MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Lakeville man has been charged with criminal damage to property after police say he poured urine onto an altar.

According to the criminal complaint, Steven Richard Fay, 34, entered a church service on the 1900 block of Holyoke Avenue in Lakeville around 5 p.m. Saturday.

According to a witness, Fay approached the altar of the church, faced the parishioners and opened a jar of “yellow-colored liquid believed to be urine.”

Fay allegedly then poured the liquid onto the altar, including over the altar linen and the Book of Gospels. As Fay attempted to leave the church, he was confronted by an off-duty police officer.

While other parishioners stepped in to assist in restraining Fay, they said he was shouting, “I hate Christians.”

The estimated total in damages, caused by the liquid, is $550.

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  1. pat says:

    Wow, hate crime, where are you liberals now?

    1. junior fretting pat's thinking says:

      Right here pat – what’s this got to do with being a lib?
      You need to maybe do some research also before sounding so stupid as a hate crime is against a person.
      He’s sick – he should be nailed to an altar – but a hate crime and the lib thing —– pat, you are one sappy suck

      1. Rusty Shackelford says:

        You LIBERALS just wish you had the courage to do this yourselves.

        1. WHAT????? says:

          Who would wish that they would dump out urine like this? Is there nothing else you can put your little mind to other than extremely stupid comments?
          I would also agree with junior as pat is also an idiot. What is it about you people that have to make everything a political affiliation issue? Sorry I am using big words there and you may not understand. Did this guy say he was a liberal, or 1s again you idiots are reading into a story and not reading the story. People like you 2 are just sad as this is the information age and you seem to look at the info and then right past it and make your own story up. Please either grow up or let the adults talk and save the stupid childish banter for another day.

          1. Rusty Shackelford says:

            Who would wish that they would dump out urine like this? ”
            I know, you would do something less trite, but you still snicker at these stories.

            1. Jean-Paul Dangerbunny Beaulieu says:

              Actually “Rusty” is just a comment board troll, who tries to get as much attention as he can.

    2. Victim Du Jour says:

      Perhaps they are not talking about hate crimes, because the perp is a gay bully.

  2. kathy anderson says:

    alter for a church is spelled altar, not alter

  3. mayhem says:


    1. Rusty Shackelford says:


    2. Dave says:

      mayhem is just a generic liberal hater.

  4. Tea Says CA cool says:

    WOW! He is one good lookin’ guy! He doesn’t LOOK crazy or anything……One work….METH?
    put him away……(Oh…and then us tax payers have to pay for him…..) Send him to CA..he’ll fit right in!!!

  5. Rusty Shackelford says:

    What is it with crazy people and urine?

    1. Dave says:

      Liberals with the tax-payer supported NEA put crosses in urine.

  6. Jake says:

    I remember the story a couple of years ago, where a crazy couple had sex in a Catholic Church, in front of a group of nuns near Wash, DC. When it came time for the couple to go to court, the guy had a heart attack and DIED. Let’s hope the same happens to this loser.

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    This is a “hate crime” based on the text of the law.

    I don’t agree with hate crime laws, but is a good example of a double standard.

    So much for “equal protection”

  8. Sarah says:

    They don’t know if it was urine, and to say he should be nailed to a cross is just as disturbing as the action he did. Just because someone is mentally ill does not mean they should be punished, it means the right help should be provided, like a hospital or the right type of psychology and medicines.

    1. laura says:

      where in the story does it say that this guy is mentally ill? I am guessing drugs of some sort might be involved but the story doesn’t specifically say so who knows. Even if this guy is mentally ill, pouring anything on a religious symbol is wrong and he should be punished. There is a double standard for Catholics, if he would have done this in a Jewish place of worship or Islamic place of worship would you be saying the same thing?

  9. joe says:

    Steven must have forgotten, that one of his sisters it Catholic!!

  10. Ann says:

    I happen to know him and he IS mentally ill and has been for quite some time. He does take medication but as we all know (or those of us who actually have a brain) medication does not always help the mentally ill from knowing the difference between right and wrong. All people do is speculate and make up stories, well get your facts straight before you sit here and make fun of someone who is mentally ill. There were no drugs involved. And if you idiots knew anything about the law, you would know that being mentally ill does not excuse you from your actions, the law holds nearly everyone to the same standard. What he did was absolutely wrong, but that does not give any of you the right to wish death upon him. You all make me sick.

  11. Murph says:

    He shoulda poured it on his head! Maybe he would look more like Fabian that Yul Brenner!

  12. Murph says:

    Any serial killings going on? Might want to check this guy out..Pawlenty is elsewhere…. stalking nursing home patients in other states! Hoping to victimize them thruout the country in his grand but,ill fated plan! Typical GOP POTUS candidate! What a bunch of criminals the GOP has assembled!

  13. weee says:

    WACK JOB !!!!!!!!