By Reg Chapman

Update Aug. 30, 2011: Woodbury Police said that after a full investigation of the incident was conducted, they’ve determined the assault in fact did not occur.

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police sent out a neighborhood warning in Woodbury Saturday night after a woman was sexually assaulted on a walking path earlier that morning.

The assault took place at around 5:30 a.m. while a 33-year-old woman was jogging along a path in Markgrafs Lake Park in Woodbury.

The victim suffered injuries and was treated by doctors at Woodwinds hospital. She was not able to give police a description of her attacker because it was still dark when the incident took place.

Police have no suspect in custody and the community is on edge. For some, the park’s image has been tarnished.

“I will never go alone again, daylight or the evening,” said Lisa Sweeny, who was on the path 45 minutes after the assault took place. “I will always have someone with me. It’s just unnerving.”

Police said they believe the man responsible acted alone and they have not received any other reports of assaults in the area.

Police are telling people who live around Markgrafs Lake not to use the walking path alone.

The Woodbury Police Department will continue to investigate.

Comments (40)
  1. Sighs says:

    Grab this guy at all cost and remove his balls surgically before sending him 20 years in jail… This kind of things are unforgivable.

    1. fred says:

      no need for surgery……use a rusty knife!

  2. Sept says:

    5:30am? O wow, that’s some dedication to jogging.

    Is there a lot of people that jog that early? Just curious.

    1. earlymorningjogger says:

      I don’t live in the cities, small community but I go out running every morning during the week at 4:45 because otherwise I don’t have a chance to go, because I have a job and kids that have school activities and what not. There probably isn’t a lot of people out at that time but it shouldn’t matter. This woman was doing something she has every right to do and this gutless pig has now scared her for the rest of her life. It is very sad that you would even question why she was out at the time of day

  3. Jdub5150 says:

    go with your friend i agree my best friend is in a gun rack and always ready to hang out.

  4. Michele says:

    Kind of hard to jog with a shotgun.

    I don’t know ANYTHING about this victim, and my best wishes are for her, but a reminder to people not to be predictable. Change the paths you run on, change the times you run. Those things are watched.

    I am so, so sorry that this happened.

  5. AMX says:

    Damned shame. But, for all intensive purposes, your best bet for running is a well lit, busy city or heavy traffic suburban street. No matter how seedy it is, the random citizen will always be safer on University in Frogtown or Rice Street north of the state Capitol for jogging. I meet lots of people who only like running on the “safe” suburban trails. I simply shake my head. (And, I am a guy!)

    1. skip says:

      for all “intents and purposes”

  6. grizzley man says:

    Concealed carry would stop this behavior.

    1. Trev says:

      Not necessary for permit holders in MN to conceal the gun but yeah, carry a gun while jogging.

      1. ask4j says:

        its added weight and well you know the story–you can get killed by your own gun. this is giving up freedom to live in a peaceful community–beef up the police patrol and making everyone pay their fair share in taxes would make this possible.

        1. Concealed and proud says:

          You only need about 5-10% of the population carrying guns for criminals to think twice. I wish she had a gun, or a rusty knife!

        2. lorentjd says:

          Making everyone “pay their fair share in taxes” would prevent this kind of thing. Com’on.

    2. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      If he surprised her he could have easily taken the gun and shot her with it. Yeah, it would have stopped this behavior, because the guy would be running like hell to get away from a murder scene.

      1. Cache says:

        Stop with the ‘they will take the gun away nonsense’…the same ole hooey spread by wacko anti gunners…come and surprise me I’ll show you what part of the gun you will take away!

        1. ask4j says:

          is it your “opinion” that everyone should be carrying a gun and shooting whoever they feel is “attacking” them?? give up on peace and order and just have a shooting match every time there is a problem.? humm?

          1. Cache says:

            Hummmmmmm? I sure hope your not in a position as any kind of decision maker…you seem to have the common sense or reasoning ability of a stick!!

          2. ask5j says:

            My opinion is that only 5-10% of people need to carry a gun for criminals to think twice. It’s a proven fact that carrying a gun improves safety.

