By Tracy Perlman, WCCO

The summer camp I went to growing up had a saying, “it never rains … it only heavy dews.”

No matter how heavy of a downpour, camp activities went on. Same can’t be said for baseball.

I, along with hundreds of others, piled on the layers, Friday night and headed down to Target Field. I put on my Twins tank top, sweatshirt, tall socks, hooded jacket, scarf, hat and packed a blanket. I was ready to go. My friends Sydney and Brian had never been to Target Field. I was excited to share the experience.

We were certain the game would go on. With about 10 minutes until starting pitch, the rain picked up. The heat lamps around the stadium went out. Fans booed and I looked up. The monitors said the game was canceled.

(credit: CBS)

Slowly, fans trickled out of Target Field, wet and frustrated. Yes, the cancellation meant we’d get to the reschedule game sometime in July. But parking would not be reimbursed. The beer we just bought would have to be quickly finished. The rest of our night was canceled.

Mike Binkley saw a bright spot: “Hopefully the makeup game this summer will feature Nishi and Mauer back in the lineup,” he posted on Facebook.

As we left Target Field, the rain stopped. A heavy mist hung over downtown Minneapolis. This was playable weather.

(credit: CBS)

I’m not sure if the team canceled the game over reports the rain would get heavier, the constant precipitation would leave bad field conditions or if the flu that’s plaguing much of the locker room get worse with the cold wet rain.

As for Sydney, Brian and I … we went to Smalley’s and had a drink — outside. The rain wasn’t rain at all … it was at worst, a heavy dew.

(credit: CBS)

As my friend Danielle put it, “The only thing more disappointing than the Twins being postponed over a cold drizzle, is being prepared to actually stick it out and have to go home.”

True that.

Comments (4)
  1. Mike D says:

    Nowadays players and management are big babies. they don’t want to risk even the slightest chance of injury (ie wet grass) SUCK IT UP! The fans pay your inflated salaries and stroke your HUGE egos.

  2. Jamie says:

    My boyfriend is getting deployed in 4 weeks so I felt worse for him. In July I’ll have an empty seat by me for the rematch and he’ll be somewhere in the middle east. But ya, don’t let the players get damp…

  3. Jacob says:

    High school baseball games are played in the rain all the time. The MLB can’t, because…?

    Jamie, I’m sorry that your boyfriend had to miss the game. Please thank him for his service.

  4. larry says:

    i dont understand why we have an outdoor area and they dont use it how many games are we going to you wanted this play in itpostpone its minn