ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton’s pick to head state tax collections starts full-time on Wednesday, 12 days before taxes are due.

Myron Frans becomes Minnesota revenue commissioner after serving voluntarily for three months while exiting a business he headed.

Frans is a seasoned tax attorney who served as CEO of a manufacturing company.

He says his priorities will be accurate spending estimates as lawmakers and Dayton attempt to erase a $5 billion deficit, supporting Dayton’s proposal to raise taxes on the highest earners and improving audits and customer service for tax filers.

Former Revenue Commissioner Dan Salomone stayed on for three months under the Dayton administration after serving as an appointee of Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

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Comments (7)
  1. Steve says:

    Great idea Dayton tax the job makers right out of the state. Worst Gov. ever!!

    1. Own wing says:

      Must be republican. That’s their excuse to protect the rich every single time. “OHHH, if they have to pay a little more, they’ll leave us.” Bull. Yet, you attack the middle class and the poor every chance you get.

  2. Steve says:

    Must be a dem. Thats there idea for everthing steal from the hardest working, to give to the lazy least productive. All in the name of being fair? Makes sense right?

  3. Tim says:

    I happen to be a very hard working democrat with a doctorate degree that owns my own business. Because I try to be fair to my employees by paying them a decent wage and my business is at the mercy of greedy insurance companies, my own wages are not that high and I am certainly not rich. Why do you believe that every one that is not rich is lazy? Does it justify your greed to keep your money and not look out for the common good?

  4. steve says:

    Hi Tim, if you want to play the game that everyone who is not rich is not lazy. Why do you assume everyone who is wealthy is greedy?? (ie: insurance companies) You go ahead and try to open an insurance company and be succesful at it, good luck. I too own a business and pay very competitve wages to all of my employees. I do make more than them, but if that is such a huge issue they can put their butt on the line and open their own business. Thats what makes this country great, or used to be anways. If you aren’t happy with where you are at pick yourself up and create something and better yourself!! You cannot keep taxing the holy hell out of the job creaters and excpect the golden goose to keep laying the egg. I payed 30% of my income in taxes this year. How much more of my money do these people think they are entitled to??

    1. Reasonable says:

      You have an effective tax rate of 30%? You really need a better accountant sir. With better recordkeeping on your end and some better tax law knowledge on your accountant’s end I bet we could get you down to 18-21%.

      1. steve says:

        Yes that was my own personal tax rate. I have very good tax accountants, trust me I would not give an extra penny to those crooks that I do not have to. Not to mention my property taxes with the value of my commercial real estate dropping over $100,000 just this year and my taxes still going up 5% from the previous year. I think we can all agree the tax system is broke and needs to be re-done. Almost 40% of americans have zero income tax liability, they either break even or many get back more than they paid in. Than you get people that make a little bit of money and they have to take it all from them to pay for the people that pay nothing. The only “fair” tax system would be a flat tax. Everyone and I mean everyone pays 20% in taxes. You make $10,000 this year you pay $2,000. You make $10,000,000 you pay $2,000,000. That way everyone has some skin in the game. If you allow the majority of people who have either no tax responsiblity or very little to control the game they will continue to raise the rates till they are unpayable, why wouldn’t they, it doesn’t effect them negatively. Everyone uses the governments programs and services, everyone should have to pay for them. This would erase all loopholes and the need for endless tax knowledge, you could mail your taxes in on a post card. I agree that some wealthy have ways to work around paying their fair share of taxes, this program would stop that and would be the fairest way to spread tax burden.

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