By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

— It’s only April and already the Minnesota Twins have had more rainouts than they did in all of 2010. So, when the Twins have a rainout, do they lose money?

“Not really,” said Kevin Smith, Twins Vice-President. “Maybe incrementally if we have duplicate costs. If we have staff we brought in, part-time staff, and send them home and bring them back in for make-up game. It’s not a real money loser.”

The Twins don’t lose money on parking revenue, nor do they double-dip if people come to the game and then have to go home, because they don’t own the ramps.

“We don’t get any parking revenue,” said Smith.

When you buy a ticket to a major league baseball game, you can’t get a refund. According to the Target Field rainout policy, your ticket is good for the make-up game.

“If people don’t show up, we might be out some incremental concessions. But if it’s a great sunny, summer night, we might do better than we would have on a bad weather day like this,” said Smith.

As for who makes the decision, it depends on the timing.

“Generally, the home team gets to make that decision before the game. As soon as the lineup cards are exchanged at home plate, the weather is in the hands of the umpire,” Smith explained.

The team President, General Manager, team manager, and operations director are all involved in making the decision, according to Smith. The trick is making the call early enough to save fans and employees the trip to the ballpark, but late enough to make sure the skies don’t clear.

Some teams let you use your rained-out ticket on any day, according to Smith, but those are generally teams that don’t consistently fill their ballparks. Because the Twins are sold out most of the summer, they have double headers with enough time in between to completely empty Target Field, and then bring in the crowd for the next game.

“In some regards fans are invited to enjoy a game on a much better weather day,” said Smith.

Jason DeRusha

Comments (26)
  1. Terry Coens says:

    Just think, We never had missed games or rain outs when they played in the Metro Dome!!!!!!!!!!, I used to go to Twins Games when they Played in the Metro Dome, but not any more, I don’t want to get rained on, sit and freeze when its cold or sit and get burned in the summer sun. What a waist of money having a outside stadium!!

    1. Your choice says:

      Then just sit in your recliner and watch. That will leave an open seat for me. Going to a baseball game at Target Field in any weather is better than the dome. Wear a jacket or put on sunscreen. For heaven’s sake we are Minnesotans!!!!

    2. Ricky Rubio says:

      Are you dumb? We have the nicest stadium in the mlb and you would rather go sit in the dome.

    3. Foul Ball says:

      I’m with you Terry, now that I’m retired, and have the time and money. I
      will never set foot in that ballpark. I would like to see the figures on increased
      cases of skin cancer in the Twin Cites.

  2. Jesse says:

    OK, Debbie Downer.

  3. FlippIn crazy MN requires adjusting says:

    Not a bad day today …. So let’s play Snow – Ball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TWeber says:

    It is a bigger risk for those who live outside the metro. I live 3 hours north of the twin cities, and have to make sure the weather will cooperate before we head south. Attending the make-up game isn’t always an option, because of the travel time involved. I love my Twins, and will try to attend a game at the Target Center this summer, but again, the weather a factor more than ever.

  5. Jason says:

    Good luck seeing a Twins game at the Target Center!

    1. TWeber says:

      Oops! Target Field… thanks for the correction.

      1. Ricky Rubio says:

        Lol whats the difference? You wont see me at eathier venue!

  6. Mike D says:

    People act like the Twins are the first team ever to have a stadium without a roof! GET OVER IT! I will take a rainout anyday over having to sit in that blue-seated craphole that was never meant to host baseball games. To those that choose to complain and want a retractable roof, move to Milwaukee

    1. Foul Ball says:

      People want to complain about the cost of a retractable roof, but
      Minnesota has built three stadiums now and still can’t get it right.
      The Twins Organization could have save us a lot of money by
      keeping the old Met Stadium in Bloomington.

      1. Jack Black says:

        Foul Ball – you sir have no clue. Target Field was voted the the best sports stadium in North America… Go away!

        1. Foul Ball says:

          Voted by whom? Certainly not people who live in Minnesota and the surrounding area.

