EAU CLARIE, Wis. (AP) — Interstate 94 is open again after a fiery fatal crash near Eau Claire closed the highway for more than 11 hours.

Two semis crashed about 4 miles south of Eau Clare just before 4:30 p,m. One driver was killed, and one of the trucks burst into flames.

Traffic was backed up for miles after the crash. The freeway reopened around 4 a.m. Sunday.

The Wisconsin State Patrol identifies the victim as 48-year-old Jeffery D. Moore, 48, of Mooresville, Ind. The other driver was not hurt.

It’s not clear what caused the crash. While authorities say they don’t think alcohol was a factor, the surviving driver faces an unspecified enforcement action.

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  1. Rob Hultman says:

    I used to be an over the road truck driver and it’s a lot more dangerous than most people think, too many working hours and not enough sleep time
    (I blame the dispatchers )

    1. Dan says:

      Can’t blame the dispatchers.. gotta blame the people who run the trucking companies for running these drivers into the ground…. More action is needed against trucking company execs by the federal government…

  2. Jason says:

    Don’t worry the government is already going to put speed limiters in all the trucks along with 24 hour electronic monitoring devices. They have already made it easier for anyone off the street to become a professional driver.

    People are screaming for more government involvement in the industry, when it’s been the governemtn who has been experimenting making new laws evey 2 years that make it unsafe to begin with. They are allowing more trucks from Mexico to come here so I’m sure that will help safety matters now won’t it.

    The government has no clue what they are doing within the industry and people ask for them to do more……that will really help.

    Increase the penalties for infractions and you take the habitual offenders off the road, it’s pretty simple.

  3. paul says:

    Jason you need to get your facts straight it’s the trucking companies NOT the government that wants the restrictions removed to let anyone become truckdrivers the new drivers test that were implamented in September of last year are keeping the wantabes from getting licenses. The government wants to put more restictions not only on the drivers but the companies and the trucks and trailers that the companies are fighting all the way

    1. Jason says:

      Paul obviously you need to learn how to read, The government is opening the border to Mexican trucks, the government is again trying to change Hours Of Service regulations, the government is giving tax breaks and kickbacks to driving schools that produce drivers like cattle, the government is was caught red handed using illegal enforcment tactics.

      The majority of large trucking companies are supporting all of those movements because they want inexperienced drivers who will work for low wages, the people that are fighting against it is OOIDA and the drivers themselves.

      I suppose you are one of those people who believes that the American trucking Association fights for the drivers. The next time you tell some to check their facts sir, I suggest you address someone who doesn’t have anything to do with the industry that you can try to sell your line of BS to. Or do you work in the office of the ATA or one of the large carriers and want the public to believe that they actually care what happens to the drivers?.

      1. paul says:

        jason can you please tell all of us what driving schools are getting kickbacks ? as for hours of service the government is trying to CUTBACK on hours of service and YES I WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND NO WE DON’T ADVOCATE WHAT THE TRUCKING COMPANIES WANT Mexican trucks are like Europeon trucks they must meet certaine standards to be driven on public roadways !

  4. Jason says:

    JB Hunt, Schneider, Werner, Swift, and many others are supporting madatory 24hr electronic monitoring, Mexican trucks, heavier loads, etc.

    That doesn’t exactly sound like they are fighting anything, and they won’t because they know they will make more money, and that is their 1st priority.

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