By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A full-time college student and father of five is dead after a fight inside a bar in St. Paul.

Police say 26-year-old Trevell Glass was shot and killed outside Born’s Bar around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Shortly after the shooting, police arrested four men.

One of the four men, 31-year-old Byron Brantley, is being held on suspicion of murder. The other three are being held for allegedly aiding Brantley. Their names are LeAndrews Miller, 27; David Keys, 24; and Xavier Buckhanan, 36.

Witnesses say there was a fight inside the bar Tuesday night that spilled out onto Manitoba Avenue. Shots were fired and two men were hit. Glass didn’t survive.

Family members say he stepped out to have a beer after watching a basketball game with friends — and now he is gone.

Balloons and flowers mark the exact spot where Glass took his last breath. Family and friends gathered near the corner of Rice Street and Manitoba Avenue to remember a life taken too soon.

“He was a great person. He loved people. He was a full-time college student at St. Paul Tech,” said Camille Rolland, Glass’ cousin. “He had five kids and he loved them. He was a great dad.”

Police say they responded to a call of shots fired outside the bar Tuesday night and when they arrived on scene, Glass was dead.

A 28-year-old man was also shot. He was taken to Regions Hospital where he is expected to survive.

Witnesses gave police a description of a car leaving the scene and within minutes the car was spotted.

“Officers were attempting to stop that vehicle and one of the occupants fled on foot,” said Officer John Keating of the St. Paul Police. “Officers set up a perimeter to locate that person a short distance away with the assistance of one of our police canines.”

The four men were arrested, but for Glass’ friends and family, they only have memories to hold on to.

“He always had a smile on his face,” Rolland said. “He was not in the streets whatsoever. He was a great, friendly person and nice to everybody.”

Investigators are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting. They say they aren’t sure if the altercation inside the bar had anything to do with the eventual gunfire.

Family members say Glass had his first son three months ago and was going to school to make life better for his fiancé and five children.

They believe he was only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police say they have not ruled out the possibility that others may be involved.

The men booked into jail have not been officially charged with a crime.

Comments (13)
  1. Melissa says:

    A fight where you need your gun and three friends?

    Wow, your a real man now. You really made your point. I bet your mom is real proud. Its unfortunate you ruined five lives just to do that.

    Another senseless act of aggression.

  2. Ihate Ignorant People says:

    Dear Lee,

    What makes you so perfect?

    1. Prayers for ALL involved says:

      I know this family personally, and I am one of the children’s teachers. This is a loving family who has ALWAYS been involved in their children’s education and does everything that they can to ensure that their family has a bright future. How can anyone write such hateful comments about a family and situation that they do not know? Regardless of your personal feelings towards him, think of the family that has been left behind. This is a perfect example of the many problems in our country- if we can not even have empathy and compassion for the family and children dealing with such a great loss….how can we ever expect this nation to become a peaceful community? Please think before posting these negative comments that the family AND CHILDREN can read. Don’t make a terrible situation worse by posting ignorant comments.

  3. Millia says:

    Hatttterrrrraaaadeee……..drink it up buddy and dont forget to swallow

  4. victor says:

    he was a cool guy I went to highschool with him

  5. Rachel says:

    I agree with Prayers for ALL Involved… Our country has been poisoned by selfishness and people who are too quick to blame even in situations that they don’t even know the fully story or the people involved… Give your condolenses to the family who lost a loved one, and pray that justice is served to the men that did this. but beyond that, it is none of your/our business how many kids he has, whether or not he was going to school, how much money he was making. I am very sorry for the loss this family is going through.

  6. msfine says:

    Kevin pleaseeeee you probley dont support your own kids

  7. Recie says:

    Its very sad that someone had to take this man from his children and to everybody who said sumthin negative thats jus sad at least he was trying to make a better future for his kids and get a career job. I Mean that could of been u out there taking your last breath. JUST MY THOUGHT

  8. GODCHILD says:

    It is SAD THAT U PPL talking negative about this man and U didn’t even know him!! Have remorse and respect! Think about When U die would u want ppl who never met u saying mean and hurtful word!! “U DEMONS STEPBACK AND GO 2 CHURCH SAVE YOUR LIFE BEFORE IT’S 2 LATE”

  9. Selby to Edmund says:

    Really? How can people sit here and make comments on the deceased? Trevell was a good man, excellent father, brother, cousin, uncle and friend. Fucc everybody who thinks different or that have something to say about him. You people have to much time on your hands to sit around and speak down on this him like this.
    Tre I love you and I know you are watching down on us right now. Laugh at these ignorant fuccs because they aint talking s^h^i^t

  10. Mz Smith says:

    Thats the problem with this world today,folks are so quick to judge the book by its cover. Who the hell are you/me to judge someone we don’t even know? Thats a No,No in Gods eyesight. Now I know this was a good kid that loved,respected and honored his family. So remember death creeps into each and everyone of our lives! Be careful of how you judge ppl, none of us is Saints yet still Sinners… RIP TRE you’re in a better place now.

  11. Londa214 says:

    Tre I love you dearly and wish that this was all a DREAM.. I am gonna miss you asking me everytime you see me “Little Cousin you straight” even though I am 5 yrs older than you. LOL!! I am gonna miss that awesome smile you have as well. Love you and RIParadiese! #urmyangel!

  12. Harry the Cop says:

    26 years old with 5 kids???? why was he out drinking in the worst bar on Rice Street instead of being with his kids? Sounds like a typical deadbeat ..

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