By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

WILLERNIE, Minn. (WCCO) — The Hanger Room in downtown Willernie, Minn. is turning heads with its “4-20” party.

A sign outside the upscale steakhouse advertises that the party starts at 4:20 p.m. Wednesday. The words are outlined in the shape of a familiar leaf, marijuana, who some associate the date with.

So far, it’s had a hazy reception.

“It is sort of a mixed message. It doesn’t represent what the restaurant is. I am a little surprised,” said customer JJ Dalton.

“This is a beer party, not a marijuana party,” Jason Walther, the restaurant general manager, said.

The restaurant has around 80 beers on draft. One of their beers, called CENSORED, which is made by the Lagunitas Brewing Company, is being launched on Wednesday. The restaurant plans to move forward with the beer company’s chosen theme.

“It’s not meant to be offensive to anyone. I guess some people have taken it that way, which I apologize,” said Walther, who maintains that the restaurant will still host the party.

The marketing of Lagunitas, which is a California-based company, has been very effective, according to Walther.

Aaron Carr, a Willernie neighbor, says he will be a customer Wednesday.

“I will be going over there for the 4-20 party now. I will be there, sitting down, having a beer,” said Carr.

Lagunitas told WCCO-TV it has similar parties across the country.

While the promotion raised eyebrows elsewhere, the company is advertising the lifestyle to reach more customers.

Here’s one more tidbit. The beer in question used to be called KRONIK, but they had to change it.

Comments (25)
  1. 420 says:

    We need to be more like Colorado

    1. Rusty Shackelford says:

      Tell the truth, you want us to be more like socialist Germay or Russia 420. Go back to your mattress under the bridge dude.

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        Good Grief!!! As usual you are full of beans!!! Why don’t you go elsewhere with your diatribes!

        1. Crunk O'holic says:

          Haters gonna hate!!! 420!!! Time to burn one down, this one is for rusty buzzkill

        2. Devoided says:

          Ok Dale…remember where you stole the moniker from….pretty sure you got buddies (or lovers) named swamp rat….

  2. Bob says:

    Let me get this straight, at 4:20 in the afternoon we can smoke and celebrate Hitlers birthday at the Hanger Room ?

    1. Rusty Shackelford says:

      That is exactly the Liberal ritual going on here Bob.

    2. Anth says:

      Actually it originally had to do with the time that people would smoke up. The fact that it is Hitlers bithday is just a coincidence.

  3. Rusty Shackelford says:

    The coppers should pay this business a couple of visits, and lock up anyone drinking and smoking, then driving home. Throw ’em in the clink, make them go to treatment.

    1. larry says:

      rusty the idiot shut up you add nothing to the debate and you cant spell moron,stop worrying about what doesnot affect you

  4. Victim Du Jour says:

    The United States used to be the best, up until baby boomers smoked pot and used LSD at Woodstock.

    Now everyone wants free mental health drugs, everyone has psychology acronym for a crutch, and kids are getting fat from all the different
    kinds of snacks.

    “corporations are evil and global warming is going to kill us all”

  5. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Kids are fat because they are lazy. We ate as much as could to keep our energy up as kids, and we stayed lean and mean. Lazyness is the reason for overweight kids.

  6. Tyrone DeShawn Jackson says:

    I’m just excited with all the money I have been making this week, and expect to make tomorrow! I can up the prices a bit tomorrow 🙂 !

    1. Rusty Shackelford says:

      Funny, a druggy taunting us, how brazen.

  7. Jeffery Gauss says:


  8. Tyrone Deshawn Jackson says:

    Anyone need some greens today? Look up your man Tyrone at the Lake St. McDonald’s yo! Just ask around.

  9. ash says:

    The sheer amount of crazy in these comments is hilarious.

  10. Bob says:

    Cannabis is a gift from God to help us deal with non-believers.

  11. soooooo the fact is..truth says:

    pot should be legalized an up to the person ,it is no different than drinking or smoken cig’s as matter a fact pot does not cause cancer ,has kill no one unlike drinking and cig’s..i hear all this poltic’s about the debt and so forth …well maybe starting up a new market and maken sure u have someone resp. take in the money would help that issue,and maybe u didn’t read the article yesterday that what perp. drugs are doing to our people ,killing off more than herion or cocaine……just a thought that maybe people should real open there eye’s up and stop thinking there is no use for this plant …….there is no use for it because the goverment does not want it legalized that is the only reason in this country…it use to be this country fought for right’s now it’s all about money and control…i guess christ was right when he said in the last days the love of many would grow cold…

  12. Victim Du Jour says:

    Big Tobacco paid scientists to say tobacco doesn’t cause cancer and it’s not addictive too.

    Why should we believe Greedy “Big Marijuana” people?

    Weed contributes to teen suicide, and a common substance problem among people who receive welfare, section 8, and food stamps.

  13. Reality Check says:

    Why would you eat here when Roma is right next to it and the food is much higher quality?

  14. 5 mistakes says:

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