By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) — WCCO-TV has learned that a Twin Cities hotel and water park featured in a recent I-TEAM investigation could be shut down in two weeks.

The I-TEAM recently went undercover at the Grand Rios hotel in Brooklyn Park and found buckets in the hallway, a roofing crew in the lobby and door after door tagged by the health department.

At that time of the investigation, 120 rooms were off limits. Now, 135 rooms are.

New pictures from inside the hotel show the rough shape some rooms are in. They reveal snow and ice chunks crashing through the ceiling, and the employee who took the pictures told the I-TEAM it’s been this way for months.

Complaints have piled up on hotel review websites. There are 60 comments alone on

Bob Schreier, director of Brooklyn Park’s Community Development, said the city is giving Grand Rios two more weeks to make changes or it will lose its lodging license.

“We’ve been working with them, they’ve been putting band aids on issues and finally we’ve decided it’s been long enough,” Schreier said.

No one from Grand Rios would talk to WCCO-TV. However, a manager told the I-TEAM that after our investigation the hotel lost $46,000 from people canceling rooms and events. That manager still says they are doing the best they can to run a good business.

Last month, the I-Team uncovered dozens of thefts from guests rooms. Grand Rios told said they’d install more cameras, but they haven’t. Two more room thefts have been reported to police since.

“We’ve been working with them long enough … and we should see vast improvements,” Schreier said.

The city says that it will soon move forward.

The I-TEAM tried to ask the Ramada Corporate Office for its response, but the calls were not returned.

Liz Collin

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  1. figure it out says:

    well way to toot your own horn wcco. Are you happy now?? Don’t you think that if it wasn’t a good business it would lose business anyways? Have you ever heard of capitalism? Figure it out people!

    1. David J. Conklin says:

      >Don’t you think that if it wasn’t a good business it would lose business anyways? Have you ever heard of capitalism? Figure it out people!

      The way they ran their business is an excellent example of capitalism run amok based on evolutionary ethics (i.e., none).

      I’m glad WCCO ran the story so that it warned me of the dangers of going there. You’d ratrher not be forewarned?

  2. Tom says:

    Brooklyn Park? Is anyone shocked by this? It is an extension of N. Minneapolis.

    1. Hi says:

      I wouldn’t go to Brookklyn Park for a water park. No thanks!! Water Park of America if I had to choose. There have been several hotel chains going through that location in Brooklyn Park. Not good

  3. Victim Du Jour says:

    Who goes to Brooklyn Park to stay in a hotel? No skin off my nose! Big Deal!

    Perhaps a friend of the station wants to buy the property or something.

  4. billybob says:

    “Grand Rios told said they’d install more cameras, but they haven’t.” – hookd onn fonix werked fer mee 2

  5. dany says:

    this is bull! the ramada grand rios water park was a great stay. the workers were friendly and there was security always walking around making me feel safe. nothing wrong with my room and my group had a great time!

    1. Mr. Mark says:

      sounds like you’re the hotel manager working undercover, “security always walking around” yeah right, that place is a rat hole that should have been shut down a long time ago

      1. dany says:

        actually, I was staying there this past weekend. I’m sure you haven’t been there since remodeling so you wouldn’t know..

  6. Mold? says:

    After all of the water damaage I would guess that this place is just covering up any mold problems. I wouldn’t want to work or stay there and breath that air.

  7. Joel says:

    Welcome to Minnesota nice… You bigoted people make me sick and give us decent god fearing people a bad name. I am ashamed to say I am from Minnesota after reading these comments. The color of ones skim has NOTHING to do with a persons behavior or tendencies. We are all the same, people. Get out of the dark ages and come in to the 21st century.

    1. Get a clue says:

      Joel, easy tiger. I don’t see any such comments on here. You jumped the gun with the race card.

      1. Tom Willard says:

        He was saying that just in case someone made an off color remark. I am ashamed to say you are from Minnesota too Joel.

    2. leoJ says:

      ” The color of ones skim has NOTHING to do with a persons behavior or tendencies” – Actually, it does. Some might call it stereotyping. And the reason for ‘stereotyping’ is that it is mostly true. Get your head out of the sand an open your eyes to whats going on around you!

      1. jinky jaspen says:

        Sand?! Wait we aren’t talking about a holy war now are we?! lol

      2. Mike says:

        leoJ- It’s not stereotyping, it’s racism. Pull your head of derriere and and open your eye’s, we are all on to you bigoted, despicable losers.
        That includes you Tom the race baiting fool………….

    3. Minnoman says:

      Hey Joel, how about you leave that nice, cozy all-White area you live in by Lake Harriet or in Lakeville, and buy a nice place on the cheap up on the North Side. Stay there for one full year and then come back and tell me how much you love diversity.

  8. sl says:

    ole baby!! lets see hepatitis, mold, aides,herpis,swine flu,cholera,smallpox,personal safety!!!

  9. Whitey says:

    Bed Bugs,Saggy Pants,Thumping Bass Music at 3am,Thefts from Cars,Rooms,Stolen Purses,Filthy Hygiene in Restaurant,Lazy Staff Members. That’s Grand Rios!!

    1. basicbob says:

      hey whitey, are you sure your not talking about any hotel downtown….

    2. MIke says:

      Whitey-What are you going to do when your the minority and people treat you with the same disdain you have for others?

  10. AMX says:

    The burbs… YUCK

    1. Tom Willard says:

      Oh MY…aren’t you just the cool city guy. ‘Burbs’?? Do people still say that? Well that’s just groovey man. Far Out!!

      1. AMX says:

        Neato… Tommy-mesiter. Your reply was epic dog.

  11. Tom Willard says:

    Shut it don’t! This place is a joke and too many of the employees don’t deserve jobs.

