ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The two state lawmakers most important to the Minnesota Vikings’ push for a new stadium don’t live anywhere near the Twin Cities, and neither are even huge fans of the NFL team.

Sen. Julie Rosen of Fairmont and Rep. Morrie Lanning of Moorhead are the chief sponsors of a bill to use partial public financing for a stadium to replace the Metrodome, where the roof collapsed under heavy snow from the December 2010 blizzard.

Rosen and Lanning are savvy veterans at the Capitol who are well-respected both by their fellow Republicans and by Democrats. Their experience and reputations will come in handy as they try to convince skeptical legislators of both parties to support raising taxes for a private enterprise even as the Legislature cuts state spending elsewhere.

“They’re the most important people in this whole thing right now at the Capitol,” Ted Mondale, a former Democratic state senator and Gov. Mark Dayton’s point man on the stadium push, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “They’re well-respected in their caucuses, they’re experienced and they know how to get things done.”

Lanning and Rosen introduced matching House and Senate bills last week. They proposed a menu of state sales taxes on sports memorabilia, stadium luxury seats and digital video recorders, as well as naming rights, a lotto game and an income tax surcharge on professional football players to raise a state share of $300 million toward a stadium estimated to cost up to $900 million.

The bills do not identify a site for the new stadium, which Rosen and Lanning have left to the Vikings to line up with a local government partner. That leaves Rosen and Lanning with about a month left in the regular legislative session to line up enough support for a stadium bill that leaves important questions unanswered.

Despite their pivotal roles, neither Rosen nor Lanning have nurtured a high profile on the stadium issue. Neither has yet held a single news conference on the matter, though they’re well aware of a strong media appetite for the tiniest developments.

In part, that’s because both have other important issues on their plates at the Capitol.

Lanning, 66, is chairman of the House State Government Finance Committee where he assembled a two-year budget proposal that reduce the number of state government workers by 15 percent by 2015 and makes other big reductions to state agency spending.

Lanning served as mayor of Moorhead for 22 years prior to joining the Legislature, and is a former dean of students at Concordia College in Moorhead. He is soft-spoken, even subdued, but colleagues said that’s one of his strengths in a Capitol full of big personalities.

“If all the Republicans were like him, I think we’d all get along a lot better,” said Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, who works with Lanning on the State Government Committee. “He likes to do things that are right and fair.”

Lanning said he believes failure to reach a stadium solution could mean Minnesota losing the Vikings.

“I don’t believe the Wilf family will move the team, but they could sell it and the new owner could move,” Lanning said.

“I wish there were a better time to consider this,” he added, noting that the team’s Metrodome lease ends after the upcoming season makes it more urgent.

Rosen, 53, said she is similarly motivated by the belief that losing the Vikings would be a major economic blow to Minnesota.

“It’s got nothing to do with me being a fan,” Rosen said. “I mean, I love football, but I was born and raised a Bronco girl.”

The Denver native and former competitive swimmer worked as an agronomist before deciding to stay home with her three children.

Both Rosen and Lanning were elected to the Legislature in 2002. Both were previously important players in negotiations over the bill that allowed the Minnesota Twins’ new Target Field to be financed with a combination of team, local and state dollars that now appears to be a model for the Vikings bill.

“Both of them are capable of building bipartisan support, and that’s what you need in a deal like this,” said Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, who also worked on the Twins bill. “But I have a hard time seeing a path to get this done, and I don’t envy them.”

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Comments (87)
  1. Adam Barton says:

    Funny how outstate lawmakers want the stadium when they know their constituents sales and property taxes won’t be raised to support it. We should tax the people in Rosen’s and Lanning’s district if they want the stadium so badly.

    1. Mike says:

      You aren’t being taxed at all unless you go to a gae or buy a piece of memorabilia. Read the bill before spouting off a bunch of nonsense.

      Go Vikes!

      1. Adam = Vikings Enemy #1 says:

        AMEN!!! You dont even know or understand what you are opposed to Adam!?! You just spout the same rhetoric you’ve heard other, more intellegent people speak on other issues. Pathetic and sad.

        1. Paul says:

          Actually what’s pathetic and sad is someone inventing a name just to attack another poster.

          1. What's my name says:

            You are right Paul…i cannot think of anything as pathetic and sad as someone using a handle or tonge n cheek name to post comments on an annoymous comment board. Oh the humanity and horror!!!

