In a gripping interview this morning, the mothers of the teen girls who followed through on a suicide pact appeared and talked about how they’re handling the tragedy.

Check out the video by clicking here

  1. Teb says:

    Marleyh Greiner, The reason Mr. Berg has mtoeinned the adoption and/or legal acknowledgment is not to knock anyone adopted, but instead to explain there are legal acts which must be done, when you are adopted and/or legally acknowledged, by a foreign citizen. Once Soetoro/Obama became an Indonesian Citizen, the U.S. could NOT interfere. This is nothing personal to anyone, not even Soetoro/Obama. Soetoro/Obama could have regained any U.S. citizenship status he may have once held, but it had to be done within a certain time (age), in addition to the legal steps required, which he failed to do. Moreover, Soetoro/Obama’s name, pursuant to the school record we have, is still Barry Soetoro . There is nothing that we have located showing Soetoor/Obama ever legally changed his name back to Barack H. Obama, as is required.I’m not understanding why you’re upset about what Mr. Berg stated. Again, there are steps that must be legally taken when an adoption or legal acknowledgment, by a foreign national, occurs, which changes a child’s name and citizenship status.

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