MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As of last weekend, the Twin Cities had suffered the fourth snowiest winter on record. Now, despite threats of snow, it looks like we will stay locked in fourth place.

According to WCCO-TV meteorologist Chris Shaffer, another round of wet snow developed in the Twin Cities Tuesday evening, and will continue overnight.

“Temperatures are going to fall back to about 32 overnight, so it will be cold enough for some light snow,” said Shaffer. “Don’t be shocked if you have a little accumulation on the grassy areas. Most of it should melt on contact on the roadways.”

As of 9 p.m. Tuesday, 3.8 inches of snow has been recorded in Rochester, 5.5 inches in Houston County and 8.3 inches in La Crosse, Wis.

The snow will taper and slide off to the east by the time most folks are venturing home, Shaffer said. Expect a quiet, yet cool, day Thursday with some sunshine and a high near 50 degrees.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has canceled all advisories and warning in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Another storm system is projected on Friday, but it’s expected to be warm enough to be mostly rain.

Although we’re well below average high temperatures during the week, which is 60 degrees, the good news is that the holiday weekend is looking to be warmer.

The even better news is that the average snowfall for the month of May is 0.1 inches. This year, though … who knows?

Watch James Schugel’s Report In Rochester

Comments (24)
  1. Enough Already! says:

    It’s ironic that the day there’s national buzz about working at Mc Donalds is also a cold day in hell where it’s supposed to snow on April 19th and 20th.

    1. Heather Haan says:

      ha ha ha where is the like button????

      1. Paul Choi says:

        “LIKE” BUTTON> O

    2. RD says:

      You are a bafoon.

      1. SpellingCounts says:

        What’s a “bafoon”?

  2. mo' says:

    nobody complains when summer-like weather lasts far into october/november or even the rare 50 degree day in december. shut up and get over it, it’s all part of living in MN.

    1. Elphaba says:

      In case you hadn’t noticed complaining about the weather is also a part of living in MN…so don’t “shut up” just get with it!

    2. Mark says:

      REALLY ? Was this comment even needed ? I guess someone wanted to feel important today, I hope you feel better ” MO”

    3. Dave says:

      Thanks captain obvious. Do you live in MN? Why would we complain about warm days!? Most worthless comment ever lol

  3. JB says:

    At least it won’t last this time of year.

  4. Paula says:

    Come on people, quit complaining about a coating of snow! This shouldn’t even be news worthy!!

  5. Paul says:

    Such small word with large result
    Now a word that brings insult
    Oh go away we’ve had enough
    Winter’s bite was much too rough

    Stop thy flakes from coming down
    No more white upon our town
    Only sun and April showers
    We receive warmly powers

    Send the whiteness far away
    Not for us on this spring day
    Order back the cold rainfall
    We are in April, after all!!!

  6. Rachel says:

    Do I really have to apply for a job at McDonalds?

  7. Terry says:

    PAUL…YOU ROCK !!!!

  8. KG says:

    Lol, warmed my day even without the warm weather.

  9. Ralph Spoilsport says:

    E to the x, dx, dx.
    E to the x, dx.
    Arctan, tangent, cosine, sine
    Three point one four one five nine.
    Yea math!

  10. whatever says:

    It will be overblown like most forecasts lately.

  11. lenny says:

    i go get job mcdonels now.. knows good edacation wold pay off good. And some tell us say techers is in just for mony$$. ha ha ha..

  12. simon says:

    I WANNA MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Common Sense up North says:

    We’ve had snow on opening fishing weekend, this last blast of snow isn’t unusual.
    Cheer up. Pretty soon people will be whining about the heat, humidity and bugs.

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