            Take your med’s paul and the nurses will be there shortly to take you to recreation.

            1. Adam's Mom says:

              Oh Adam, You are such a nice boy. And smart too! Love you dear.

        2. Adam Barton says:

          I see you don’t live in Hennepin County. How do you think Hennepin County is going to pay for their third, These two nitwits know their constiuents aren’t going to have to come up with $300 million like the honest folks in Hennepin County do. I did read the bill and know what is coming my way if it passes, and all of you outstate people will be unaffected by the raise in property or sales tax in Hennepin County to cover their 1/3 of the project.

          1. Slim says:

            Adam, Don’t all of you in Hennepin Cty benefit the most from this anyway?
            Your property values will probably go up because your city is better for it?
            You can also use the facility every day if you wish as it is in your backyard?
            It can’t hurt that bad, so get your checkbook out and take care of it… enjoy!

            1. Jim says:

              I live about a mile from Target Field and I have to say the economic benefits are overwhelming. Oh wait, I mean there are absolutely no benefits for me whatsoever. Maybe if I owned a bar or a parking lot, but sadly, I don’t. So instead I just paid for part of the stadium with my taxes, and now I can go to the stadium, which is right in my backyard, as long as I’m willing to buy tickets like anyone else from any other county. What a great deal for me.

              And in case you haven’t noticed, property values are still sinking, even near the stadium.

      2. Drop Kick says:

        You’ve got that right! Go Vikes, and take the Twins with you.

      3. David says:

        everyone needs to read the bill! 300 million from the state (minnesota taxpayers). 1\3 (300 million from the vikings). 300 million from ticket sale, memorabilia, and whatever else they can tax.

  2. Derrick says:

    It is consistent with the Republican plan to tax anyone who does not vote for them. You can’t say that of Dayton’s tax the rich plan as he is one of them.

    1. Chris says:

      Derrick, What was that crack about Dayton’s tax the rich campaign?
      We agree that he is the richest of the rich, but he does not pay squat in taxes!
      That is because he is ripping off all of us by skirting the tax laws and not claiming his billions that are stashed in SD and off-shore… what a joke and you buy into it?! I guess it is no woner that he got elected… people listen to what he says instead of paying attention to what he actually does!!!

      1. Just Waking-Up Chris? says:

        You are just now waking up to the world of politics Chris!?! Since when has an official been elected based on ACTUAL accomplishments?

        You think Bachman keeps getting re-elected because of her progressive………her landmark……….her innovative……..??? EXACTLY.

        The problem: the majority of Americans are uneducted tools, who will happily buy your magic beans if it means they can rest their heads in la-la land for another night. Pathetic & sad.

      2. Derrick says:

        Is a little sarcasm on the part of Dayton a little lost on you? But I did notice it is not disputed the Republicans are for sticking it to the people who did not vote for them.

        1. Chris says:

          Sorry, I guess we are taking it all too literally …

  3. No tax money for Wilf or the Vikings says:

    It’s always so easy to spend somebody else’s money. These two nitwits are happy to be generous with our money – but you won’t see a cent of theirs going towards a new stadium.

    If the Vikings don’t pay for 100% of it themselves, I’ll be happy to see them leave.

    Wilf, the rich man, has no qualms about asking all the poor people to build him a new stadium. And that buffoon Dayton couldn’t even buy an original idea without assistance.

    1. Scott says:

      Yeah that’s right. Poor people building a stadium? Are those same poor people buying Vikings Jerseys, sitting in Luxury Suites, buying digital video equipment or purchasing Viking Lotto Tickets? Because that is where all the money is going to be coming from. You are completely clueless.

      1. Derrick says:

        The state portion is estimated at 300 million. Where is the rest coming from? The poor people taxed to pay for it like Target Field. The rest has to come from somewhere and it will not be totally the Wilfs.
        Also @ Slim It is true hose event that used to be held at the metrodome can be held at a new facility. The problem is that without the Vikings the metrodome couldn’t afford to hold those events, so again it will be sticking it to the taxpayers

        1. Scott says:

          The bill has $300 million from state government, and the rest of being paid for by the Vikings. Have you even read the bill in question? And poor people being taxed for he Twins Stadium. Really? Since when? The .15% sales tax in Hennepin County Only????? Yeah that one tenth of a cent for every dollar spent is really killing those poor folks, considering no one else in the state besides Hennepin County is paying for it. You people are unreal.

