By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

Twelve years ago, inside the Basilica of St. Mary, a 22-year-old kid put a gold ring on my 23-year-old finger. I did the same. We’ve both sported wedding rings almost every hour of every day since.

“With this ring, I thee wed,” right?

But when Prince William marries Kate Middleton, the Prince won’t be wearing a wedding ring.

Apparently many male royals have skipped the ring.

It can’t be because they’re trying to pick up chicks at London pubs, right? Everyone knows these guys are married!

The whole thing got us thinking about wedding rings. Why do we wear them? What’s the history? What would your spouse say if you stopped wearing yours?

There’s something interesting about having a physical object representing an emotional connection. I’d love your thoughts, and I’ll use them in tonight’s Good Question at 10!

Jason DeRusha

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  1. Just Me says:

    I love wearing my ring. It’s the only piece of jewelry I ever slobered over. I do take it off when I work our, however, not to look single but to protect it.The feeling of a kettle bell scraping it against is awful.

  2. Brian Moen says:

    My wife wears a ring, I do not. Just couldn’t get used to the feel of it. I don’t wear a watch either.

    1. ribchick says:

      nobody wears watches anymore. we wear cell phones.

  3. Liz Reddy says:

    Hi Jason,
    I have been married for 26 years, but I don’t wear my diamond now because the prongs catch on clothes, and are wearing out. Rather than risk losing the diamond, I put it away and we plan to replace it with a plain band. That will happen after we are done paying for college and our daughter’s wedding!
    It’s all good.

  4. Marie - Celebration Generation says:

    I don’t wear my wedding ring often – just on VERY special occasions, because I hate how rings feel. Wearing it makes me fidgety and annoys the crap out of me.

    My husband is about the same, but wears his a little more often. Also, they get in the way of both of our jobs.

  5. beejopants says:

    Timely (for me). I was just thinking about how different cultures display they are “taken” the other day when I saw a Hindu woman with a Sindoor boarding my plane.

  6. Pam says:

    Yes and so does my hubby, for 32 almost 33 years we have. It speaks of our bond to each other and our love for each other.

  7. Peggy says:

    In some jobs it is a safety issue. When working construction or driving truck and working with tarp straps you could easily lose a finger if the ring catches on something. Also it is a sanitary issue when working in kitchens and around food.

  8. Kacey says:

    Yes! So does the husband, I think it’s a nice symbol of love and commitment.

  9. bml says:

    I feel like if I didn’t wear my ring it would be disrespect to my husband. After all, I’m proud to be his wife. He has always told me he wouldn’t keep wearing a ring because it might fall off at work. But after almost 8 months he’s still wearing it. He knows how much it means to me. I ring will never substitute for the love we have for each other, but it’s a symbol of that love and thus, is respectively displayed.

  10. Carrie says:

    We wear our rings every day. Its a symbol of our committment to each other. And, I think it is a good sign for our son to see as he grows up.

  11. Hugh says:

    I do not wear my ring. I have never been a big jewelery guy and I can’t stand the feel. No watch either. This has been the subject of more than one ‘discussion’ around our house.

  12. Carla Pfahl says:

    This year my husband and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. My husband rarely wears his. Usually I find his ring in the “junk” drawer in our kitchen “so it doesn’t get lost”. I stopped wearing mine around year 10. I don’t wear much jewelry and never got use to wearing it. Hey, we’ve made it 20 years, I think our marriage will survive.

  13. red says:

    This makes me wonder whats the point of buying them if people don’t where them? I recall as a child though My father didn’t wear one for years casue he had lost it tubing down the Apple River, suddenly when I was an adult my mother but him another and he wore it daily

  14. dee says:

    my diamond fell out and yet to have it replaced–i found a simple plastic band to wear instead until i had it repaired–that was 3 years ago—to me its the symbol that is important and not the object–even though i tease my husband its to ward off all the guys from flirting with me and to say i’m his and only his…

    1. dee says:

      ps…i’m 54yrs old

  15. gerry says:

    my wife wears hers but i do not. i also dont wear a watch or any other jewelry (necklace, earring, etc.). funny because as a kid i remember i used to be able to wear them. as i got older i just stopped wearing them all together.

  16. Liz says:

    Yes, a ring is a beautiful symbol of commitment. I also know that when God is a secure partner in the marriage, everything else is secondary.

