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  1. Horatius Jackie Williams says:

    NO, they will never be satisfied. It is a coded language saying he is not one of us. A racial statement. Did you notice the next thing? Now it is about his bad grades, how could he have been admitted to an Ivy league school with such poor grades when the Mr. Trump’s friends struggle so hard for admission but could not be admitted (they own everything and it must be given when they request)? The term is Affirmative Action. The Mr. Trump, who loves himself past everything in this word is putting in the faces and throats of minorities this time. Yet he wants to be president, but he got money from his father and other people that gave him such a mouth and disregard for others feelings. I wonder why does anyone accepts anything from him? You are beholding to him the rest of your life. You have to agree with him and even support his children. Think about the recent news on a star not attending his son’s charitable event or what he wrote about Andrew Coumo in one of his books after Mr. Coumo refused to be unethical about a request the Mr. Trump made to him. It would not be nice to say more about the Mr. Trump because he is going well come after me… he has the mouth, money and he is so needy, you know.

    1. Hasheesh Jackson says:

      Personally, I can’t stand Donald Trump. However, President Obama could have and should have put this silly issue to bed a long time ago by simply providing this basic information at the very first instant it was brought up. We all know who he is and what he stands for and will most likely go down in history as one of our greatest presidents ever, but why did he set himself up for this? Was it some sort of game? I have a strange sense of humor, but I’m not the President of the United States. Barack has to drive 55 like the rest of us.

  2. R. Stockwell says:

    I agree with Horatius Jackie Williams–even my 17 year old daughter has figured out the whole issue is racism.

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