          1. Derrick says:

            @ Scott. Every news article reports that the Vikings would only pay 1/3 the cost of a non domed stadium. The last estimate off the cost to replace at the Metrodome site was 920 million. The Arden Hills site was at about 1.2 billion. The estimate the Vikings would contribute is 215 million. Somebody is going to have to pay the difference.
            If you don’t care about the few cent per dollar than why don’t you encourage them to raise the taxes on everyone so everybody can have new bright shiny toys to play with. Make the tax statewide and you will hear the opposition grow. It is the Republican plan of taxing any one but themselves.

    2. NoahT says:

      The Vikings only use the stadium, what, 10 days of the year? ( So conservatively, you could say they use it LESS THAN 5% of the time, and you want them to pay for 100% of it? How does that make sense? I know that the primary use appears to be for the Vikings, but a stadium benefits the entire state, not just the Vikings. There are more state high school games played there than professional NFL games ( If anything the Wilf family is paying to subsidize ‘your’ kids to come and play in a professional NFL stadium (wow, I bet you never thought of it like that!) That’s just one example of how citizens from ALL across MN benefit from the Metrodome/a new stadium. I could list more if I had time. Do some reading, do some research, don’t just listen to the media and what a few loud mouth, anti-everythings are saying.

      Skol Vikings! SKOL MINNESOTA!!

    3. Slim says:

      Hey, get your facts straight before spewing all of that junk here!!!

      This stadium will be used for lots of events other than football…

      And the Wilfs will not own it all!

      We, the people of MN, will be able to enjoy its benefits for years to come…

      I bet it gets used every day of every year and I cannot wait!

  4. mwallek says:

    Don’t put another tax on hennepin county residents, we already pay more for the priviledge of living in corrupt minneapolis. Let the Wilfs pay for their own stadium. Sports is business now, and money is what the subject really is, all trhe time. So build whatever you want, but pay for it out of a pocket that is not the public’s,

  5. Cache says:

    That’s our Silly corrupt Legislature and Duplicitous Governor…Group think! They are so corrupt they forget as soon as they get there that they are ELECTED Representatives not dukes and duchesses; who steal from us citizens to fund their favorite program…Jeeeeeeeeeez what bunch of morons! Why do they want to force me to pay the mortgages of billionaires and multi-millionaires. I’m having trouble paying mine…how about they kick into help me pay??????

  6. MARK says:

    Republicans are for lower taxes and smaller government. Except when they’re not. No money to protect the environment, no money to help the needy, no money for schools. But plenty of money for a billion-dollar stadium that will host 8 games a year, no problem!

    1. Trev says:

      Mark, there’s plenty money already going to the needy, schools and too much going to the environment. We need to cut back on ALL of it. We can’t pay for it. and we can’t pay for a stadium. Let those who want it pick up the tab. This isn’t a democrat or a republican idea. There are idiot politicians on both sides pushing this. No tax money for a stadium! It’s time to live within our means.

    2. Chuck says:

      Hey Mark, They have spent PLENTY of money on education, the poor, and the environment… So stop with the “No money for… “. The rest of us also want a state that we would ENJOY living in!

      1. Paul says:

        Yeah. I would really enjoy living in a state with poor education, bad environment, and poor people lying sick and dying because they don’t have health insurance, as long as we can watch a bunch of millionaires struggle to a 7-9 record in front of a half-filled stadium. I say let them move to LA. They won’t be missed.

        1. Made Up Name Just for Paul says:

          Hey Paul…if you and the vikings both fell of the face of this earth today. Guess who would be missed more? Exactly, please dont speak anymore, your ignorance and rhetoric are painful. Thank you!!

          1. MARK says:

            What on intelligent and thoughtful post from “Made Up Name Just for Paul.” You’ve convinced me with your well-reasoned argument. Kudos.

            1. Mark's keeper says:

              So sad Mark. Obviously you have yet to graduate high school. Let me try to explain this my simple friend, in the most clear and direct manner I can.

              Paul reasoned that the Vikings were no good, and were not appreciated in this state, and used that as his premise to support his position that any public funding for the stadium should be refused. He used the oh-so-popular straw man fallacy, in which he uses his personal attacks against the Vikings as evidence to support his argument (no funding for stadium)

              In my response, I simply tried to highlight the absurdity of his argument by drawing a parallel, yet equally unintelligent argument about supporting my position that he should leave the state because I don’t like him.