          1. Foul Ball says:

            The fact is that St. Paul was upset because they didn’t get a chance to submit a bid for an alternate site when Minneapolis got the Metrodome. St, Paul promoted the Saint’s and outdoor baseball, mocking the Metrodome. Minneapolis fell for their line of B.S. and built Target Field, and while they will never admit it, they will regret it as long as that ballpark exists. They have spent a lot of money promoting, brain washing fans, that pile of glass, and Minnesota stone.

            1. Jack Black says:

              Foul Ball – many sports magazines have ranked it as the best in North America. But I can see your point. I mean look how far attendance has fallen from the Metrodome compared to Target Field. Minnesotans want to be outside any chance they can get in the spring in summer. The Twins popularity is at an all-time mind. I realize you are old, retired and close-minded, but us young whipper snappers love the stadium. It’s unfortunate the weather we have had this year, but last year there was only 1 rainout. Go post your anti-American slur someplace else…

              1. Foul Ball says:

                Your day is coming Jack Black, getting old, or disabled isn’t a matter of choice.
                I agree that if Target Field were anywhere but Minnesota it would be a great ballpark. Building the Metrodome was a smart move, but building it without a retractable roof was almost as dumb and build Target Field no roof at all.
                There is a good chance Minnesotans will never see another World Series played here unless they play it in the Metrodome.
                If I want to see a game is person I’ll make a day trip to Phoenix and watch it indoors, or out, in a real ballpark.

                1. BettyC says:

                  I am old and disabled and I have been to many games at Target Field and I love it.
                  It is much more assessable then the dome. several elevators, escalators ramps and stars that are much easier to negotiate.

                  Give it a chance its a great place to see a game even when the weather is not perfect

  7. LOL says:

    I can’t believe the pansies don’t play in the rain. They play football in the rain and that still requires catching and throwing a ball. It’s funny when you see those beer bellied designated hitters who can hardly walk down the base line knowing they can’t play in a little rain.

    1. TWeber says:

      Possible lightning may have something to do with that…

  8. Robin Snitcher says:

    Those prima donnas want an outdoor stadium, they should have to play in the bad weather. People in Minnesota are tired of our pro teams playing so crappy all the time but we’re supposed to pay higher taxes and higher prices to go to their games and most times watch them losejust so they can have a new stadium.. These guys need a reality check and look at the economy.

    1. miked says:

      oh Robin.. don’t comment when you don’t have a clue about the sport. You’d be the first one complaining that they shouldn’t be playing in the rain if Morneau slipped on the grass and severely tore his hamstring or knocked his head on the ground again. Teams have millions of dollars invested in their players and they are going to protect that whenever they can.

  9. larry smithq says:

    sounds like mn has some conflict with the weather and their beautiful new baseball field-we llived in MN twelve years and never saw a Twins game-Now, we are clamoring for tickets just to go watch and if it rains, there are many other activities in the cities-adapt folks adapt-you are lucky to have the organization in town-great towns great teams are only there because of fan support-

  10. Annette says:

    I do go to Target Field but only because of the generosity of my brother who has season tickets in the Legacy Section. I sit inside and have all the comforts of the dome which I liked but look outside at the playing field. Otherwise, I must admit I would not go. Saw plenty of games at the old Met Stadium and sat in all kinds of weather there. Not again especially after having skin cancer.!

  11. Travis says:

    Skin cancer?
    Play in the dome instead?
    I am sorry but some of you people live really sheltered lives if you would rather watch a baseball game indoors, instead or the great out doors.
    SMH though skin cancer? Do you go outside at all? You have a better chance of getting skin cancer inside a tanning bed, then out doors.
    They have a new thing out called SUN SCREEN, try it out, the world is a better place out side

  12. Annette says:

    Yes, did you know that millions of people both young and old get skin cancer in the U.S. If you do not put enough on the sunscreen does not protect you and if it is outdated it does not work either. Believe me, you do not want to get skin cancer. I do outside before 10:00 a.m. and after 4:00 p.m.