DAKOTA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A judge is considering a request to move the trial of a Minnesota teenager accused of killing two convenience store clerks in northern Iowa.

Seventeen-year-old Michael Swanson, of St. Louis Park, Minn., is charged as an adult with murder and robbery in Kossuth and Humboldt counties. He’s accused of killing a clerk in Algona on Nov. 15, then driving to Humboldt and killing another clerk.

The Des Moines Register says during a hearing on Tuesday in Humboldt County, defense attorney Charles Kenville asked that the first of two trials, set for June 20, be moved to eastern Iowa or Council Bluffs, citing extensive publicity. Prosecutors didn’t oppose the request.

The judge says he’ll rule later, and will weigh the need for a fair jury, cost concerns and transportation.

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Comments (6)
  1. Kool aid, strong, for this freak says:

    I’m all for moving it too – straight to HELL
    I’ll be there to open the door for the rotten bastid…..I cannot think of when I have ever been in favor of the death penalty until this monster came around. Never once in my life had I favored it …. never
    Now I say bring it on …..

  2. L says:

    Who in the surrounding area doesn’t know about this kid? How are they going to find a fair jury? Don’t bother, just lock him up!!

  3. Chris K says:

    Whats fair about shooting 2 women /mothers in the head? F&&k this little ass hat. Just string him up and let him hang.

  4. weee says:

    I say light him up and watch him burn like a human candle!!!!!!

  5. artist says:

    How is it a punk like this able to get any special considerations as far as a “fair” trial goes? How much consideration did he give those store clerks when he robbed em’?

    1. Umm okay? says:

      It’s called the “justice system”. You know, people are presumed innnocent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law.

      Yes, it this case he is so obviously he is guilty, it would be nice to spare the expense and trauma of a trial. But it is an exteremly slipperly slope.

      So i understand your rage and anger towards this ass hat, and yes he dserves to fry….right after he recieves a fair trial by his peers. Funny how quickly our system of justice errods when you get “artist” and others who latch onto that mob mentality.

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