              Sorry I had to literally spell all this out for you. I can only imagine the hardships you face in your day to day life. Keep on keeping on buddy. Life gets easier, and no matter what the other kids say, you are special and you do deserve to live a happy life!!

              1. MARK says:

                So you see something stupid on the internet and immediately rush out to post your own stupid response? Sounds like a great use of your time. Your intelligent debate technique will win a lot of support here and in life in general. Keep up the good work. I hope the Wilfs put your tax money to good use.

        2. Chester says:

          Yeah. I would really enjoy living in a state without Paul. You are a negative nancy that loves misery & company. Go live in North Dakota, Iowa or Nebraska if you dont want professional sports!

          1. MARK says:

            Chester, go live in Texas if you love professional sports. The people there seem to love to give millions of taxpayer dollars to billionaires for their stadiums. I’m guessing you’d fit right in.

      2. MARK says:

        Chuck, the Republicans are telling us we need to cut aid money to the poor and to environmental protections and other things they don’t like. We’re broke, they say, and we need to cut across the board. Nothing is off the table! Except when it comes to giving hundreds of millions of dollars to a billionaire to build a sports stadium that only a small percent of the population will enjoy. Apparently there’s plenty of money for that. As for what you enjoy, I could care less. We’re broke! (So they say.)

  7. No NO No says:

    I struggle with this BIG TIME as we just don’t have the $$$
    The spin doctors will do their thing on the minimal cost and so on but it costs. A lot at that.
    We know have this getting brought to the table mainly by the GOP it seems, with Dayton on board in general.
    We have Michelle Bachmann wanting to put more than 3/4 of a BILLION $$$ into a grandiouse bridge that Wisconsin says no cash to. So it’s on MN taxpayers and it’s not the right time and sure as hell not the right scale and cost .
    Where is the conservative side here????? Is there one to any party????
    The answer is of course NO
    Don’t whine about the other party spending you to death people – they all the same

    1. Charlie says:

      Get it straight please…
      The bridge needs to be built and that is not Bachmann’s fault.
      At least she is stepping up and making a case for it…
      the rest just belly-ache about having to close the Stillwater lift bridge AGAIN!

  8. un-elect supporters says:

    There needs to be a cost to the legislators carrying this legislation. Taxing their constituents is a great idea; making sure they don’t get re-elected would be better. Contrary to assertions in these comments, 1/3 of the revenues raised will be taxes on disinterested taxpayers. The legislation removes the standard referendum requirement to ensure that taxpayers have no input into the decision to increase their sales tax rate.

  9. Iconoclast says:

    So many more important things in life rather than building a half billion dollar ego boost that the overpaid little boys will play eight games a year in. The fan boys all sound like half wit Roman citizens screaming for more gladiator games while the rich just sick back amused by how easy it is to keep you distracted.

    1. Chris says:

      This stadium will be used almost every day of every year…
      for so many other events and causes that we cannot mention here…
      So stop with the “only 8 games a year” retoric already!

    2. Jake says:

      @iconoclast, your argument is actually the weakest here, and I’ll avoid your (lowly) tactic of ad hominem attacs on the speaker rather than the speeches. This is not a general fund expenditure that would be available for the “more important things” as you state. (I assume you would champion cutting support to the arts like the Guthrie and Walker, or are these also the important things?) The question is not where to spend the money, but ratehr whether it is an appropriate role of government to be involved in raising this specific revenue to fund an asset that has a mixture of public and private benefit.

  10. Robert Wells says:

    If the Wilf’s and the NFL want a new stadium in Minnesota, they should finance it themselves and not saddle the Minnesota tax payer with more debt.

    Any increase in taxes should be used to pay off our outstanding debt, help our cities, schools, and transportation needs.

  11. Jake says:

    I love the Vikings, and I have been open to a reasonable plan, but here’s what makes no sense to me: If this is a tax on products related to the Vikings – Jerseys, game tix, etc., why does the government have to be involved. The Vikings own the rights to the memorabilia, and they control the ticket prices, etc. Why doesn’t Wilf raise the fee for using the Vikings logo and the price of tickets (etc.) by the commensurate amount and build the stadium with the additional revenue? If it’s such a sure fire deal, I am sure private bonding would be available to get it done. . . .

