By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A Minnesota lawmaker introduced a bill Monday to ban guns at the State Capitol complex, and consider the use of metal detectors at some building entrances.

Rep. Michael Paymar (DFL-St. Paul) introduced the bill after a recent security review in Minnesota recommended tightening security at the Capitol.

Minnesota law allows legal gun permit holders to bring weapons to the Capitol with few restrictions, after a one-time notification to the Department of Public Safety.

“Nobody wants to put impediments to meeting with public officials; to observing the process. That’s what it’s all about, but we are living in a different world,” said Paymar.

Paymar says the political world changed after Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot and eight others killed at a public meeting in Tucson.

Following the shooting, a security review in Minnesota recommended tighter security at the Capitol, but did not address the issue of guns at the Capitol.

Paymar’s bill recommends emergency procedures for a list of potential security threats and purchasing updated security equipment, including weapons screening machines.

However, key lawmakers say the Capitol is actually safer if more people are carrying weapons. They say it’s impossible to stop a deranged gunman and irresponsible to roll back Minnesota gun rights.

“I’d hate to restrict a government building from carrying if people have a legal right to do it, especially since there is no problem with it,” said Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Good Thunder), who is a chairman on the Public Safety Committee.

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  1. x says:

    So this bill means – that if it bans weapons at the capitol , that no police or security officers would be allowed to have guns at the capitol since the bill says NO GUNS = right??

    1. NO TO THIS!!! says:

      Damn straight. And when Hillary Clinton whines, no armed guards for her either.

      1. brent says:

        No more squirt guns either?!?!
        What a crock…

  2. Rob says:

    Leave it to a democrat to want to ban guns in the capitol. Instead let’s spend tons of money on technology, and pay officials to guard the citizens…………..let’s spend, spend, spend.

    If it is known that would be legal gun carriers are IN the capitol, it will make most thugs stop and think.

    The rest of the thugs aren’t going to give a dang about detectors or carriers………they are going to do what they came to do. Having legal hand guns IN the capitol, can save peoples lives.

    In Texas, citizens have the right also to protect their property, let’s talk about a bill in Minnesota that covers that issue.

  3. Give me a break, Really??? says:

    This bill is nonsense. Balance the budget first. Why wast more money. Do they really think that they are that important? A gas station clerk who works much harder and whom they consider one of the little people has a much higher chance of getting killed with a gun then a legislator. Give me a break.

    1. Sarah Stiger says:

      So true!

  4. Think before you yell. says:

    Well Rob, if you remember correctly the 1st people in MN that were requesting the detectors and all were your beloved Reps and this happened right after the Gifford’s shooting.

    1. Norge says:

      YOU are a bald-faced liar! No Rebuplican ever called for any such nonsense after Giffords….put up or shut-up…provide the link to the report!!

  5. EdW says:

    Let’s ban guns in ALL workplaces, not just the politicians’ workplace. What’s good enough for us should be good enough for them.

    1. Justin Ulrich says:

      How about we allow guns in all workplaces, especially theirs. If they all didn’t have this group feeling like they were doing wrong by us, then us having our weapons should never be an issue.

      On the other hand if they think they are doing wrong by us, they still have a lot of public ground to cover between the capitol and their lobbyist’s cubby hole.

  6. GN says:

    Paranoia, Paranoia, Paranoia, why not resolve ourselves to the fact that we are becoming a police state. The government rules supreme and the working class folks are slaves of the government. Wait, we’re already there. Just tying up some more loose ends, right?

  7. birdguy747 says:

    Why did we legalize carrying guns if we are turning around and banning them? What a waste of time and tax payers’ money. If people are allowed to carry guns, then that should mean there okay at the capitol and all government buildings. They made it legal to carry them so they need to bare the consequences for their stupidity. Guns don’t kill people; it’s the moron behind it.

  8. larry says:

    I am sick of Rep. Michael Paymar wasting taxpayers money and constantly trying to ban guns any way he can. Enough is enough!!!

  9. Gun Wielding Taxpayer says:

    Well, as soon as the lawmakers can do their job and do it effectively without needing a “special session” every flippin’ year, then I would consider not carrying when I go to the capital.

    Hey Lawmakers!! Are you listening??? We are tired of paying more money to you for something you should be doing during your normal work schedule…

  10. Gordon says:

    I support ant one to legally own a gun. To some of the people posting, I hope all of the comenters go to the capitol waving their guns around. You can talk big on the board here all you want., no one knows who you are.

  11. dave says:

    As I recall the AZ incident happened outside in a shopping mall or some such parking lot, correct? So really that incident is a pretty poor example to bring up when talking about security in a state capitol building. Banning guns anywhere is a bunch of baloney, crimminals are crimminals because they don’t follow the law anyhow. Thanks for having some common sense Rep Cornish

  12. Norge says:

    The whole purpose of the Second Amendment was to insure the Founding Fathers desire that the govenment should exist in a state of fear of the People at all times….and secondarly to provide for the common defense. Why is it the liberals HATE with a passion that idea and continue to try to establish a govenment that is FEARED by the people (ala Ruby Ridge, Waco, and now in Michigan where charges are being quietly dropped after weeks of DHS “domestic terrorist organization” propaganda). Get a clue metor-libs, the out-state doesn’t need, nor want, your approval to be armed, you don’t like it…….well show some guts for once and try to actually come take my guns, instead of buying a politician.

    1. Issiah says:

      @ Norge. Since you are not a liberal how can you speak for the liberal?. Perhaps where the liberals have a problem with guns are the deaths from gun use. for some context. There is a world beyond your small circle.
      Ruby Ridge the only charges filed was against an fbi agent, which were dropped. The Michigan Militia find of dropped out of sight after McViegh.
      I really don’t give a rats butt how many guns you own. If you are as stupid as the Weavers then you shall meet their fate.

  13. Bobby says:

    This is ridiculous on multiple levels. First of all, maybe we should focus our efforts on balancing the budget rather than this stupid cr@p that just wastes time and money.
    secondly, do you think if someone had the intention of going to the Capital to kill someone, that a sign at the door saying it is illegal to bring a gun inside will stop them? IF THEY ARE GOING THERE TO COMMIT MURDER, I DON’T THINK THE EXTRA FINE FOR CARRYING A GUN WILL BE A DETRACTOR.
    Let’s use some common sense, how about stiffer punishment for gun related crimes?

  14. zee the reporter says:

    A Minnesota lawmaker is fast to pull the trigger i have never seen a bill to try to get thru so fast in my life look out people! zee reporting!

    1. Me says:

      I also heard that Rep. Michael Paymar is drafting legislation to ban forks in all government buildings because their link to Type 2 Diabetes. She said the government needs to control their use because some people could use them improperly and overeat.

  15. PatC says:

    Despite ANY evidence that there has been any problems at the capitol, it is funny to watch the tone of incedulity of Pat Kessler that this could be true. It is also sad how he takes the fact that over 400 people have notified the security at the capitol over THE PAST FOUR YEARS and extrapilates that to mean that there are 400 people carrying at the capitol now.

  16. Victim Du Jour says:

    Look up “no gun Zone” on YouTube

    Maybe if gas stations put up no gun zone signs, armed robbers will say “my bad, I’ll just be leaving” when the store clerk points at the sign.

    1. I like to pick on helpless victim says:

      Now this time you were funny.

  17. Max says:

    They would be more effective if they put in the death penalty for gun crimes. Add aiding and abetting to the gun owner.

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