FORT STEWART, Ga. (AP) — An Army sergeant is set to stand trial at Fort Stewart on capital charges that he murdered a superior officer and a fellow U.S. soldier in Iraq.

Opening statements in the court-martial of Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich of Minneapolis are set to begin Wednesday after the conclusion of more than a week of jury selection. The trial is expected to last several months.

The 41-year-old infantryman faces the death penalty if a military jury convicts him in the September 2008 slayings of his squad leader, Staff Sgt. Darris Dawson, and Sgt. Wesley Durbin. The shootings took place at a patrol base in Iraq in 2008.

Witnesses say the victims were shot at their infantry unit’s patrol base after they counseled Bozicevich for poor performance.

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Comments (4)
  1. rach says:

    thats what happens when you train people to kill….

    1. Beth says:

      Having been in the Army I can tell you that that is NOT what happens when you train people to kill..

    2. t says:

      @rach-That was a stupid comment

  2. rich says:

    is it, really? is that what happens when you teach people to drive, they cause accidents when they drive the wrong way on the interstate? do i blame my pencil for misspelled words?

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