    1. Chuck says:

      Jake, I think we need a new stadium for several reasons…
      I really like your proposed plan here, and makes us wonder why they do not buck up for more of that approach… just a little too much smoke and mirrors involved yet. MN can utilize a year round facility and we need to keep control of it out of the hands of Wilf… he deserves no ownership entitlement in this, as he will benefit with the other $$$ generated by his team, etc… Thanks.

    2. Bad bad bad Devil thought u have says:

      Why not put a tax on everything and use the money to rent them a fleet of trucks for the move west? 😉

  12. john says:

    The bafoons who don’t want a stadium really don’t understand the economic
    impact that a new stadium will have on our economy and the 100’s of jobs
    that will be given to build it. Get your heads out of the sand people and don’t
    let all that good stuff head to L.A.!

    1. Kool aid with a twist of purple says:

      haze….5 hits at that.

      share some of that liquid with us all there john plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  13. skezick says:


    1. Orville says:

      There is no data ever presented how a stadium is good for the economy. The owners live out of town, the players rarely live here in the off season. It is not like they are spending their money here. If you spent the money on something local the money would stay local. The Strib reported it as a .15% tax or 3 cents for every $20. or $1.50 for every $1000 Over 30 years it will add up.

  14. Bob says:

    Why r u also so close minded? The tribes have ripped of the elderly of this state for twenty years! We need a Racino to contribute to the tax base!!!wake up taxpayers! I am for the Racino!

    1. Kool aid ya'll sipping? says:

      yep – and the whites and settlers have ripped off the tribes for over 200.
      No need to be a closet racist and hypocrite Bob….tell us how you really feel. lmao

      1. Charlie says:

        What price do you put on that Kool Aid?

        I think those scores have been settled a few times over by now….

        We are all for a casino or anything else, why would we protect that monopoly?

    2. dan says:


      But Bob, we have to pay for our mistakes for eternity. You know, just like all the other countries that invaded and took over any nation in history. The Indians have the right to run a tax-free business. How dare you criticize the minorities.
      Bob’s right, wake up and stop apologizing to everyone!

  15. idiocracy says:

    What type of events are going to fill the calendar of this stadium? If it has a retractable roof, is that only going to keep the elements out or are they going to heat the stadium? Will the field be real grass? I’ve got the feeling that the field is not going to be as versatile as the dome (not as many different types of events will be held there compared to the dome). I’m not going to buy in to ‘if we build it they will come’.

  16. Peter says:

    How abFirst of all, to everyone complaining about spending on a vikings stadium. Has anyone seen these stupid art projects along 35W? How about the money being spent to add a lane to 35W? How about all of the constant, non-stop road construction. All projects that just a lot of money, most of it unnecessary. At least the stadium will bring in revenue and pay for itself in the long run, unlike most of the wasteful spending that just becomes lost money!

    1. MARK says:

      Road repairs are unnecessary? I assume you don’t drive.

  17. mlt says:

    Yea, let’s spend One Billion Dollars for a stadium where the Vikings might play 6 to 8 games a season. It’s a no brainer.

    1. Chris says:

      mlt, What color is the sky in your world?

      Did you miss all of the other facts in this deal?

      Why do you bother to post when you are not following the story?

      If it was just for the Wilfs and football, we would ALL disagree with it!

      You are not the only one there, but please acknowledge the whole deal…

  18. Peter is right people, listen to him! says:

    I agree with Peter. Another lane on 35W and road construction in MN are a terrible waste of taxpayer money, money that could be better used to build a new Vikings stadium where people could roller blade and walk when the Vikings aren’t using it.

    Can’t you people understand that we need a few hundred jobs for a couple of years here?

    And what about the state debt? Having debt is critical to our economy. Why the interest payment alone keeps over 30 banks in business and look how many people they employ. Those people would lose their jobs if we didn’t have debt … and lots of it.

    We need a new stadium. And the taxpayers should be willing to happily pay for all of it. Why burden Mr. Wilf?

    1. Get the facts straight says:

      A few hundred jobs?? Yeah, the 7500 construction jobs alone to build it, in an industry that has over 30% unemployment. But I forget that we care so much for the needy, just not YOUR needy, right? And the 500 vendor jobs for each event (concerts, monster truck, high school tournaments, etc, etc). The 200 Facilities jobs to run and maintain the arena. So do those jobs all disappear after a couple years? So even though it’s adding 7500 for two years and 700 for the 30 years after that, it isn’t good enough? Will a man with a lot of money spend a lot to get a lot more? Yes he will. I had some old bath water once….. I threw it out the window. It’s just too bad there was a baby in the tub when I did it.

