BATTLE LAKE, Minn. (AP) — Newly-released sheriff’s reports provide details of the night a teenager shot the mother of his baby and then took his own life in Battle Lake.

The Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Department released 53 pages of investigative reports in response to an open records request by The Forum.

The reports say the mother of 17-year-old Dylan Cox was trying to ease tensions between her son and 16-year-old Tabitha Belmonte the night of the shooting March 21. The two teens and their 7-month-old baby lived with Cox’s parents.

The investigative reports say the teens argued about breaking up and whether they should go to prom before Cox repeatedly apologized to his mother, armed himself with two pistols given to him by his grandfather, then fatally shot Belmonte before killing himself.

The Forum says both sets of the baby’s grandparents are vying for custody of the girl.

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Comments (16)
  1. Sandy says:

    Sad to hear that the baby will grow-up without his/her parents.

  2. me, not you says:

    This is such a shame.

  3. Terrance Opine says:

    This why teens shouldn’t have sex. If your not ready to have kids, don’t make them.

    1. Minny says:

      Sex? shouldn’t have sex? they are going to have sex BUT how about “make love responsibility” use condoms, birth control something . Children should not have children and if they do they should not be able to keep them!

      1. teenage mother says:

        Excuse me!! So your saying all teen-agers that have kids shouldn’t get the option to keep them or not?! I’m not saying that having a baby when your a teenager is a good idea, but it happens, And I thank God that I got the option to keep my baby when I was 16!! And now he’ll be a teenager, I pray that he makes better choices than I. If that’s the case and you beleave your statement I see alot of adults who shouldn’t be aloud to have children!! You need to stop living in a box!!

        1. Minny says:

          YES all childern should not have babies ALL CHILDREN thats why they are children. use a rubber dumbo

          1. teenage mother says:

            Wow!! Did you ever think about the chance of birth control failing?? Very one-sided, it’s people like you who used to look at me with my son and I would just laugh at you and your small minds!

  4. Tom says:

    how sad so much to live for ,so young.

  5. Randy says:

    Why show his picture……….he’s a murderer. And a immature coward.

  6. JKB says:

    Both sets of grandparents are vying for custody of the infant child? It appears the girls parents were more supportive of the teens, while providing them a place to live, and most likely provided child care so both parents could attend school. Guess the courts will decide who is better suited. Its truly sad these kids couldnt agree to just separate, but imagine like some teens in the same situation threats to not allow the other see the child are made. VERY sad all the way around all due to immaturity.

    1. msche says:

      Did you not read the story? They are living with HIS parents, so they were the supportive parents and now the girl’s parents want custody. Maybe they should have taken more of a role in her llife while she was still alive.

    2. shannon says:

      They were living with his parents….

  7. Saddie says:

    Why were they living with his parents? Why didn’t they have their own home?

    1. Mike says:

      Are you kidiing? 16 and 17 year olds.

  8. Saddie says:

    If they are thinking they are old enough to have a baby they should be old enough to have full time jobs and a home.

  9. lewalso says:

    Gee gramps, thanks for the presents. I know just how to use ’em.

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