offended calling the ones defending the joke ignorant and inconsiderate. Again if this is a joke why is hate starting to spread?

    1. Ryan Doesnt like Jokes? says:

      Because people do not know how to take jokes!!! Duh. In our society, we have a few hyper-sensitive, ultra policitally correct individuals, who feel it is their responsibilty to police humor (or if you didnt find it funny), legit attempts at humor. (these are the kids who were hall monitors, and would dime out other children for putting their mouth on the drinking fountain)

      Some people find joy and fulfillment in telling others how to live, what is or isnt funny, what is or isnt exceptable, etc. For the life of me, i cannot understand this mentality, as i find it exteremily sad and pathetic.


  16. Ryan says:

    Where is the education each other part and finding a solution to calm the matter. Not the slap on the wrist and please don’t do this again isn’t going to cut it. You can’t just tell someone to get over it. When they are affected by KDWB actions.

    1. Ryan doesnt like Jokes? says:

      Words (with the exceptions of threats/harrasment) have no real power over other individuals. So it is up to the invidiual to decide how others lanuage will or will not affect them. It is NOT a forgone conclusion!!!!!

      Sticks n stones my dear friend….sticks n stones.

  17. 2longyang says:

    KDWB can still be funny without making racist stereotype about people. If society lets something like this slide, it’s like taking huge steps backwards in America. In my opinion, what they said wouldn’t have been offensive and pretty funny if it was a Hmong person saying it. It’s like Jackie Chan calling a black guy the “N” word in Rush Hour. Black people can call each other the “N” word and it’s perfectly fine, but when another race calls them that it’s totally inappropriate. That’s because the “outsiders” has no place to say it because they don’t understand how it really is to be them.

  18. Dan says:

    I thought it was funny after hearing it…. But anyway “FINALLY” the KDWB morning show messes up big time…. REMOVE Dave Ryan… He is a has been… Send him to a radio station in guatemala…. Put Tony Fly back on KDWB morning show…….

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