MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the first Twins home game on Friday being a sell-out, people are wondering if it’s still possible to get tickets to a game.

The short answer is yes.

Here are four tips to scoring tickets to the Twins this season.

Tip No. 1 — There’s really no such thing as a “sold out” game.

Twins Executive Director of Public Affairs Kevin Smith explains tickets on hold for the other team, umpires and groups can become available any time before a game.

“So we always ask our fans: never give up, never give in,” said Smith, “Call, come down to Target Field, jump on line and there’s a good chance you might be able to get to a game that your friends might say is sold out.”

Tip No. 2 — It’s all about the month.

The biggest crowds come to the park in the summer — June, July and August — when the kids are out of school.

“So April, May and September are really good games to look at,” said Smith. “We have a lot of late September games that are available. And if the season goes as we’d like it to go, those late September games might be awful interesting.”

There are 39,504 seats in Target Field.  But if you’re willing to stand — there could be a whole lot more.

Tip No. 3 — There’s plenty of bar rail and inside the bar space for standing room only — SRO tickets.

“We will put those out in the marketplace when we feel a game is near or at capacity in order to get more people in to enjoy high-demand games,” said Smith.

The Twins found that 1,500 to 2,000 SROs didn’t cause congestion problems.

But those tickets will only be available if the seats are filled.

“If we have tickets to sell and a lot of tickets to sell for games, we won’t put the SROs out until we’ve sold the seats,” said Smith.

Finally, Tip No. 4 — Buyer Beware if you are scalping.

And never buy a print out ticket.

“Our advice,” said Smith, “is unless you see that print at home ticket come out of your home computer printer, don’t buy it.”

Joan Gilbertson, Producer
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Comments (7)
  1. Suckers says:

    still waiting for all my fellow Hennepin County people to come out and complain that they should get tickets jsut because they contributed a couple bucks to the stadium

  2. chimp says:

    unlike u i can afford to contribute to the cost, i did something with my life, ur the true sucker hows that upper deck cold seat treating you, signed 20 game lower deck season tick. holder

  3. Sammy says:

    Hi chimp, you really need to think about a real job sometime or maybe you already have big $$$ in a 401(K)…right..
    No, you a bartender…with no savings…ok, keep buying them tickets!

    1. Sammy's 401(k) Envy says:

      Hey Sammy – How is YOUR 401(k) doing??? Ha, banking on that for security is going to leave you one thrifty, humble old man that collects pennys in the park while you feed the pigeons… cuz that is the only hobby you can afford. Go Twins! lol

  4. Chimp's limp says:

    chimp – it’s called sarcasm. and congrats on your seats. I also have a 20 game pack.

  5. th says:

    Some people who are lucky enough to have a good paying job sure can be mean spirited.

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