MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some Minnesota Twins fans are upset with their cable TV providers because certain carriers won’t be airing some of the games.    

There’s a dispute going on between Fox Sports North, the station that airs all Twins games, and its subscribers. The blackout affects Charter, CableOne, Dish Network and MediaOne subscribers.

Twins fans are hoping things can be worked out before Thursday’s game against the New York Yankees.

The Twins were on FSN Tuesday night but many fans missed it.

“I scrambled into the house to try and catch the end of the game, turned on Fox Sports Net and it was soccer,” said Dana Severson.

Severson gets his cable from Charter Communications. He, and thousands of other Twins fans, didn’t get the game because their cable or satellite provider wasn’t showing it.

“Confused, upset, angry. At first I thought the game is airing on a different channel, and you go through the different channels, I thought maybe because of the extra innings,” said Severson. “I called my friend and he gave me the play-by-play for the rest of the game.”

This year, the Twins dropped their partnership with over-the-air channel WFTC, which aired the games for free. FSN picked up those extra games.

When FSN went to pass on the cost, some cable and satellite companies wouldn’t play ball.

Charter Communications issued a statement saying its deal with FSN lets it air most games — but an additional 45 games “are not part of (its) agreement with FSN.”

“It’s business and the proposal we have in front of them is a fair proposal and that’s why the Comcast and DirectTV and all these independent operators are carrying the games,” said Mike Dimond, senior vice president and general manager of Fox Sports North.

“As a customer, I’m peeved. I want to watch the Twins,” said Severson.

The blackout could also affect the Saturday, April 9 game against the Oakland As during their Target Field opening series.

Sonya Goins, Producer
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Comments (18)
  1. MN Tom says:

    Thats what happens you you use a cut rate cable network, you get what you pay for.

  2. William H. Rolfson says:

    Here in Iowa, we have Mediacom. The same thing happened to us. I was not happy about it.

  3. Dave Jones says:

    “business” to have business don’t you have to provide a service or a product? I contracted for a service. I as very irritated at not being able to watch the Twins/yankee game. I think it is not my problem if people like dishnetwork don’t have there ducks in a row. perhaps the higher payed people should realize their business income is based on ongoing satisfication of there customers. You can only squeze us so much for this service. If you continue to not provide for contracted services I can only hope you indeed loose my and others buisness/income.

  4. joe says:

    I spend 248.00 per month on a bundle service, all that money and for premium tiers and CHARTER cannot deliver, if had a another alternative I would be gone.
    I hate this company.

  5. Marc Warnke says:

    @ joe. Really? yeah, its all the cable companies fault. Try this on for size….FSN is trying to get 3 times more money just to show the so-called “premium” games as they would for the “ordinary” games. They did this AFTER the contracts have already been signed over a year ago.

  6. derduh says:

    @ marc um a large portion of the games are the sunday games that were on local tv because fsn decided to pick them up is why it costs the companies more not because theyre considered premium games

  7. Jimmy Z says:

    Rupert Murdoch has half ownership in Fox Sports. He also owns 34% of Hughes Electronics that operates Direct TV. Guess who competes with Direct TV? The Cable providers and Dish Network. This is the same B.S. those of use with Dish Network went through last fall while trying to watch early season Wild games. FSN is demanding huge price increases fron Cable providers and Dish Network to view Twin Games.

  8. joke dishnetwork says:

    well maybe if dish network and those other 2 bit cable operators provided decent service then they would have enuff subscribers to afford the increase, i dont see comcast havin a problem carrying it

  9. truth hurts says:

    I have no problem with Dish Network service except their monthly free channel previews. They dropped Fuse, then GAC. Then, we get GAC for a month; then they drop it. You don’t know what is coming or going.

    I really liked the local channel Sunday games. I sure as hell don’t need to pay for every channel in Dish’s line-up. It cost too much and I can’t watch that much TV.

    Twins are a bunch of losers that haven’t won an important series since last century. If Fox sports want to jack the rates and cable opertaors don’t want to pay their game fine. F ’em both.

    You have mlb.com to computer watch the game or go back in time and listen to a radio broadcast or I can just miss 45 meaningless games. Until they actually win just one playoff game, it is all meaningless and all playoff games are broadcasted.

    1. Lee says:

      Get off the planet!

  10. Webb says:

    Charter sucks! $75 a month for basic cable………….and now they pull this crap. Hickorytech is advertising that they will carry all the games. I think It’s time for a switcharoo.
    Hey Marc………u work for Charter? You guys should be wearing a mask – why don’t raise the rates a few more times !

  11. Webb says:

    Charter blows! $75 a month for basic cable………….and now they pull this. Hickorytech is advertising that they will carry all the games. I think It’s time for a switcharoo.
    Hey @Marc………u work for Charter? You guys should be wearing a mask – why don’t raise the rates a few more times

  12. jim says:

    Installed a antenna 2 months ago and cancelled Dishnetwork. Not because of the price, but because the Twins were pulling this crap and making you pay for all the games you watch, after we built them a stadium.
    yes would be nice to watch the Twins, but I dont miss it..

  13. Louie says:

    Its our local team!! Let us watch the game!

  14. Simon Says: says:

    Louie – Exactly!!!

    The people of MN and twin cities counties put up the money for the stadium and have financial skin in the game. Why do we not own the TV rights? We can then be certain the Twins can be seen locally (maybe not a sell-out like Vikes, but certain percentage of tickets sold so it’s not TV vs Ticket sales) and selling the TV rights puts money back into the system to replace taxes we pay to support/build the site.

    We build it – they come an take our money. We should be first in line to receive TV revenue. At least a percentage based on the portion of the stadium we funded.

  15. jpete says:

    Fox Sports North, Mediacom , Twins. First of all The greed of the Twins not allowing over the air broadcast and Fox Sports North charging 3 times the amount for 45 games. If the Twins continue the losing of games they have, maybe not being able to see the games wont be such a big deal.

  16. Jay D says:

    Tried to get MLB SUBSCRIPTION for our ROKU streaming device, same problems, BLACKED OUT I’m not that big a fan but know an elderly gentleman living in a group home who is, and really wanted to watch the Twins, now he cant, this is just plain stupid we live in Minnesota and cant even watch the Twins?

  17. OMike says:

    I can give you a list of about 20 channels you can just drop from the list and not pay to send the signal out for…that oughta save you enough money to afford to pay for all these Twins games.

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