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Dave:  Over 14 years ago, Julie and I converted our wood fireplace into a gas fireplace and we did it with Fireside Hearth and Home.   It was a dramatic change for us

Julie:  Well for me at least.  Since I was young I loved the wood burning fireplace.  Then Dave came home one day, following a trip to the Roseville store, very excited about conversion to gas.

Dave:  You were not on board

Julie:  It took a smidgen of convincing, however, I acquiesced and we made the change and honestly it was a pleasant surprise!  So much so, that the following month we put another one in the basement.   Perhaps the biggest advantage, and there were several, was the children turning it on before school, having breakfast by the fire and then, simply, turning it off.  After school and activities,  they enjoyed sitting by the fireplace and working on homework

Dave:  We think it was homework, might have been an occasional video game slipped in there, not that I participated in that.

Julie:  Most of the time their father was the instigator.

Dave:  Let’s move on

Julie:    But, downstairs when they had friends over, they were able to heat up the basement and just turn it off when they left and wow, did it heat up the basement!  

Dave:  It got the job done.
davelee firesidehh img002 Check Out Dave Lees New Fireplace & Stone Work From Fireside Hearth & Home

Julie:  Now, let’s zoom forward about 14 years and frankly, neither one of us realized it had been that long.

Dave:  We grabbed Joel Ginsberg and looked during the last sale and we picked out a new insert and then noticed the stonework on the displays and asked Joel if that was even a possibility in our home, thinking that it would be quite difficult to change from the old brick to the stone.

Julie:  I heard Dave from the other side of the store  “Julie, you need to look at this.”   It didn’t take long to realize that it would be a perfect and timely change for our living room.   Now that we just completed the project I am still a little stunned at how quickly and yet professionally it was done.   Fireside earned our business a long time ago, now they just re-confirmed what we already knew.  They are very good!

Dave:  And I don’t think we are done.

Julie:  Basement is next.

Dave:  It is fun to be this excited about a house you have lived in for a long time.

Julie:  It’s a lot more inexpensive then a new home, but it has that fresh, electrifying look of change.  I suppose a little like a facial and massage.

Dave:  I wouldn’t know about that.

Julie:  Trust me, ‘Good Neighbor’ it is revitalizing.

davelee firesidehh img0011 Check Out Dave Lees New Fireplace & Stone Work From Fireside Hearth & Home

Dave:  and it was never an intimidating process.   I still remember over 14 years ago, when Joel, along with Steve, Duane…

Julie: Dan too!

Dave: All of them helped and isn’t it nice to still feel good about it today.  We recommend Fireside to our friends without hesitation.  Wouldn’t tell people on the radio to do it, unless I believed in their products and quality and their knowledge of those products.

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