ROGERS (WCCO) — A 42-year-old Rogers man has been arrested after allegedly assaulted his son over an Airsoft gun accident, according to police.

On April 8, police said they responded to a call of a possible domestic assault on the 14000 block of Starlite Drive. When they arrived, they made contact with the teenage victim, who was bleeding and holding the back of his head. Police also noticed swelling on his face.

Police said the victim’s mother told them, “Just arrest him. Take him away. I’m tired of all this,” and directed officers toward her husband, identified as Brett Anthony Rizk.

Rizk responded by saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t kill him. I’m tired of his (expletive),” according to police.

Police said that Rizk added that he hit the victim in the back of the head with the Airsoft gun, which broke. When the victim hit the floor, Rizk said he punched him in the back of the head, causing the victim’s face to bounce on the floor.

The victim confirmed the story to police and said that he and his siblings had been playing outside with Airsoft guns when he accidentally shot his younger brother in the eye.

Rizk allegedly assaulted the victim after hearing of the accident.

The victim was treated at North Memorial Medical Center, where 13 staples were needed to close the wound on the back of his head.

Rizk was charged with third-degree assault. If convicted of the charge, he faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

Comments (12)
  1. WHAT????? says:

    It takes a big man to beat up a child. Hope they give him all 5 years.

  2. Billy says:

    What a freak – oh sure the teenager should not have done what he did, but the father? Please – what a deadbeat. Throw away the key. Parenting the right way would never have lead to this type of behavior by the kid in the first place. Way to go Dad! ya freak show

  3. Romericus J Sims says:

    thats a f…ing shame

  4. Todd says:

    Jesus, “he accidently shot his brother in the eye with an airsoft gun”? Hes a kid. Kids will be kids. And besides, thats why they play with airsoft guns, to shoot at each other. If my dad kicked the …. out of me everytime my older brother hurt me (when we were goofing around) I would be dead. 13 staples to close the wound. His brotther probably needed a little ice on the eye for a while. Put this jerk away for the full 5 years. I am sure it’s not the first time he beat his son or son(s).

  5. Romericus J Sims says:

    probably not the first time he has done that stuff probably to the wife too

  6. thumbody says:

    Give him a mandatory year for every staple! 5 is not enough

  7. truethat says:

    should of kill him instead..

  8. Please says:

    Would everyone please relax, it was an accident and this will all blow over soon enough. Rizk made a comment that was taken out of contex.

    1. MN Parent says:

      “Rizk responded by saying, “He’s lucky I didn’t kill him. I’m tired of his (expletive),” according to police.”

      Comment taken out of context? Accident? How is beating a child to the point where he falls down, has their head “bounce” on the floor and requires 13 STAPLES to close a wound an accident? How is saying the kid is “lucky” he wasn’t killed instead a “comment taken out of context”? The boy hitting the sibling in the eye with a stupid airsoft pellet was an accident!

      I hate, hate, HATE parents that seem to hold their CHILDREN to a higher standard than they hold themselves! Let’s say the boy got mad and shot his sibling on purpose. Okay, he got mad and acted inappropriately. So he shoud feel lucky to still be alive, but yet the so called adult behaved beyond inappropriately and it was an accident??

      I certainly hope you do NOT have children, not now and not ever. NO child deserves that kind of treatment and he very well could have been killed.

  9. weeew says:

    I say light him up like a human candle and watch him burn!!!

  10. annonymous says:

    Well stated ^^. That commented angered me! Clearly this man is crazy and has anger issues and shouldn’t be around any kids at all and should be locked up for 5 plus years! What will happen next?.. He actually kills him? Because we all know this wasn’t the mans first assault if he is so fed up with it!

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