By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The cost to go to a Minnesota Twins game ranks among the priciest in the nation.

The Twins are No. 6 in the nation for priciest ticket, according to a Team Marketing Report. The survey, conducted by a sports marketing firm in Chicago, finds the average price for a non-premium seat at Target Field is $33.04.

Minnesota Twins spokesman Kevin Smith said there are a number of factors that went into the pricing.

“Absolutely, we have a new stadium, which we are in charge of maintaining now (and) a payroll of over $100 million,” said Smith. “We just thought that ticket pricing was the best we could do.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

In 2010, the Team Marketing Report showed the average price for a Twins non-premium seat was $31.47.

“We absolutely appreciate our fans and we understand that it might be a little bit pricey for some,” said Smith. “But on the other hand we do have tickets available at Target Field for $10, $11 and $12.”

The only clubs with higher ticket prices are the Red Sox (at $53.38), Yankees (at $51.83), Cubs (at $46.90), White Sox (at $40.67) and Phillies (at $36.29).

The survey also showed the Pittsburgh Pirates have the lowest price per ticket at $15.30.

The annual report shows the average ticket price for a MLB fan is $26.91 — that’s up 1.2 percent from 2010.

Comments (13)
  1. getridofem says:

    And at that to go see a bunch of loosers play————–

  2. twinsfan says:

    getridofem, you look like the loser, use spell check next time you decide to make a fool of yourself.

  3. jjht says:

    Gee-you can’t watch them on tv and now they raise the ticket prices. Baseball is no longer a sport for everyone–you better have the money.

  4. Ralph bets naaaa says:

    I’m a fan … love the team and product they put out.
    That said – this also pizzes me off to read and be paying. We bought them an incredible stadium, constantly cater to them. Yes – they give back in some ways too. Good stewards per se
    That said – with the prices as they are I think we have been had …… really do. Snookered and hoodwinked by the Pohlads once again.
    Almost makes me want Calvin to be reborn and …… lol

    1. Screwed Ball says:

      Thats my gripe too….yes i am a big twins fan…but saying they have a new facility to pay for is a BS reponse. #1) You only paid for a FRACTION of the stadium. #2) Why the hell have a $100 million pay roll to fund a one n done playoff stategy. I guarntee we could get by with a $75 milllion pay role and still lose to the Yankees in the first round every year!!

      And as a season ticket holder…i can tell you, the level of customer service has dropped off dramtically as well. In the dome, the Twins would bend over backwards to accomdate and make sure their customers had a good experience. But now, they act like they could care less….pathetic actually.

      All that being said….GO TWINS!!!!

      1. Joe Mauer says:

        Stop being a season ticket holder then. There’s a line out the door waiting for tickets. I have a great ticket rep in Mitch K. who always responds to my questions or concerns in a timely fashion. He’s went out of his for me a few times as a matter of fact.

      2. Fan says:

        You do know you spelt payroll wrong twice…and in two different ways at that? The credibility level really drops off when you write things like this…

  5. MARK says:

    It’s going to be tough to get people to pay these prices when they’re in fourth place by June.

  6. Melvin says:

    I make 9.50 an hour. We waited in virtual line for 7 hours the first day tickets went on sale. I have no problem paying higher prices for tickets, to watch one of the best teams, in one of the best stadiums in the league. Plus tickets are impossible to get, its called supply and demand. If it’s cheap tickets you want I suppose we could go back to the mids 90’s and have a terrible team and play in the dome again.

  7. Amanda says:

    I still believe that if we paid for some of the new stadium, we should get a preferecial rate for being local… with the high unemployment rate and jobs not paying that much… it will be hard, specially if you have to think of gas prices countinue to go up, I will be watching on TV this season for sure

  8. Joe Mauer says:

    Amanda, get a life. Do you get discounts for park shelters you pay for? How about the many state funded theaters? What about the science museum? Why should Target Field be any different? Do you expect 50% off a ticket, even though your contribution is mere pennies per year? I can’t stand people who look for handouts.

    1. Amanda says:

      Not looking for a handout… we help them build it, maybe a 5 dollar discount for being local would be enough… I never said 50% OFF and please, change your nick name, Mauer wanna be

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