            If you want to argue about gun safety, fine. But first, outlaw kitchen knives, rope and automobiles. They’re far more dangerous.

      2. ck says:

        agree – the element of surprise takes the advantage every time – if at a gun range, try to “unhide’ the weapon, lock/load, and aim – – while being attacked without notice.

        1. Cache says:

          What does Ck stand for? Completely Kookie? Lock and load…LOL..Unhide? Aim…what a clown. Already loaded..stick the gun in their belly pull the trigger…Geeeeeez.

          1. Military Man says:

            From a military standpoint, you would not necessarily be able to shoot your attacker if suprized. You think you know how you would react, but in truth you have no idea. on another note, could you really handle taking another persons life?

            1. Trev says:

              True. You shouldn’t carry the gun of you don’t plan on using it if necessary. But in that situation it’s either the victim’s life or the attacker’s. I think most people are prepared to take another person’s life in that situation of self preservation.

              1. swerver says:

                So you’re saying minnesota isn’t a conceal and carry state? I do believe you have to conceal your weap on, please correct em if im wrong.

                1. JC says:

                  Woodbury is a No-Carry state.
                  You do not have to conceal iin MN, but you must obtain the permit either way.

            2. Cache says:

              I’m ex military too (Military cop/prisoner chaser)…you and I know you ‘must’ be aware of your surrounding at all times..whether it is code white or code red. If you walk around with your head up your arse…You will be victim. I just had my refresher course in knife attacks…the 21 kill zone, around one, always astounds me…but you adjust. There are many hand to hand and gun responses for self preservation NO MATTER the situation. I hear in many of these posts the resignation of defeat versus victory…that is sad anda recipe for victimization. Like the guy says why do a carry a 45…2 reasons… a cop is too heavy and my 45 is only a split second away… while a cop is minutes away. WAKE UP…do as the Boy Scouts do..BE PREPARED…ALWAYS!

    3. larry says:

      when your jogging you conceal and carry people are dumb your not going to be able to pull it out when your blind sided dummy

      1. Trev says:

        Wanna bet? An attacker would be less inclined to make a move on a victim with a gun than one without.

        Would you rather have a gun when being attacked or have no self defense as in the case of a woman?

  7. Nancy Aleshire says:

    It is dark out at 5:30 am. The lady would have been much better off had she waited a couple hours until it was fully light out. Carry a cellphone with you, pepper spray, or better yet–take your dog.

    1. Srsly says:

      Yeah because women don’t have jobs to get to, right?

  8. joe says:

    I can’t believe there are people leaving comments here that the jogger was wrong by jogging too early or at the wrong spot. HOW DARE YOU! Have some consideration for the victim of a rape.

  9. Cache says:

    What…cure the problem by taking Colonel Colt or the Smith and Wesson boys!

    1. larry says:

      what are you gonna have it in your hand when your jogging what and idiot

      1. Cache says:

        Let me stoop to your level…Birdbrain…when your this stupid…stop opening you moron mouth proving your ignorance.

  10. Get it right says:


  11. willie says:

    Stop blaming the victim. “She should have waited an hour or 2, she should not be alone……” She is innocent in all of this. Lets find this freak and do the junk surgery! I also use the paths in Woodbury and sometimes at night. I do not want to feel unsafe in this wonderful community.

    1. Rachel says:

      I agree completely. It wasn’t the VICTIM’S fault. The assailant is to blame. I feel bad for the woman and hope she is able to overcome this nightmare. I don’t think more guns is the solution. Peace out.

  12. Victim Du Jour says:

    Strange they aren’t reporting a description of the person who attacked her.

    1. Cache says:

      Can we guess? Who are the criminals…aye??? Yes we can surmise ‘it’s” description…100 to 1 it’s Black! The PC news organizations seem to not want to print the truth…Why is that??? 9 out 10 prisoners in jail are black……..because they are the criminals. When is this entitlement segment of the population going to get civilized?

      1. JC says:

        Bus doesn’t run to woodbury at that time of the morning

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