MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Grief counselors will be available for students at Marshall Middle School throughout the week as students cope with the loss of two students.

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office responded around 6:34 a.m. Saturday to a residence in Island Lake Township regarding the death of two 14-year-old girls.

Haylee Fentress, of Rural Lynd, and Paige Moravetz, of Lynd, were found dead of apparent suicide.

The Marshall School District has set up support services at the middle school, which will be available throughout the week for students and the community.

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  1. Rob says:

    My heart goes out for those girls, and their families, and the community………
    If this connects to school bullying……….Minnesota needs to wake up to what is happening to our youth at the hands of others………….There needs to be an uprising of what is right in this state, and what is wrong………………Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers sisters………..stand up and let’s get the ball rolling with anti-bullying legislature again, only let’s call this felony STALKING.

    I will wait to see what was at the crux of this dismay for these young girls…….and then I will stand up………….

  2. Al says:

    What a waste……just a tragedy. Please, kids…………you have your whole lives ahead of you. Nothing can be that bad at 14 – nothing.

    1. AK says:

      It is disrespectful to assume that you know their lives weren’t bad or that nothing has happened to them. I do not condone suicide, but you have no right to say what you did. Have a little respect.

      Yes, it is a tragedy. But don’t call the short lives that they had a waste. Our community is hurting and comments like yours don’t help.

      1. Al says:

        I didn’t call their lives a waste!
        It’s not a waste to kill yourself at age 14?
        Do you know how many teens have killed themselves lately?
        Our “community” shouldn’t try and do something about it?
        I think your comments are out of line AK – you sound like the heartless one.

      2. pat says:

        OH be quiet AK, anyone who read Al’s comment knows what he meant. Except you.

  3. Jim says:

    (jerks comment has been removed)

  4. Victim Du Jour says:

    It’s irresponsible for the media to report suicide, and it puts more people at risk.

  5. lib says:

    I raised two beautiful daughters, and I absolutely loved the teenage years, and I can not imagine the sorrow these two families are experiencing. What messages are the young people of today getting that we are seeing this epidemic of suicide. i think an investigation should be started to see WHAT is going on that two 14 year olds are so hopeless. There must be a common thread.

  6. mom says:

    This story hits home for me, I have a 14 yr old son and this should be a wake up call to every parent, I know it is for me. My heart breaks for these families and the community, I live about 1 hr from Marshall and my son plays Marshall in sports. Parents please wake up and talk to your children, especially at this age, it is such a hard age. I have seen changes in my son since he has turned 14, he spends a lot more time with his friends than family, some of his friends have changed since the beginning of this year, and sometimes his mood changes on a whim. I try to talk to him, ask him how school is going what is going on in school. Do I do it everyday, no, should I of course but sometimes I think my life is so busy and hected that I forget or think he is fine. Reading this story has made me realize that as his mom this should be my first priority, check in with him at the end of the day. I can’t imagine what these 2 young girls thought was so awful in their lives that death would be better, and I am sure their parents are wondering the same thing. Please take the time to talk to your kids and if they are depressed get them help before it is too late.

    1. PN says:

      I could not say it any better. My son took his life in Dec and he was 14 yrs old as well. The teen years are quite different now than when we were kids, somehow we forget what we felt then. We also have the ability as adults to comprehend that what happens on one given day does not define us forever, or it shouldn’t. Our children don’t have the mental capacity to always get that at this age. Talk to them everyday, hug them everyday. There is nothing worse than knowing that in an instant all that can be gone. It’s killing me and I pray that this country see’s the problems of bullying, depression and teen drinking and driving. We need to save more lives.

      My heart goes out to every family who has ever lost a child. I would be proud to be involved in the solutions so we can save “our” kids.


  7. Tina says:

    I know from experience that during the last moments the girls were not thinking of anyone or anything, except that they wanted to be free from whatever had been eating at their very soul. My heart and prayers go out to these families who now will have cope with demise they probably knew nothing of.
    I am a past resident of Marshall, although my time there was shortlived, there were definately memories made there. My daughter has never been happier to move out of a town, and I was almost oblivious to it myself. There is not much for teens to do in the town except for get into trouble that quite often went unnoticed. They would hide and drink and/or do drugs and partake in sexual acts they would most likely later be ashamed of, not to mention the rising crime rate. I am not writing any of this to minimize what has happened, merely trying to show some insight and awareness. During my stay in Marshall, my daughter was hospitalized for the same suicidal thoughts and tendencies that was able to consume these girls, please parents……….get involved, save a life of your own, but also know that you may never know how your words or gestures may affect those around you and yours!

  8. Jeanne Gannott says:

    I live in Marshall, MN and from what I understand these 2 girls had friends, played sports, and were caring kids. So what went wrong?!?! Was it peer pressure or an act of bullying? Whatever the reason is, kids need to know that suicide it NOT the answer, it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. My heart goes out to the family and friends, however this is not the first suicide in Marshall and sadly, it probably won’t be the last. Take suicide warning signs serious, talk to your children! Be nosy but give them their space (I check both of my kids cell phones and facebook accounts often! but they don’t know that!) ask questions! And it’s not just Minnesota that is affected, it happens all over the United States! To anyone out there, if you feel that suicide is the answer-it’s not!! Please talk to someone! I’ve lost someone that I love to suicide and not a day goes by that I wonder why.

  9. Maryannnnn. says:

    I live In Marshall, Mn. Did i ever think it this would happen? No not at all. This is soo sad. Such a Tragedy… I never in a million years would excpect this to happen NEVER.. They had alot of friends they were loved… It’s hard to think. I hope you guys all understand that Suicide is not a joke. It’s not. Cherish life , because we all have an end. So Live Laugh Love. Forgive & Forget because life is too short to live with regrets.

  10. Dave N. says:

    Another story about this sad event stated, “‘It is believed no other students were involved in the incident this weekend,’ Lyon County Sheriff Mark Mather said Monday.” Actually I’m sure there were plenty of other students involved and this story omits all of the bullying these girls suffered at school. It’s time we stop tolerating behavior in public schools that we would never accept in the workplace or other public venues. Slander and assault should be prosecuted.

  11. MNSUX says:

    Minnesota nice, huh?
    So nice that it drove to innocents to commit suicide.
    Why don’t you people stop hiding behind “minnesota nice” and actually be nice, instead of a bunch of two-faced, backstabbing a-holes?
    FU minnesota.

  12. jdog2 says:

    It’s sad these young people had to take their lives. But all i have ever heard about in New London-Spicer is that kids there talk smack about people and don’t seem to accept others. And they peer pressure and now I hope those a-hole kids learned their lesson. This took the lives of their friends.

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