By Esme Murphy

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Today, Caroline Lowe announced she was leaving WCCO-TV. She will be joining what some call “WCCO West,” with WCCO alumni anchors Jeanette Trompeter, John Reger, her own daughter, producer Shelby Rhodes and General Manager Kathleen Sullivan.

For the 20 years I have worked at WCCO-TV, Caroline has been the gold standard. In the old days, she was available 24/7 via pager. When Caroline got a Blackberry, the newsroom was never the same. The tips from her endless stream of sources kept coming, often filtered like golden scraps to the rest of us. Caroline seemed to delight in helping other reporters. Believe me that’s a rarity.

But for all her accomplishments, including a Columbia Dupont Award, Caroline’s greatest achievement may be as a pioneer who paved the way for other working TV Moms. She was the first woman TV reporter in the Twin Cities to work through pregnancies, to continue pounding the pavement, sometimes with toddlers in tow.

Now, she has decided to start over. A new job, a new state, a new life. It is rare to get a chance to start over on your own terms; to leave one brilliant career behind and take the jump to start another. It takes guts. It take a Caroline Lowe.

Caroline, we will all miss you.

And when you are in sunny California and your Blackberry blows up with news tips from the Twin Cities could you forward them to me?

Esme Murphy

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  1. gtV says:

    She is one of the old “CCO basement gang when WCCO was in the old building on 7th. She will definitely be missed. Times they are a changin’

  2. Laurie Graning says:

    Please see that caroline gets this:
    I am a retired middle school teacher that moved from the twin cities in 2004 to a very remote area about 1 hour south of international falls…….I feel compelled to tell you how much I admire what you have done through the years to bring information to my house. When you came on to bring some crime news to the front I would find myself excited to listen…….I believed that you got to the heart of stories and I am so sad to see you leave…..

    Best of luck to you always…….Laurie Graning from Wirt MN.

  3. Don Nielsen says:

    Esme you said it so well.

    “It is rare to get a chance to start over on your own terms; to leave one brilliant career behind and take the jump to start another. It takes guts. It takes a Caroline Lowe.”


    Good luck Caroline. After 34 years, you take it for granted certain people will be there. I’ll miss you. Such a great move for you, but I’ll still miss you.

    Don Nielsen
    Plymouth. MN

  4. Julie Kramer says:

    I remember the basement in the old WCCO building, and I will always remember Caroline. Besides being a good reporter and a good cop, she’s a good editor and always reads my books before I hand them in to my publisher.

  5. Mary Ann Mayhew says:

    Caroline–I wish for you the same good fortune I experienced when I moved to MN from Illinois. It takes courage to make a life changing choice. I have enjoyed your work–Esme said it well. Hooray for you!!!! Good luck.

  6. Pat Miles Zimmerman says:

    I am so happy for Caroline….my first friend and roommate in Minnesota and the person who shares so many memories and secrets with me! Pmiles

  7. Hannah Angelica says:

    It’s marvelous that people are able to leave ‘CCO and work in a sunny and mild paradise.

  8. Jason DeRusha says:

    This is great Esme. Caroline has been so generous with sharing her contacts, and sharing her stories about different ways she’s gone about getting stories. She’s taught me so much – and I’m so sad that she’s not going to be at WCCO anymore!

  9. Larry Hunt says:

    Caroline will be greatly missed. She is a WCCO icon. It was nice to see Walter Mondale on your show also. I don’t agree with his viewpoint regarding a new St. Croix river bridge. The SCENIC St. Croix River has plenty of bridges NORTH of Stillwater already so a NEW bridge doesn’t violate the Scenic River Act. Doesn’t anyone realize that ?

  10. Heather Brown says:

    Thanks for posting, Esme. Caroline has been an inspiration to us all. I will always fondly carry with me the memories of the Republican National Convention. I’ll forever appreciate her insight, guidance and support when it came to understanding the intricacies of the Twin Cities. And, finally, I will live by her powerful pieces of advice that could apply to all aspects of life — my all-time favorite being, “Lose the pearls.”

  11. Caroline Lowe Wcco says:

    It has been so wonderful to read all your wonderful comments and I really appreciate Esme’s blog. She and I have shared a pod in our newsroom and also have shared the journey of being moms balancing the relentless demands of news. Esme is one of my most supportive colleagues and a treat to watch when she is on a big story like Denny Hecker’s case. She is the first one to congratulate me when I get a scoop and I always feel the same way when she breaks a story, which she does quite often.
    I hope we have helped paved the way for other moms and future moms-and dads-who choose to be journalists. Our families have made a lot of sacrifices because of the demands of our choices and the passion we bring to our jobs. But my kids seemed to have survived
    having a mom on the crime beat and even proud of my choice (even if I haven’t been a “normal” mom as my daughter Shelby once said. Must not have messed her up too much because she is now working as a news producer!)

    I hope you will continue to keep in touch with me on Facebook as I begin a new adventure at KSBY in beautiful-and warm!-California. Thanks so much!

  12. Nancy WBL says:

    Caroling Lowe will be definitely missed. I had the greatest respect for her crime
    reporting. Happy Trails to you, Caroline – and here’s wishing you all the best.

  13. Linda Baltes says:

    Dear Caroline, I was so impressed watching your story on Friday night. You are the most amazing women, and all on your terms. You have taught girls and women of all ages that life is there for us to do with it what we want and not let stuff get in our way. Your haircut and new body structure is amazing. I loved hoow you said if I can do it anyone can. . I recently started my own business as a Juice Plus Distributor. I would love to send some information to you. It is a fabulous product of fruits and vegetables in a capsule form. The perfect product for the new you, with research to stand behind it. Would you please allow me the chance to share this amazing product with you. I would love to hear what you think. Please check it out at I would also send you information or samples if you want. You make m proud to be a woman in 2010. I look forward to hearing from you!