  17. Amanda says:

    Since we are not allowed to marry according to the government, we had a ceremony and we do wear the rings, it a symbol of our commitment and love, it is out special bond

  18. stace34 says:

    Personally I am not comfortable wearing any rings. I never have been. It is a personal choice.

  19. red says:

    Love the picture Jason

  20. Angie says:

    I’ve been married almost six years and still wear my ring every day. No matter how busy or stressful things get, it feels good to have a constant visual reminder of the best day of my life.

  21. Bill says:

    I wear mine to work and to special events but take it off as soon as I get home. I do not wear it during any kind of physical activities because it either is uncomfortable or there is a high chance I may loose it.

  22. Charlie says:

    I am getting married this October and I plan to wear mine, but I might not be able to at work (I’m a restaurant employee). Otherwise it will stay on.

  23. AshleyD says:

    I wear my wedding ring almost all of the time, even if it’s just the band. Seeing the ring on my husband’s finger still gives me butterflies!

  24. John says:

    I lost my wedding ring once and I felt lost for weeks without it on my finger!

  25. Beady says:

    My husband is an electrician and can’t wear rings to work, so we split a pair of diamond earrings for our wedding rings.

  26. gwen says:

    Yes, I still wear my own ring and my husband’s, three years after his death. It’s a constant reminder of the pledge we made to each more than 53 years ago.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      This is very touching and shows of the deep love and commitment you have for him, even after his death. Thank you for sharing.

  27. jodi says:

    I think if a man is not wearing his wedding ring, he wants to appear single.

  28. Derric says:

    I wore a wedding ring on my left hand and a ring on my right hand which my late father bought in Germany that originally had a one carat diamond in it. He had the diamond put into a different ring when my parents got engaged and replaced it with jade.

    When I graduated from Law School my wife presented me with a Law School class ring. She said I could wear it in lieu of my wedding ring and I do. It represents the additional strengthening of our bond through Law School. She sometimes wears other rings I have given her over the years in lieu of her wedding ring. Sometimes she wears a ring she inherited from her Grandmother. We’ve been married for 24 years.

    Marriage is a commitment to join another person in the journey through life. The ring is simply a symbol. If you lack the commitment to your spouse, the ring will not stop you from cheating, nor will it stop someone who wants to prove s/he can drive a wedge between the two of you.

    The marriage commitment includes “forsaking all others”. When I spoke the words in my oath I uttered them as an absolute. There is no exception for extended time away from each other, a weak moment under the influence, nor any other reason. To me, to be “wedded” to someone is the equivalent of being “committed” to them.

  29. gtV says:

    My wedding ring reminds me of my love for my wife and its symbolism of lifelong commitment to feelings greater than myself for my betrothal. With the except of hazardous working conditions etc. I always wear my ring.

    When things go bananas for me the ring reminds me of one of the greatest days in my life and calms my ravaged spirit. It also makes me care about my wife who cares about me and makes me feel that life is definitely worth living and sharing. Without her my life would be a hollow shell lacking substance.

    A wedding ring symbolizes many things in the poetry of life. Not wearing one maybe a personal choice but it would be a poor choice for traditional and inner spiritual reasons. Such is the poetry of the wedding ring.

    1. Diana says:

      How beautifully, eloquently, and perfectly put. Our rings are a symbol of the committment and the union. They were put there to symbolize the promises my husband and I made on a sunny April day 24 years ago. My husband and I always wear ours, also, and the reasons are exactly what you stated.

  30. Courtney H says:

    I’m not married yet, but I can’t wait to wear a ring. It doesn’t have to be flassy or giant, something simple will do. To me, wearing the ring is like a right of passage. Its saying to the world that I have met my other half and together we have made the choice to create a life together. I want people to know that I’m the lucky one to have that connection and love with my husband, that the ring isn’t about me, but about us. I think that the most attractive feature on a man is his wedding ring. It shows me, a stranger, that he is dedicated and not afraid to show others of his feelings. As a nurse, I understand the concern for infection control and safety when wearing a ring. One can still wear one outside of work and within the home. As a child, I remember my grandfather’s dirty, oil covered hands and seeing the glimmer of the light reflect off the gold band as he would slip the ring back on his finger after working in the garage. It’s important to me to wear rings and I appreciate the men and women who choose to show this.

