By Alison Lorge, WCCO

Money doesn’t grow on trees — but it is made from them.  This Arbor Day you can pull double-duty for Mother Nature: first, you can save a tree by saving your precious paper money, and second, plant a tree in her honor.

The seedling supply is at an all time high this time of year and there’s no need to spend a lot of cash on greening up your yard. Here are some great ways to spread the “Good Life” around when landscaping.

McDonald’s – For the 10th year in a row, the restaurant and Minnesota Forest Industries are giving out 55,000 free red pine seedlings — Minnesota’s state tree — on April 29. This is while supplies last (many report being done by lunch time).

The Arbor Day Foundation – Sign up for a $10 membership and get 10 free trees. You also get tree discounts, a newsletter that has a gardener’s handbook and more.

Breck’s Perennial Bulb Grab Bags – If you are interested in getting a deal on premium plant bulbs, Breck’s is selling $200 worth of surprise grab bags perennials for $25 (may include begonias, gladiolas, irises, lilies, etc.). To get the deal click on this link, add two to your shopping cart then click on this link to activate the $25 off a $50 purchase deal. Shipping is an extra $9.95.

• Not convinced yet to start planting? Trees can really save you a lot of money when planted right. They save on heating and air conditioning and can add value to your home. Click here to see just how valuable they are.

• Another money saving tip that’s good for trees (and your wallet) is to go paperless. Many insurance and utility companies offer discounts to do this. Check with the places you get bills and mail from to see how to do this.

If you know of any other deals, share them with other ‘Good Lifers’ in the comment section. You can also text WCCODEALS to 84816 for a ‘deals of the week’ reminder.

Comments (5)
  1. Jen says:

    Halla Nursery in Chaska
    They are having a 50% off sale on their Perennials with hundreds to choose from. They will also have their Landscape Designers on hand this weekend, so bring in a drawing of your area and they will sit down with you to give you some great ideas for your yard.

  2. Jen says:

    Halla Nursery in Chaska
    They have started a Garden Club and when you join for $10.00 you get a $10.00 Gift Certificate back with 5% off of all future purchases.

  3. goober says:

    Paper money is made from a linen/ cotton blend, not paper from trees- silly wcco!