MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has landed on Time magazine’s 2011 list of 100 “most influential” people.

Time says its list recognizes the activism, innovation and achievement of the world’s most influential people. Bachman is considering running for the Republican Party’s nomination for president. Bachmann said in a statement Thursday that she’s humbled by the selection and “grateful to be named among such a variety of notable people affecting our world.”

Bachmann is among some recognizable names on the list, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, President Obama and Oprah Winfrey — and some not so recognizable, including game developer Peter Vesterbacka, fashion and film director Tom Ford and economist Esther Duflo.

Time published the list online Thursday. It hits the newsstands Friday.

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Comments (97)
  1. Steve says:

    It’s not “most influential”, it’s “most influenza”
    She gives everyone the flu.

    1. Tom says:


      LMAO! Good One!

    2. Kent says:

      Still laughing Steve!

    3. Mike says:

      She influences me to vote for any other party.

    4. JustTheTruth says:

      This actually makes sense – She certainly is influential at making my stomach turn. And influential at making MN a laughing stock to the rest of the country.

  2. Schae says:

    I didn’t know that being crazy was criteria for being “most influential”

    1. Lorenzo says:

      That is what I thought when I saw Obama on there!

  3. Abe Linclon says:

    Oh God, my head hurts…….

  4. tigger says:

    The LEFT has spoken!
    …..knowing about Crazy, all to well…. Mr. Dayton and Al, being glaring examples

    1. Wait a Minute says:

      Al Franken is one of the most intelligent and well-read politicians. He has kept relatively quite for his first term. He is trying to learn his job. Bachman isn’t even on the same field as Franklin.

      1. kevin says:

        ha ha thanks for the laugh.

      2. Tom says:

        Wait a Minute

        I agree with you! Comparing Dayton and Franken too Bachmann is a stretch! Dayton and Franken know how too put together a complete sentence. Bachmann never has been able too do that. That is why the NUTS on the right like her.

        1. kevin says:

          you guys are killing me, stop it my stomach hurts.

          1. M B says:

            How about trying to form a actual comment other than trying to obtusely insult and distract people?
            If you have proof otherwise or are able to coherently defend your position, then I’m willing to listen. If you simply spew hate and vitriol or mock people, then you are best off not saying anything because you just proved their point for them.

            1. kevin says:

              spew hate? you better re read the post as to who is spewing hate. I am merely enjoying the post which you must agree are extremely funny. And thank you for the additional laugh…..

            2. Paul says:

              kevin is incapable of rational thought or debate. His lack of response is a testament to the fact that the above posters are 100% accurate. If they weren’t, then he might actually have an intelligent response. Of course, if he’s a Bachmann supporter then there is not chance of intelligence being spotted.

              1. Kevin says:

                Debate what Paul, all I hear are smears. Show me something to debate and I will respond. You have nothing, and the name calling is out of pure frustration. You want so bad to be right and have everybody agree with you but they don’t. By the way, the IQ of registered demacrats is 19 points less than republicans. Wrong again.

                1. Paul says:

                  Really, Kevin? 19 points LESS then Republicans? I would love to see some solid, hard evidence to back this claim up. Have you seen a political map lately? While Democrats routinely win the north, where all of the respected businesses and universities are located, not to mention the best education in the country, Republicans routinely win the south. This is where you will generally find those people who are not very well educated. And I’m being kind when I say that. Republicans get their news from Fox, and Fox viewers have been verified as being the most misinformed people in the country.

                  Please, Kevin, if you’re going to try and form complete thoughts, make them sensible.

                2. Kim says:

                  her making the Times????? now I know the world has gone to hell in a hand basket!!!!

                3. S&MAN says:

                  Um… Kevin, if you are going to claim the “DEMOCRATS” are less intelligent, generally speaking, wouldn’t it help your case to actually be able to spell the word DEMOCRATS correctly?? So, what does that mean??? That registered Republicans have an average IQ of 65, while Democrats have an average IQ of 46?? I’d have to agree with Paul. Most states that vote solidly Republican are Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee. Have you been to these states??? It is as close to a 3rd world country that you will find in the U.S.. The performance of high school students in those states is simply pathetic…at best. Compare them with Minnesota, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut. What about he “most literate” cities in America?? Seattle, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, St. Paul, Madison, San Francisco, Boston..or cities with highest percentage of 4 year degrees; Washington D.C., San Fran, San Jose, Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, New York.