  31. Liz says:

    ring = circle = endless, eternal

  32. Steph says:

    We got engaged almost two years ago and during my pregnancy I wasn’t able to wear my ring simply because it didn’t fit my finger anymore. Our son was born in 2009 and to this day I still don’t wear it unless we are going somewhere special. My fiance’ bought my engagement ring and wedding band at the same time and I really doubt I’ll be wearing them for more than a special day because of my job and the risk of losing my finger! He knows I love him and I know he loves me, the rings are gorgeous and expensive, but not wearing them doesn’t change my feelings for him. He doesn’t plan on getting a ring if we ever actually go through with a ceremony because of the risks at his job with losing his finger as well.

  33. Sandy says:

    My husband and I have been married 14 years this year and neither of us are able to wear our rings, it would be nice but they don’t fit any more. We are thinking that on our 20th we would like to get new ones. I really miss not wearing them.

  34. zweberfarms says:

    Most days my husband and I do not wear our wedding rings. We are dairy farmers and wearing any jewelry could mean injury. We do try to remember to wear our rings when we “go out” but since we don’t wear it often, we forget.
    We are committed to each other and ring or no ring, our love is the same.

  35. jane says:

    We also live on a farm and do not wear our rings due to the possiblity that a ring finger can get caught so easily on just about anything. I dont think a ring is the bond between to people that comes from within. I want to keep all my fingers.

  36. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Any people out there wear wedding bands or wedding sets even if you are not officially married. I am divorced and have a boyfriend who lives in Wisconsin. I will often wear a diamond set (not a real one) on my right hand. I feel it gives me the image that I am already spoken for until he actually moves out here. When I was married, my husband said he lost his wedding band. I later discovered it laying in the trunk of our car. Needless to say we are not divorced.

  37. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Correction to above statement–we are no longer married. I’ve been divorced for over ten years and in a committed relationship with someone.
    Beautiful picture Jason and Alyssa!!!!!

  38. Bette Bristol-Wolf says:

    Beautiful wedding photo!

    I have worn my wedding rings almost everyday of the last 15 years. (We will be married 15 years in July.) I only had to take them off when I had a serious illness and landed in ICU, and the months of rehab following. Then they went back on the day I left the hospital and have only come off a few times since. My husband and I will tease each other and say, “Well the diamond still sparkles; you must still love me”. My husband had them custom made (even though we didn’t have to dimes to rub together) and they are unique. We feel bare if we’re not wearing them.

    My eight year old daughter will sometimes hold my had during mass and look for a long time at my diamond. I wonder what’s going through her mind. Wondering when she’ll be able to wear a pretty ring?

  39. Kayla Schossow says:

    I think that if you don’t wear your ring, You spent all that money on the engagement ring and bands for nothing. Yes, you still love each other no doubt, but maybe not other people know that and will flirt with you and such because they think you are unhappy in your marriage or engagement. Yeah, there will probably be days that you forget to put it on after a shower. But Wear your ring, it’s a symbol of Love and Adoration for your partner.

  40. Joy Waterfield says:

    I wear the ring my boyfriend bought me all the time, and we’re not even engaged. He is stationed overseas so for me it’s like having him with me while he’s not here. He even has a ring I bought him. For us it’s a comforting reminder of each other, even though we are thousands of miles apart.

  41. KCL says:

    I wear three gold rings:There’s the one he bought me a year before we were married and left at home out of state for the wedding, now on my left hand. Also a second ring that was my late grandmother’s. He bought that from my sister the day of the wedding (Jewish tradition holds he had to own it to give it to me) and it was blessed by the co-officiating priest. I wore on my index finger (more Jewish tradition- it points the way you intend to go) until it no longer fit. A third plain gold band is the replacement band we got for our 10th anniversary, when Gram’s didn’t fit anymore. Moved that one to the left hand with the “original.” Sparks a lot of questions, even after 30 years.

    Oh and he wears none- surgeons lose them too frequently.

  42. AB Hoffman says:

    I wear a wedding ring. On our honeymoon we got tattoos of bands on our ring finger in case we lost our rings. I got a tribal ring, and she got a rose.She has since lost her ring, but she has the tattoo to remind her of our vows.