      1. MARK says:

        “Will a man with a lot of money spend a lot to get a lot more?”

        That’s the point. Let Wilf spend a lot of money to get a lot more.

  19. Chris says:

    You know…. I don’t have kids, but I still pay for our schools. I don’t go to museums, but I still pay for their funding gaps. I don’t go to Como Park, but I still pay for it. Stop thinking that you speak for anyone but yourself. Just like the above examples, there are inherent benefits to having a pro sports team, as well as a terrific facility that will be used year round for multiple events and activities. If you are quick to say “Let them go”, just be ready for someone to say that about something that you appreciate- maybe our arts culture. yes, Wilf will make money off of this deal, but I won’t cut my nose off to spite my face. I’m pretty sure the 7500 construction jobs and billions this will give us in the future are a fair trade for the proposed funding. If you are angry about this, you haven’t read the bill, and are just trying to stir up the political “class war”.

    1. Vikes!!! says:

      Go Vikes!!!

  20. wes says:

    Wake up folks. We don’t need to spend a Billion Dollars on a stadium for highschoolers and monster trucks to have a place to play. That’s what has gotten us here in the first place. By the time you guys in the metro area wkae up it will be too late. Get over it.

    They can do that in the back 40 and the Vikes can go someplace where they don’t need a dome to play in.

    1. Think much Wes? says:

      Clearly spoken by a man who doesn’t know how to generate income. I suppose we can just fund the state with good feelings and flowers in the next 20 years? Enjoy being a backwoods state, do we? Obviously you missed the part last year where the Vikings said they would pay for 75% of a new stadium and it would be outdoors. The state jumped in and said “no, we need some sort of covering so we can use it”. If it was your business you would probably have a similar response to what the Vikings did. But based off your above response you certainly don’t have your own business. But it’s not your fault, “The Man” is always plotting against you!

      1. MARK says:

        Nice rant. Your personal attacks against an anonymous poster is a real winning strategy. I hope the Vikings stay, but somehow I think we’ll be able to fund the state for the next 20 years without them.

        I look forward to your response about how I’m a jobless liberal who should move to China…

      2. wes says:

        Not a problem. There should be an easy solution to the issue. I see some of the folks that live near the stadium have been paying taxes to pay for it with ne benefit to them. So taxing Hennepin Co residents isn’t the solution. Now the benefits seem to be primarily to those that use the stadium;i.e. the team and the fans of whatever. So in lieu of taxes lets just drag them out and chrge each one of us each time we attend event. Maybe a $20 surtax per ticket would take care of the public’s share of the stadium.I would be ghappy to pay a surcharge on each ticket I buy for an event at the new stadium. Just call it a user fee.

        Maybe you could take up a freewill offering from the business owners that actually benifit from it.

  21. Don't forget Peter's Point says:

    And let’s not forget Peter’s point. How can we possibly get as big of a bang for our buck in one fell swoop as building a stadium? Do you want to waste our legislators’ time writing hundreds and hundreds of other spending bills when they can keep the state’s economy going with just this one bill?

    Remember people, this stadium will bring the state revenue, big time. Why, as others have already noted, it will pay for itself over and over and over again … so you see? It won’t cost the taxpayers a single cent.

    Clearly the intelligent thing to do is “Ger R Done!”

  22. Realist says:

    Like it or not, this deal will go ahead, and it’s gonna happen like this:

    The state legislature will pass a bill, and the governor will sign into law, a provision that allows another entity (read: county or counties) to raise a tax without a referendum. Right now, the owners of the team are nailing down a handshake/gentleman’s agreement with a simple majority of a county’s (or counties’) board, and they’re doing it one person at a time, to skirt the open meetings law. I put my money on Hennepin County, with perhaps Ramsey riding the shirt-tails.

    Once the bill is law, magically, a proposal will come forward and go through the hearings/gnashing of teeth/etc, and be voted up regardless.

    I did get a kick out of the county commissioner who sounded shocked and surprised that Vikings, Inc. were holding negotiations with other partners. Combine that with Mike Opat at Hennepin County, who won’t rule out a deal, and it’s all done but the paperwork.

    Transparent government was fun while it lasted…

  23. Vikes!!! says:

    Go Vikes!!!!