                  I’m curious, WHERE did you come up with that statistic?? gigg

          2. v says:

            Your stomach hurts because you’ve been digesting too much Tea and Right Wing B.S.! Either that, or it’s the poor water and air you’ve been absorbing. You can thank the Bush administration for that. Frickin lazy, whining righties. Unbelievable. Always whining… ” I don’t want to pay taxes. I don’t want to lose my gun. I don’t want to give up my Redneck gasoholic truck. I don’t want to stop polluting the planet. I don’t want to THINK INTELLIGENTLY”. That stuff requires EFFORT. You people are walking contradictions. You slam a system that helps the less fortunate. You call the recipients of gov’t assistance “lazy”, yet prove time and time again that all you want to legislate are rights and privileges that allow YOU to be lazy.That’s why you’re all fat rednecks. The reason you hicks like Palin and Bachman so much is because they look better than your wives and make YOU look smart!

            1. Kevn says:

              I am sending this one to Leno for his opening. Good one.

            2. T says:

              Good one V. Interesting that shows like Desperate Housewives gets their highest ratings in the bible belt – where all those smart Republicans live.

      3. Doug says:

        There are similiarities.

        Franken may be a comedic satirist, but Michele Bachmann says an awful lot of funny stuff. She gets 10x as much air time on Comedy Central as Franken does, no joke, …and she’s not even trying.

        I think she’d make the most entertaining President!

      4. sad says:

        He has kept his mouth shut because the election was illegal won for him by ACORN.

      5. Tony says:

        Franken is inelligent and well read???? Really? Ok, so tell me…..how are you related to him. He’s an idiot.

        1. Psychedelico says:

          He’s an idiot? He’s published several books, and in his first term as a senator was placed on several bipartisan senate panels and commissions, BECAUSE of his smarts. I know any idiot can write a book, but he’s had several PUBLISHED, meaning other people thought they were good enough to publish.

          You sound like my dad, with the insults—but nothing to back them up.

    2. betty says:

      This woman never spends any time in her home district. She is always running around the country opening that big mouth and saying the same ole BS and collecting $$. During her speech in SC over the weekend, she barely had 300 people show up. Her star is fading . . .


      1. Kim says:

        I agree with this one!!!!!! couldn’t have said it any better!!!

      2. Jeff says:

        She must be doing something right, she’s on her 2nd term, if she’s bad, the liberal running against her must have been nasty!

        1. James says:

          If her district were redrawn, she would lose.

    3. Robin Hood says:

      The tigger has spoken? What about Christophor Robin, or Winnie the Pooh?
      The right has spoken, ya another bunch of wild lies!

  5. red says:


  6. whatever says:

    Wow, apparently the rest of the country ha a different perception of this woman than I do.

    1. Linda says:

      She was named as one of the most influential. It didn’t specify whether her influence was bad or good.

  7. BBooty says:

    Hey – keep it in perspective. Lagy Gaga tops out many lists as #1

    The proof is in the nuts dropped around the tree. Lady G definitely has it up on Bachmann in every way except for spitting out the Cry of Hate
    Well – guess maybe she’s above that petty detail


  8. Robert says:

    This is one issue I’m not buying. What I don’t understand is 100 most influential? I always thought Time did the Man of the Year not 100 most influtential.

    what is her ranking 101

  9. Oh how Great says:

    She has to be proud joining her peers like the Obama’s, the Clintons and many other who been there – done that.
    Think they all will hug and kiss? Maybe sneek in a litlle you know what after hours? Huh – what you all think – maybe? lol

    1. M B says:

      You DO realize that Bachmann is a Republican, right? If not you just made a misinformed snipe of colossal proportions, and one worthy of what I have come to expect from Republicans..

