WINONA, Minn. (AP) — St. Mary’s University says the death of a 19-year-old freshman was due to natural causes.

Millie Harrison of Colorado Springs, Colo., died unexpectedly on Saturday. SMU says Harrison was a theater major studying stage management and communications. She was the production stage manager for one-act plays Saturday, which were canceled.

Several hundred students attended a prayer service Saturday night on campus.

The Winona Daily News reports SMU president Brother William Mann said it was “heartbreaking to see a young person, so filled with spirit,” taken so soon.

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  1. Mary Stewart says:

    Oh, Millie. I’m so sorry you’re gone. You sure had wonderful things happening in your life and would have knocked the socks off the world. We’re so glad we knew you and feel horrible you were here for so short a time. Thinking hard about your mom and dad and wondering how they will carry on without you. Wishing them peace and happiness that they brought up such a wonderful girl. Thank you for being so good to our daughters, dogs, and house, and for driving us to and from the Denver Airport last summer. The neighborhood feels vacant wihtout you. Love, Mary

  2. Todd says:

    As a father of a 10 year old girl who left our family so soon I would encourage the Students of St. Mary’s to remember Millie’s parents with letters, postcards, e mails. They are grieving the lost of a daughter, but their grief will be made easier knowing that her friends haven’t forgotten her parents. Send them updates on your school progress, notices for significant events in your lives. These are the things they would have received through their daughter had she continued living.

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