  12. The Botton Line says:

    The condition of the building is the responsibility of the owners and management so I will agree that it is a race issue. If this business was in another area and catered to others, the owners would never let it deteriorate to that level.

  13. Doug O says:

    I would buy the place for a dollar…..any takers?….lol…………..why is it so many hotels/motels in our state are run by eastern indian folks?…..I don’t get it.

    1. d says:

      if that’s not racist….

  14. BP is a failure says:

    How can this city be next door to Maple Grove? The contrast is baffeling. Go to BP and get shot, go to MG and see a thriving city. This story is exactly what I expect coming from BP. Enter the entire city to your detriment.

  15. Earthman 2020 says:

    The I-Team was created so they can make up their own news in case they don’t have anything else to report. Race has absolutely nothing to do with this story. The hotel has had multiple complaints, and somebody contacted the I-Team, and now the city is involved. It really is that simple. If you run a poor business you will get multiple complaints and eventually nobody will want to stay at your facility, and in this case the business is at the risk of shutting down. If you run a safe and enjoyable business your customer base will expand and your business will prosper and you might even get a good news story that will give your business even more recognition. This concept applies to all businesses. There is always a risk in running a business. Word of mouth travels fast and the media is never far behind. The Grand Rios has a chance to make some adjustments, lets hope they do. Living in a state with 5 months of winter we don’t have enough indoor waterparks, we can’t afford to lose one. Please Grand Rios clean up your act if in fact your facility is as bad as reported.

  16. Jason Johnson says:

    Wow isnt that something grand rios is getting shut down another prime example of the n minneapolis brooklyn park brooklyn center not working together.
    And to be honest they should have lost buisness a long time ago because every time i drive by there the parking lot is always empty
    welp it was a fun waterpark while it lasted.

  17. Mr. Mark says:

    Change the name to Grand Piece of Stay Here and We’ll Rob you and Put Your LIfe in Jeopardy

  18. Cqui says:

    The name Ramada says it all. If you travel at all you know that in the worst suburbs you will find two types of lodging: “Notell motels and Ramada. Ramada will come in and buy deteriorating motels and run them into the ground, making as much money as they can before it’s condition becomes so bad they get shut down. They are in the business of judging profit and loss and know when to get out before they get into so much trouble they get fined. If you travel you will see this for yourself!

  19. Tom says:

    I would rather drive out to Wi Dells, better class of people and the water parks and 100 percent nicer.

  20. gtV says:

    Here’s a solution for this Grand Rios mess:…………
    1] Have the City of Brooklyn Park condemn the Grand Rios as a health hazard and public nuisance. Close it down!
    2] Have the Marriott Corporate front office pull and cancel its franchising agreement(s) and endorsements with Grand Rios. Then, disavow the place. Shut it down!
    3] Have Brooklyn Park, after a set legally established time, order demolition of Grand Rios and take over property rights under eminent domain principles. The property would be sold for demolition, tax, and general public public welfare purposes The present owners of the resort bears all costs and liabilities incurred for demolition efforts, back taxes, legal costs, and fines relating to the property. Shut it down!
    4] The city of Brooklyn Park establishes a code of business conduct, development principles, and fair practices regulations for the B.Park business community and consumers.

    Hopefully, places like Grand Rios will find doing any shoddy business and endangering the consumer is not welcome anywhere in Brooklyn Park or Minnesota!

  21. David Evans says:

    we stayed there and our room had water in the ceiling dropping on our bed so we went to the front desk and told them they just moved us to another room like they werent surprised

    1. Tailgunner says:

      They didn’t move us? They just gave us free ponchos……….

  22. bob says:

    Listen..There is 1 person and 1 person aloine to blame for this mess and that is Jeff Wirth the former owner..I used to at that hotel when he 1st opened and i can tell you 1st hand he ran that place into the ground….almost using that place as a test bed for his next venture (water park of america which he also no longer owns) he never did anything to maintain the property and to make working there uber nice he restricted the staff from telling guests problems with there rooms (No AC leaky roofs WATER PARK BEING CLOSED etc etc.) this is the same jerk owner who ran the grand hotel minneapolis into forclosure..clearley he and he aloine is to blame…lets give the new owners a chance to turn the place around…because it was once a gem in what is a crappy area in the twin cities and i hope for brooklyn park’s sake they get that place fixed so people will come there other then to get stabbed or robbed

  23. MOLD & ASBESTOS says:

    There is ALOT of MOLD and all they are doing is painting over it thats it and over half the closed rooms have ASBESTOS i know i use to work there and quit after the first story

    1. keonia says:


      I was working there and it is not how it used to be when i was a teenager and used to stay for my cousin birth-day party. It is going down and their is not the owner can do about it. If you asked me they need to tear it down and cheng the name as well as the hotel it self. It is very poorly ran no respect for people that stay their they dont not care and they have the nerve to rent rooms for 159.99 per night and say since hotel under renvotation we will sell you a room for 129. per night hell no they will crask and burn real soon watch and see.

  24. Sarah says:

    I recently stayed at Grand Rio’s Water Park and had a great time. Everything was clean and all the workers were very helpful. I had no problems and I would definitely recommend people staying there. WCCO clearly blew things out of proportion.

  25. Terrance Opine says:

    sound like the only water park is the toils over flowing,lol. anyone who says a place is nice, when all said its nasty, has to be a manager. I have said in the pass, numbers don’t lie.

  26. Murph says:

    Who approved the construction in the first place? Obviously a shoddy job by the builder and trying to get by on the cheap by the owners.Knock it down and send both a bill! Stock the pool with some walleyes or something useful!

  27. Gee Rob says:

    its a slime hole, use to be nice years ago now crack dealers and moldy rooms, service is horrible, bar is boring and unfriendly,. place is a joke, tear it down if you cant make it right