      1. Oh how we can twist a thought around says:

        ever hear of sarcasm??????? 😉

  10. don says:

    It should read the most racist of all time

  11. Jim says:

    Her influence has pushed me to vote Democrat.

  12. Doug says:

    If we elected Michelle Bachmann President, we could send a message to the rest of the world that we are just as crazy as any ass-backward banana republic. It could relieve all the pressure that comes with being a super power. Our debts would be written off. We could invade Canada, grab their assets, give them religion, …make them play basketball, …just for the fun of it!

    Think about it: BACHMANN/PALIN – Making Sense of The End Times.

  13. harryoya says:

    Hitler was also time mag’s person of the year, hmmm…

  14. Jimmy says:

    If the people of the United States of America would even consider electing either Bachmann or Pawlenty to a greater position of power…then the world is surely going to the dogs!

    1. M B says:

      What else do you expect from a people that would rather be watching American Idol, Real Housewives, or any of the inane shows currently on television rather than being objectively informed about their politicians and other of the current issues?
      When it comes down to brass tacks, most of the American People love to complain, but not actually learn about the issues and actually change things.

      1. John Q Public says:

        Seven of ten Americans can name the Seven Dwarfs.

        One in ten can name the nine Supreme Courts justices.

        Ten in ten Tea Partiers can repeat word for word everything said by Bachman, Limbaugh, Hannity and their ilk AND actually believe it.

        Sad, ain’t it?

        1. me says:

          I’m sorry, I tought Dopey, Grumpy and Sleepy were some of the justices? No?

          Face it, the name John Roberts just isn’t as exciting as Sneezy.

      2. v says:

        That’s why they fall for pin-up politicians spewing bumper-sticker rhetoric. Enter Palin, Trump, Bachman, Gingrich…. all riding on the BS train that’s being driven by Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity.

  15. Meg says:

    Most influential does not indicate good or bad. As noted in other comments, the influence can be nauseating,

  16. Tax Payer says:

    She needs to get back to her district and do her job that she was voted in to do.
    She took lessons from Pawlenty. Another one to line their pockets with our tax dollars .

    1. Trish says:

      Where do you people come from? She is a U.S. representative and she works in Washington D.C. She is doing her job in representing her district in matters such as our economy, national defense, immigration, etc. She doesn’t belong in Minnesota doing photo ops. Her influence in other states helps pass legislation benefitial to her districts views. Please explain how she is lining her pockets or do you just make stuff up. If you have to lie to make a point you may not have one.

      1. Have you been under a rock? says:

        I’m wondering where you are coming from Trish, Bachmann has done NOTHING for her district and has NEVER brought anything up to pass in the legislative she is too busy traveling around getting on TV and spewing off about Obama this and Obama that. She needs to shut her piehole and do something for her district like why is her district has the highest unemployment rate in Minnesota and the most foreclosures in the state are in her district.

        1. ohoh says:

          Keith Elletson hasn’t been in MN since he won the election.

  17. Kurt says:

    She is influential:

    She is rewriting history. (Lexington and Concord–New Hampshire)

    She wants to become the next Joe McCarthy. (Find the pro and anti Americans in Congress.)

    Scientific researcher….(Not even one study can be produced that shows carbon dioxide is a harmful gas)

    Economist: (get rid of minimum wage to reduce unemployemt and improve the economy.)

    You mean she is not the next Michelanglo/Einstien/Jefferson all in one?

    1. Lance says:

      Your VP has many more history gaffs than the New Hampshire one. It was a mistake but the rest of your post are positives. The anti American comment was meant for those in congress that want to change what america was founded on. The constitution, demacratic principle, freedom. There are those in congress that want to change what america is and to me that is anti-america. As far as carbon dioxide goes, should we stop breathing. Minimum wage has hurt many people wanting to work in college, high school, etc. My son had to join the teamsters to bag groceries and a few years later that job was eliminated in stores like cub. He was sixteen and just wanted to make a couple bucks for spending not a life time job of bagging. Not all jobs are careers.