  24. Tax the whole state says:

    I believe there should be a state wide tax on food and drink It would be only fair and would generate more money from a group of people who would benefit directly from the new retractable roof stadiam by giving them a warm climate controlled environment to watch sporting events. Hennepin County should not be penalize with high taxes when the rest of the state isn’t subjected by that same tax.

  25. Finally, an honest and intelligent post says:

    You hit the nail on the head Mr. Realist.

    The most disturbing part comes not so much from the fact that there will be a new stadium, but for the way the owners and the politicians are forcing it. There is so much corruption at all levels of government in MN – the public has no conception of it at all.

    Worse yet, the general public is so opinionated and ill-informed they can neither elect the right government representatives nor can they give them intelligent direction on how to govern. In some ways perhaps it matters not because none of the political parties present capable, educated, qualified candidates from which to choose anyway.

    So much for one of the foundations of America – “No taxation without representation.” Those in power will not allow the people to decide their fate and the people do not realize that so they will do nothing about it.

    Thank you for having the most comprehensive and honest assessment yet of this controversial issue.

  26. pp says:

    “. . . the general public is so opinionated and ill-informed . . ”

    You’re right. Politicians are such smart people. What would we do without them?

  27. What do you mean pp? says:

    pp – I don’t understand your comment. You do realize the writer you appear to be criticizing shares your opinion that our politicians are incapable of governing, right?

  28. Twins fan says:

    I love the twins! Yahooooooooooooooo go Minnesota twins and the Vikings 2

  29. twins fan says:

    Good morning! Let us talk about getting the new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Twins fan says:

    @pp…………..questions are you a women?

  31. Twins fan says:

    I think all need to be thankful .for the Vikings, twins, t-wolves here because when I young I enjoy watching them ,they have done a lot to me and our community keeping us safe out of trouble they have helps thousands of children’s around the world they have done all the good charity work. I hope someone from the team like players if you guys have read this I want to say to you all thank you so much you guys are awesome .I hope everyone joint me to thanks all the players coaching staff. Owners of the team and all the employees for the team for making our community fun and enjoyable throughout when we were a kid and passing down to our kids our schools to make it better positive energy. And some other state or city may not even know what it feel like when your city have major baseball ,NFL team, NBA team and if you like charitable work thank them just like wal mart have been donate lot of money to our school OK will leave out wal mart for now because this is about the team. But I just want people to get these picture.
    Go Vikings . Go twins. Go T-shirt wolves. Go wilds!

  32. Twins fan says:

    Go twolves that is. : – )

  33. Carl E. Pentland says:

    We all love the Vikings and it would be a a disaster to lose our team! However, as we watch the feud between the millionaire players and billionaire owners I have to ask myself why can they not build a stadium with their own money?? They don’t care about the people they care about the revenue from the people..
    Why should the people during these tough economic times have to have their taxes increased to build a stadium where the owners will receive a fat check for naming rights that will go to the team instead of the people who financed it? The twins just pulled this off selling Target the naming rights for building the twins new stadium and instead of giving it to the State they kept 100% of the windfaull. Enough is enough

  34. And that's what I have to say about that says:

    The rich owners and players want all of the money they can possibly get out of you. Our governor will pop a few more happy pills, open his eyes wide, and take credit for delivering a “people’s stadium.” Our corrupt politicians and government leaders will stuff this down your throats no matter what you want. And you, Minnesota taxpayers, will bend right over for them because you’re either apathetic or perhaps just plain pathetic..

  35. Twins fan says:

    I don’t understand why no one purpose to have Vikings playing at the TCF stadium? We got the stadium case closed let just go play there no need to have headaches trying to built a new stadium I agree with the people. Our economy is not great why pay more money when you already got a good new stadium. TCF TCF TCF TCF fields !$

  36. Twins fan says:

    AND THE ROCK HAVE SAID : no needs to built a new stadium we got TCF stadium. S. Young told me I love this field! B. Farve said to me this is the place! J. Elway said : this would be a selective choice! Elvis g. Said if I can have a concernt for the half time show! And the people here said: it would be the greatest ice on earth! Go Vikings! TCF. TCF.TCF.TCF. fields. For the vikings.

  37. Twins fan says:

    So did I got your attention yet ? Let the Vikings play at the TCF fields! Save our dollars for our children and the people.

  38. Twins fan says:

    Or we can ask http://WWW.Jesse V. ( the body) what would he thinks?

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