MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — St. Cloud Police arrested a man who allegedly caused a fatal accident while fleeing police Friday night.

Officers said they were called just before 5 p.m. to help stop a vehicle driven by a man who had a warrant out for his arrest.

The man, Timothy Gilles, was wanted for possession of a controlled substance and probable cause for fleeing an officer and assault of a police officer.

Gilles, 22, was heading north in a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Highway 15 in St. Cloud when officers tried to pull him over. Police said he fled away really fast in his vehicle, traveling west on 2nd St. South, but in the eastbound lanes of the road.

An assisting Waite Park officer chased the vehicle for about a half mile, where Gilles’ Jeep t-boned another vehicle at the intersection of 2nd St. South and Waite Ave.

A 30-year-old driver of that car was killed in the impact. The 22-year-old passenger, a woman who was 8 months pregnant, was also seriously injured.

She and her unborn baby were taken to St. Cloud Hospital where they are both listed in serious but stable condition.

Gilles, meanwhile, fled on foot after the crash. Officers caught up to him, tasered him, and were able to arrest him.

He was treated for minor injuries at a hospital then was brought to the Stearns County Jail.

Gilles is facing charges on past warrant and now new charges for fleeing an officer and criminal vehicular homicide.

The names of the victims in the other car won’t be released until family is notified.

St. Cloud Police and the Minnesota State Patrol said they are investigating and will release more information on the case by Monday.

John Lauritsen

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  1. Sen says:

    I’m guessing it was the husband that died. If so, the baby is going to grow up not know his/her dad. That’s just terrible….

    1. Rusty Shackelford says:

      If he were black, you would all be called racist. He is a POS I’m sure, but you are all racist, tricked by the Jews to hate each other.

      1. wheat says:

        what are you on crack!

  2. JamieinMN says:

    This guy is 22?!?!?!! Meth……..

  3. zee the reporter says:

    police chase again caused another death! zee reporting!

    1. Oog says:

      So, cops should never chase suspects? All I have to do to avoid getting arrested is speed away in my car a little bit and they’ll leave me alone? Do you have any idea how ignorant and idiotic you sound?

      1. insignificant says:

        They obviously had his plate number and stuff,and coulda waited to arrest him,eh? High speed chase out in public roads isn’t any good.That involves many more people,like shooting in a packed house.I’m with “zee” on this one.

    2. @ Zee says:

      Zee, you’re as bad as the guy that did this. Go live on an island, where I won’t have to live with your kind. I hope ‘his kind’ destroy your life next.

      1. fred says:

        zee the reporter. another cop hating ultra liberal bedwetter. you should go live on an island were we won`t have to live with your kind. and take your criminal pals with you.

    3. ISeeDumbPeople says:

      Zee, you’re an idiot. Just like the same clowns who blamed cops for the chase/shooting of an armed suspect in Forest Lake last week. I suppose you think the fleeing motorist is an innocent victim too. Personal accountability means nothing to you idiots. It’s always “someone else’s fault,” right? Interesting how these idiots always stand on their communist soap boxes until THEY are victimized…then they gripe about how the criminal justice system did nothing catch the perpetrator.

      1. RIP says:

        LOOK OUT! Was it your sister, daughter or granddaughter? Then, your comment might be worth something.

    4. AtWhatPrice says:

      When will this stop? How many more innocent people are going to be killed for a drug charge, stollen car, or just to catch some idiot? Stop the chases unless it’s Bin Laden.

      1. anonymous says:

        So when the police chase Bin Laden and Bin Laden decides to drive recklessly and Bin Laden’s poor driving then makes him crash into you….will the situation be any different? The police didn’t tell Gilles where to drive and who to hit, don’t blame that on the police.

    5. Anon says:

      Those who trade safety for freedom deserve neither safety or freedom.

      -Benjamin Franklin

  4. qryptik1 says:

    22 years old, and his life is over. What a piece of trash. I hope he gets his in prison. Great example of what drugs to to people’s lives and the collateral damage.

  5. Artist36 says:

    What a loser! Condolences to the victims families.

  6. Needle is too Nice says:

    While I’m with Hugh, I think a rope is too nice. Time to bring the electric chair out of storage or reinstate the firing squad.

    1. weee says:

      I say light him up and watch him burn like a human candle !!!! BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!!!

  7. Alex V says:

    Another instance of how our drug laws kill people. Police should never give chase unless someone’s lie is in immediate danger.

    1. Alex V says:

      That should say “life”

      1. anonymous says:

        So when Gilles gives your child meth to sell on school grounds because he wasnt apprehended, you will be okay with that? How about if they let him get away (since the police cant/should pursuit) and he decides to hold you and your family hostage? Then you want to call the police for help? You shouldnt bad mouth those that could save your life.

      2. Clint Make My Day wonders about you says:

        Alex – crawl back in a hole as the light of day is blinding you.
        You chase because you have a job to do. The perp tomorrow may be strung out and take out a family on the roads, shoot a kid on the street, sell to some fool who OD’s …… it is not a choice. Take him down.
        I just wish they’d stomp these guys to death instead of cuffing them but that’s another story

  8. sam spade says:

    When a cop says “stop”, you are required to stop. IMO, running should be grounds for police shooting to kill. It would have cost this jerk his life rather than an innocent citizen.