  18. MB is influential says:

    Let’s all just agree those that dislike MB do so because she wants to lessen the free stuff you receive from the gov dole. At least own it. Just say it how it is, yes I reveive free stuff at the expense of others, I pay no fed income tax and use my EBT card at Costco and feel more free stuff should be mine. I must complain about those who worked to get ahead when I partied and so I am mad at the world and see relief in taking from others. Even the media is finally just admitting it is socialism they want. Hiding it in ridiculous comments just makes you look even less successful than you are if that is possible. It amazes me that you all seek the least amount of success possible. How does one shun success and invite theft of other peoples success? No really, how does that thought ever enter your brain? I like her because she wants to ensure the gov takes less of my money as a charity intermediary and puts the choice in my hands. Why don’t we all put all of our money on the table and divide it up equally? The logic of economics is just simply lost of progressives and liberals but reality always trumps silly liberal views.

    1. yesssirrrreeeee she's a flake says:

      let’s all agree that we don’t like an ignorant – yep, thats what she is, a simple minded moron, a pompous right winged far fetched flake …. nor does the GOP.
      there ya go – some food to digest

      1. MB is influential says:

        Sorry I didn’t catch it but where should I drop off your free stuff? Just list what you want here and I’ll be sure it makes its way to you with the least possible effort from you.

        1. Psychedelico says:

          No, the logic of economics is not lost on liberals. Its the logic of patently false economics, such as “lowering taxes for millionaires leads to a better economy” and “climate change is a hoax, if we want a good economy we need to remove all pollution restrictions on businesses” that we don’t like. And I’ll admit this much– We hate to see somebody so clearly moronic and idiotic get as much air time as she does… Even if its to be expected on FAUX news.

          1. MB is influential says:

            @Psychedelico you are speaking as a person who has always been an employed not an employer. I get it, you are and may never be in the flow of money or entrepreneurship and so are forced to look at taxes through the have-not lens. That is unfortunate for you. It really is. I was there once when I was a teenager living on my own so I get it. Climate change may not be a hoax but manmade climate change seems to be. No matter what is said regarding changing climate whether it is historic cold, heat, storms, snow or whatever, you blame manmade climate change which of course had ceased being referred to as global warming since we aren’t warming. Also, I saw no lowering of taxes on any level or any sort of wealth test to keep the tax levels. A person earning 250k and an actual wealthy millionaire are many times worlds apart but I suppose anything more than 45k is so unobtainable to many that 250k seems lavish. Your perspective is lost and likely never existed and you don’t care because you’ll never get to even the 250k level with the entitlement/corporations are evil attitude. It is not to dissimilar to the African countries that went through inflation rates in the billion% plus ranges and the school kids had no respect for what a million meant since all perspective was skewed.

        2. Linda says:

          Save gas and drop off his free stuff when you drop off Bachmann’s farm subsidy check.

  19. Meg says:

    Trash let’s just say her influence & agenda on issues such as immigration, national defense economy are disturbing to some of us people, Americans. I amazing agreed on a handful of topics, but most times she speaks polar opposite of my personal views. She narrowly defines what it is to be American, representing a primarily white, over-proud, fearful of diversity citizen, spokesperson for tea party. Her influence just disturbs many fellow Americans. She does not represent all but perhaps her upper middle class conservative district well.

    1. Peter says:

      Conservative district yes, upper middle class no. Check her district out. I live in it. She like the Tea Party is merely a group of Americans that believe in a fiscally responsible government, secure borders to stop illegal entry, and limited government intervention into our lives. They believe in the constitution and believe in free enterprise. Thats pretty much it. I don’t think that has any race, religion, or financial status attached to it.

      1. Not A Yuppie says:

        @ Peter – Washington County is the the second or third wealthiest county in the State. Either Dakato or Scott I think is first. I use to live in Stillwater (and was considered poor – one of those who made under $150000.00 per year, as I was told by a good yuppie in town). Look at the houses up and down the river. Wioodbury and Stillwater and their surrounding area are yuppie enclaves (and have become the standard joke that Edina and North Oaks were years ago). Lake Elmo doesn’t want the “undesirables” lliving there that like sewer and water service. I think the area is upper middle class.

        Stillwater is the only place I have been asked to move my legally parked Chevy so the women driving the expensive SUV could park in my spot (it was outside the store she wanted to into). The rich are different and think they are privledged. Bachmann obviously fits into her district, a joke.

  20. Citizen says:

    @Peter. Unfortunately, Peter, some of the things you point out that MB’s conservative constituents want are mutually exclusive. It is expensive to have secure borders–VERY expensive. For example: It costs upwards of $200,000 to hire ONE border patrol agent from start to the finish of the first year of service. The start up of TSA to protect air travelers was incredibly expensive, as is inspection of cargo entering through U.S. ports. Freedom of and from religion and freedom against discrimination require federal workers and lawn enforcement personnel, and the list goes on. The U.S. has one of the smallest governments in the world in relative size. To make it much smaller will make it ineffective and weak in the eyes of the world.

    1. Peter says:

      thats the federal governments primary job you jughead

      1. Jim says:

        Bachmann is part of the federal government, Einstein. Did you skip social studies?

  21. Squirrel says:

    I love her! Of course, I’m partial to nuts.

  22. Mitchell says:

    This woman is a disgrace to the people of her district. She represents everything that is wrong with politics.

    1. lib says:

      How is she a disgrace, because she has a different opinion?

      1. Psychedelico says:

        No because she is a fearmongering idiot, and she makes all minnesotans look like idiots for electing her.

      2. Mitchell says:

        How about you tell me how she is not a disgrace. I’m sorry if I am picking on your hero, but name a few things she has done right. How is she working for the people of the 6th district? She is only concerned with raising her own profile, instead of addressing the issues of her district. When is the last time she gave a speech that didn’t involve some stupid, inaccurate rant about Obama? I dare you to put something together.

  23. Believer says:

    There is a lot of hate here. What you all do not seem to understand is that the argument should not be between political parties. Not so long ago we had a great Democrat as president, who was Catholic. If we ever get a president with the moral fortitude to strictly uphold the five non-negotiables (Google it – my post would not go through when I listed them) then our country will finally be great again.

  24. Meg says:

    My iPhone changed Trish to Trash, sorry I am not about name calling. Peter I was listening to U until U called Citizen a Jughead. There is no IQ test for parties nut it is amazing how easily some, many people can be led. Neither party has all the answers. MB happens to be very outspoken & very negative about the other party to the point I tune her out. I am Independent. This can happen on either side of isle.

  25. Wild Ride says:

    Both — make it all parties (lol) spew a lot of negative barbs at each other. The main difference is , IMO anyway, the fact that MB does it non-stop and that seems to be the best she has to put on the table. She rants and then recants on statements and facts so often I find it almost impossible to take her seriously on anything.
    Parts of what I think is her message I like. Parts, actually I believe most right now, of her message I do not like like. And it may change by tomorrow too.
    She gets things riled up and I guess if Time thinks that equates to being influential so be it. That rag has been so poorly done for years that I ceased to subscribe and read I bet 6-7 years ago now.
    MB rides again …. lol

  26. Joy says:

    I find it very interesting that when Hillary Clinton ran for president, there was a lot of name calling from the right, and now, here’s another strong, opinionated, secure woman in the political spotlight, and she’s been called every name in the book; even compared to Hitler. So here’s my take, the majority of people, regardless of political position, are threatened and put-off by strong, confident, authoritative women. Same song and dance, just a different focus.

    1. Betty says:

      Different focus is correct. People were put off by Clinton’s views that tended towards socialism. Clinton had plans that were attacked. Bachman is being assailed for being a do nothing buffoon espousing far right ideas. The actions that Bachman gets criticized for are talking, not legislative plans.There is a big difference between the two..

    2. Mike says:

      Joy-Vitriolic debate over politics has been going on in this country since American colonies began to protest British rule. I don’t believe Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or any other extremely capable leader has received more negative attention or coverage on average. It has more to do with our current political climate which is forcing more of us to focus on the current state of politics.

  27. Brian says:

    SICKEST story I’ve read all year!

  28. Southern MN Mom says:

    I think Michele and Sarah are doing a terrific job! They are both attractive, confident and have obviously had very successful careers. However judging from most of the above comments I would vote for them for one reason alone: They seem to irritate and anger every “I am smarter and better than you” Minnesota liberal out there!

    1. Wesly says:

      Judging from many of the comments, also the stupid ones, too. Consider how much play either would get if the looked looked Margret Thatcher. The success part is only defined by their ability to collect political donations and get air time on media outlets. Neither one has been able to formulate any legislation. But success can be defined any way you want it.
      Interesting site on female world leaders http://www.guide2womenleaders.com/candidates1870.htm
      It is worth noting and remembering Elizabeth Dole. Competent, capable and not media grabbing. Try and remember how her presidential bid went.

    2. Mike says:

      Southern MN Mom – Intelligent and educated people vote on the issues, and I am sure you do as well. You indicate that you got upset by your oppositions comments, and that it would help you make your decision on a candidate, but I think you made up your mind long ago. I do question why attractive would be criteria for you in choosing a good political leader. After all, wax fruit looks better than the real thing, but hopefully you wouldn’t be dumb enough to think it tasted like the fruit it mimicked.

      1. Regular reader says:

        Check out Southern MN Mom in running comments earlier in the week about Bachmann – not sure which one, 300 at rally or maybe Bachmann attempting to write book. She really can’t see these two for what they are. I image she is far right and cult-type religious.

        Will be looking for her comments in the future. From something she wrote I get the impression she is older (mid-60s or so) and still signing her “Mom”. (her only personal achievemnt?)

        Reading the comments is entertaining. Am learning which ones to skim and which ones to read. Everyone keep up the good work. Most comments are good, thoughful, but there are others that make you shake your head with “did I read that right?”

  29. Lee says:

    No more Time mag for me !! Sarah must be the new editor !!!

  30. scared for our country says:

    You have got to be kidding! Most embarassing to Minnesota! I have lost all respect for Time magazine. I will never buy it again. I will NEVER vote for her. Anyone that does is a complete idiot.

  31. Tim says:

    Any one who would vote for a democrat is an idiot, especially Obama. Freedom, the constitution, free markets, and controlling spending is where it is at folks.

    1. HooDatIS? says:


  32. mnbkr says:

    This entire post makes me want to throw up. As an independent, I would be happy if Pawlenty were to run. But Bachmann? No way.

  33. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Let’s keep it in perspective, folks…Justin Bieber made the same list.

  34. Lisa Gonyea says:

    I see the current president who the country was so eager to elect…was a community organizer..no on really knows how he did in school…no grades ever released, with the exception of Ill politics..where he predominately voted present, the US Senate…where he was rarely there and voted present…what real life experience did he have where….he spent almost two years trying to get his health care package passed why the economy was tanking and the jobless rate almost hit 10%. Where were his priorites. Michelle Backman has actually worked in the real world…and has more knowledge about taxes and the budget than BHO has in his little finger. Not my choice for president…but still would be a considerable improvement over the current occupant. At least she is AWARE of where the country’s concerns are..jobs and the economy.

  35. James says:

    God personally chose her for this job. She has been handed carte-blanche from the Creator, and she has stated such. Her church sent her to Washington DC to take this country back from heathens, and so her mission is written in stone. One day she will sit on the right hand of God when Jesus is on a break. Talk about infuential.

  36. HooDatIS? says:


  37. S&MAN says:

    HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA…are you SERIOUS?? WHEN…WHEN will either party EVER come up with a viable candidate??
    If this doesn’t just reinforce the fact that we desperately need a credible 3rd party, I don’t know what will. From Bush to Obama, to Palin, Bachman, Biden, and Gore, it’s idiots galore…we are F*CKED!!!

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