By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A St. Paul pastor delivered the traditional opening prayer to the Minnesota Senate Monday, and included one topic that certainly caught some attention.

“This day, we pray for their deliberations over the budget for the state, the hopes for the transportation needs, a stadium, the racial inequalities that rest here, the needs surrounding education,” said Pastor Karsten Nelson of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church during the prayer.

When WCCO’s Edgar Linares asked Nelson if he considered a new stadium bill to be a big issue, Nelson replied without a doubt.

“It is a big issue. It impacts in a number of ways the local community and the state. It also provides a lens to look at all other decisions that don’t get made as well,” he said.

Last week, details of a new Vikings stadium bill were released. There’s still not a specific site on where the new stadium would be built, but it must include a new roof. The bill will be introduced this week at the State Capitol.

“A Vikings stadium needs a Hail Mary in order to pass,” joked WCCO’s political reporter Pat Kessler.

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  1. beegee17 says:

    This is ridiculous! Keep beating that “racial inequality” drum. People are starting to catch onto the vocabulary for socialists.

  2. Cache says:

    Politicians just can’t get to reality…they have been stealing our money for so many years they think it is their right! And newspapers are so ignorant and corrupt they are in the pocket of the crooked politicians!

  3. beegee17 says:

    Since Adrian Peterson claims the NFL is like a modern day slavery. Let’s start by taking all his money in the name of “racial inequality”.

  4. tom says:

    How about a line about the homeowners that lost all the money on their homes…thats forthcoming,right????

  5. Dave Campbell says:

    If the NFL has 9 billion dollars in revenue to argue over splitting with the players, maybe it’s time they started investing in stadiums for their teams! We have better things to worry about than giving handouts to billionaire owners. It’s just so hard for the GOP to stop giving breaks to the rich!

  6. joe says:

    Kessler, you are an idiot, you know this a stadium bill will pass, your a leftwinger so you must know, or you don’t know your job which I think is probably more the case.

    1. Randy says:

      Listen to Kessler when he was on the radio. He is very knowledgeable. If you read the reports on the bill you would know that it puts only 250 million to a stadium that cost 750-1000 million dollars. The bill can pass, but it will not get a stadium built.
      Do you call everyone an idiot that you don’t agree with? Are you the all knowing one?

  7. Give up says:

    Hey, Cache – who reads newspapers anymore?

  8. Nica says:

    Are you kidding me?? With all the REAL issues in this state a pastor chooses to include a prayer for a stadium! How about praying for housing for all the people who have lost their homes? How about praying for jobs for all of the people who have lost their jobs? I can’t believe what this state is turning into!

  9. Alan says:

    Now the naysayers can’t say the stadium bill does not have a prayer. There is little chance of getting a stadium as written, but it now has a prayer.

  10. Lou says:

    Make churches pay taxes. That will more than pay for a stadium.

  11. Prayful thinking says:

    Who are they praying to???? To Mark Dayton? To the taxpayers?

    1. Derrick says:

      the pastor would be praying to God. He was saying prayers for small minded people.

  12. TLC says:

    I’m just wondering…why do they have a prayer in the Senate at all? What happened to the separation of church and state???

    1. Fred says:

      EXACALLY WHAT I WAS THINKING….prayer in the government shame!!!

  13. Pastor Karsten Nelson says:

    It seems like people may have heard a number of things from my prayer, but what is being presented distorts the full context of what I actually prayed.

    What I did pray after some introductory words was this:

    “God, these men and women come together first as individuals with some of their own personal struggles, deep hopes, individual needs, and special gifts – grant the strength and wisdom to tend well to their personal lives.

    But they also live and serve with a public face, a public vote, and a public responsibility to make decisions for our state, to discern the most helpful ways to tend to the wide needs of its diverse people, and to make decisions that care for the common good of our land, its business, and especially the people.

    On this day we pray for their delierabtions over: the budget for the state, the hopes that surround transportation needs, a stadium, the racial inequalities that rest here, the needs surrounding education and energy, the shape of medical care and so much more. Use them as instruments of yours. Bless them with the ability to govern with a respect for the past, a deep concern for the present and an eye to the far reaching future. Use them this day Oh God for the sake of all the people in this state.”

    It was not a prayer for the Vikings or a stadium. It was a prayer for these servant leaders in the midst of the issues that will lie before them and will shape who we are as a community and uncover what is valuable to us. Two of those big issues are transportation and afforadable housing – I hope they want to talk to me about those.

    1. Gary Dreier says:

      Thanks for clarifying what it was you actually prayed for! How quickly we jump to conclusions over things we haven’t properly heard!.

  14. Guest says:

    In case it is unclear, the pastor prayed for the issues the senate was currently voting on, or more specifically for guidance for them on those issues. He was NOT praying for a new stadium. That is the media reading into it. Please note how they pull that out of a list of issues he prayed for, yet somehow that is what is on the mind and “controversial”. The pastor is painted in a wrong light here, thank God he hears prayers better and with more clarity than reporters.

  15. Superfan Ben says:

    Lets find a way and get this done! The Vikings are an important, integral part of our community who benefit us culturally and economically.


  16. Karl Heinrichs says:

    Well, I am praying we get a new stadium. For me and hundreds of thousands of like minded Minnesotans, the Vikings are vitally important to us. We grew up watching them, they are part of our history and heritage, and every game is an event for which 65,000+ of us get together in person and 60% of the TV’s in the state of Minnesota are tuned in to. If you don’t watch football and don’t support the stadium, fine. There’s lots of things I don’t support, but I don’t always get my way either.

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