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    They should have recorded his plate # and let him go. I am sure a judge could have used common sense and hit him harder for the drug possession.

    1. anonymous says:

      you think that people (those who are in the drug world) live at addresses listed on their drivers license? Most dont even have a valid drivers license. That address from his plate does nothing to find him.

      1. Artist36 says:

        If they don’t have a valid licsense, they probably don’t have insurance either. thus they shouldn’t even be on the road!

    2. Charlie ChanMan says:

      you friggen sound like a nut on this.
      Try to convict someone on a plate – and attorney worth the title will spit you out in court.

  10. Jesse says:

    A half mile goes by pretty quick. i’d say the cops didnt even have time to call off a chase.

  11. Joy says:

    I’m going to look up and down the road when I go through an intersection from now on, not that that would have mattered for this young man. But, I can’t just assume the other person will stop anymore.

  12. Artist36 says:

    Is it not common knowledge that when one see’s the lights or hears the sirens to pull over anymore?

  13. mzzed says:

    By the looks of him, it looks like he doesn’t give a damn about anyone…what a looser!!!

  14. John says:

    Really, they gave him a neck brace? He doens’t need a neck brace, leave him in the cell without one…

  15. concerned says:

    Dear COPS,

    Stop commenting and get back to work…..

    1. Jake says:

      What a loser (concerned).

  16. Steven says:

    OMG What A looser. He even looks F’d up. My condolences to the family.

  17. Dave says:

    In St. Cloud you should look either way even if you have the green. I have seen so many idiots blow reds in this town.

    Regardless, if you stop chasing the guy, he will just do something stupid anyway. You cannot assume it was his car, or his plates, or that any addresses are valid. I understand that it sucks that someone died (RIP) but by saying just arrest him later you are saying if a person commits a crime, they have some time to do worse. This guy could have gotten strung out on more drugs and shot up the mall or run over a bunch of kids at a bus stop. And then when chasing him you would want us to not chase him and he could do it again.

    It’s a vicious cycle that would not end unless police managed to catch him randomly on foot, and then when there was a shootout and foot chase, you would want police to not shoot back so he doesn’t feel threatened and shoot more people.

    Quit victimizing those who break the law. He CHOSE to run. His CHOICE is the reason someone was killed. Not the police, so quit blaming them.

  18. Iamresponsibleformybehavior says:

    Those of you who want to let him go and find him later……you are so naive to think that law enforcement is just waiting for criminals to go driving around … so a chase can occur. I know law enforcement people and they are actively trying to find people of this ilk PRIOR to finding them driving down the road……This man died because of a 22 year old believing that he is above the law…….

  19. Frustrated says:

    Other countries do have no chase policies. They do just fine. This 22 year old is obviously a loser that nobody should feel at all bad about, give him the chair, firing squad, w/e. As to those people saying that he is going to go on a string of crimes and shoot up a mall, c’mon!

    This loser is going to go to some drug den and shoot up and be useless to society, why does not chasing make him more likely to be violent or get hostages? Alert some police down the road, try some roadblocks, but don’t chase through a crowded city.

    To the person that said what difference would it make if this were Obama, well the sacrifice of lives to bring someone like that to justice in the end is worth it. To put lives at risk so one junkie won’t sell to another junkie who will OD on it, let them OD and selectively remove themselves from the gene pool. That is THEIR choice. It was not the choice of the innocent 30 or 22 yo pregnant woman to become involved in this lifestyle when they were struck by his car, just unfortunate.

    Now what, instead of him getting away and being useless, but not likely actually killing anybody besides other addicts perhaps, he kills a father, injures the mom and baby, and now the state has to spend money to keep him fed for 60 or so years until he dies, because he is not going to get the death penalty for this, which ironically would cost taxpayers even more money with appeals BS.

    What does chasing accomplish, people will take his place as a useless drug addict. He was a drug addict trying to remain free, put an animal in a corner and they try to get away, other than that I am sure he did not pose a threat to society, at least not an immediate one anyways.

    As far as being responsible for one’s behavior, if you agree with every little law, it is pretty easy to be responsible for your behavior. This man was not facing a $50 fine for driving 10 over the speed limit, he was facing drug possession charges, he was going to jail, likely not his 1st time either. This for something that I am unsure why we have an interest in regulating. Regulations or not, it will continue, and other than being useless, these people are really only hurting themselves. Sure they aren’t contributing to society, and we have an interest in making sure members of society contribute, but is the solution taking them out of society, where it costs the state x dollars a year to support them (Welfare, food stamps, etc.) and put them in prison where ALL of their needs must now be met with taxpayer dollars.

    Please leave out the driving on drugs kills comments, because alcohol is legal, it is a drug, and we have ways of catching people for driving under the influence without making alcohol itself illegal.

    Sorry for the rant…

  20. fred says:

    remember when the cops used to shoot fleeing criminals…..ahh…the good old days

  21. anonymous says:

    I just got out of jail monday morning, i was in there saturday night with this fool, and if it makes anyone feel any better, i did see him crying in his cell, but i personally have no remorse. If I would have known then, what i know now, i would have given him a what for…

    This is in no way the police’s fault… this idiot deservese every thing he gets and i hope he gets it up the ass…