By Liz Collin

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities teenager went to buy a cell phone but ended up with a bruised face and out 300 bucks.

Yuriy Gula, 18, considers buying cell phones a part-time job as he surfs Craigslist for deals. He found a good deal Thursday on a fancy new phone, but didn’t expect the deal would go down like it did.

“He told me he was getting off work in 30 minutes, and I should meet him at a specific address,” Gula said.

That address in St. Paul sits on a busy street. Gula was with his cousin when they drove around to the alley.

“He gave me the phone and it had no charger, no box for the phone, so I’m like, ‘$300 and I’ll take it,’” Gula said.

Instead of trading, two men took Gula’s money and phone, and then one of them punched him in the face.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t a knife or a gun or anything, you know,” Gula said.

After Gula was punched, the two guys ran off. That’s when he got in his car and tried to follow them.

St. Paul Police Spokesperson, John Keating, says it’s best just to get yourself out of a situation like that as fast as you can.

“If someone does encounter a problem in one of these, we ask they call police immediately,” Keating said.

Police also want people to let other people know where they’re going and, most importantly, to arrange such deals in a public place.

Gula knows that now.

“It’s an expensive lesson to learn,” he said.

St. Paul Police told WCCO-TV they’ll be taking a good look at that listing Gula responded to. They don’t think whoever posted it on Craigslist lived at the address where Gula met them.

Liz Collin

Comments (10)
  1. Craigslist Noob says:

    Thank whatever deity this fella did’nt get seriously hurt, but come on why would anyone meet a stranger in an alley?? Public places people.

  2. gameplayer2012 says:

    Ha ha ha i love craigslist

  3. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    a sucker born every minute……

  4. good one says:

    ha ha ha ha, this is the best comment!

  5. Wondering??? says:

    This is not the first time something like this has happened from a deal on Craigslist ? How many warning do we need?Why do people shop there? And did this person immediately call the police and then chase the person?

  6. pay says:

    You have to know you are buying stolen goods. I am glad he isn’t hurt, but a crook met a crook.

    1. MarkH says:

      Are you familiar with term “libel”? Get your facts straight before you make accusation for which you have absolutely no evidence. Peace.

  7. Commerce says:

    Yeah the kids 18 and he goes around buying $300 cell phones off Craigslist no questions asked and considers it a part time job.
    And where was his cousin while they were strong arming him?
    Everybody wants to blame Craigslist when an incident like this occurs but it’s not the list that robbed him it was the person using it.
    With the high amount of transactions taking place on Craigslist the number of bad deals is actually very low.
    I’ve bought and sold on there for years without any problems.

    1. Ellen says:

      I agree with that, as I buy and sell on craigslist without any problems.
      Use common sense people….don’t meet someone in an alley with cash!
      Meet in a public place if you can, bring someone along, and let others
      know where you’re going. I insist on cash all the time for sales, because
      you can’t trust a check! I sell perennials and shrubs from home for cash,
      but they aren’t high ticket items that people would steal for.

      In this case it does sound like thieves stealing from thieves!

      1. charlesburek says:

        i only hope i can find my motor here that some one stole yes i baught it brand new off of the sales floor i have the serial number model number and sale recipt so i f i see it you better belive i will come and get it and put whoever in jail steal from i will take it write back i hate thieves there worthless gotta steal from someone to me thats wothless