DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A judge has sentenced a 25-year-old man to a year in jail and chemical dependency treatment for crashing into a Duluth police officer’s unmarked squad car.

Duane Klynn Porter of Bemidji told the court Friday he was “sorry for the damage” he caused to Officer Don Boso.

Boso, a 20-year police veteran, was just days away from retirement when he was struck March 14. The crash left Boso with a concussion, internal bleeding of the brain, and cuts near both eyes.

The Duluth News Tribune reports Porter was driving with a blood-alcohol level over three times the legal limit when he reportedly ran a red light and crashed into Boso.

Porter has a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated in addition to two convictions for drinking and driving while underage.

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Comments (16)
  1. Mr. Mark says:

    A year, that’s it, lock him up and throw away the keys for at least 10 years, drunk drivers need to be taught a lesson, maybe if we were in some other country they’d chop off his feet and driving hands

    1. Andy says:

      I think the problem is he is chemically dependent. Funny how we are so hard on a drunken drivers when just this week a man was only sentenced to probation for robbing and beating a 91 year old woman, but lets make sure we get those drunks. Politics and the drunk driving money machine win out again.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        In most cases, it would be better to take a drunk driving offenders license away for 5 years. And save the jail space for Drunk Drivers who get caught driving at all during the 5 year suspension.

        Treatment is a joke, everyone court ordered has Stockholm syndrome and they pretend to be sober for a 12 step junky.

  2. ken g says:

    as a former dui servivalist i must say throwing away the key on this guy is wrong this guy has yet to get good help from what i see and yes there is good help out there (10 years and sober )

    1. Mr. Mark says:

      Ken, if you are a dui survivalist, good job, but this guy has a record of doing it more than once, that’s why I recommend throwing away the key. If someone makes the poor choice to drink and drive, doesn’t hurt or kill anyone, then give them a chance, this is not the case for the guy in this story though.

      1. Andy says:

        Mark that always seems to be someones argument when comes to a DWI Conviction. “What if they killed someone”? Funny thing is you never hear that in other convictions of crimes i.e. “Well if he would of stabbed the guy an inch to the left he would of killed him, lets go ahead and charge with murder instead of attempted.” The great thing about this countries legal system is when a crime is committed even a non violent crime you are punished for what you actually did not what you could have done!. It seems we here that a lot when it comes to DWI cases.specially from the cooks at MADD. The way the DWI laws are handled is all about politics now. If know one is hurt on the1st, 2nd, even third offense there should be no jail time, there a lot more dangerous people to lock up, trust me. After a second offense take the license and the car away believe me that’s punishment enough, we don’t need to waste anymore money incarcerating people that don’t need to be.

        1. gordokong says:

          Andy you are spot on with your analysis

  3. drivewithoneeye says:

    I think the real problem, is that the squad car was unmarked. