MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Warner/Shepard Road and Jackson Street will open Saturday after being closed due to flooding from the Mississippi River, St. Paul city officials said.

Warner/Shepard Road between Highway 61 and Eagle Parkway and Jackson Street between Shepard Road and Kellogg Boulevard will open at noon.

Sibley Street between Shepard Road and Kellogg Road will remain closed because of a Union Depot construction project.

Click here for more information on road closures.

Comments (4)
  1. megafrog says:

    Way to show your commitment to the environment Mayor Coleman. The traffic backups you have caused by your ill conceived construction and road closures for flooding that never happened have caused a lot of unnecessary pollution. Don’t you care about the environment Mr. Mayor? Sure doesn’t seem that way.

    1. Mitchell says:

      Ok, I’m as mad about it as you are, but that’s a silly argument. Wait, are you 12 years old? That would explain it…

      1. megafrog says:

        Just trying to make an argument that a liberal could understand. . .

        1. Independant says:

          Go ahead and tell yourself that.

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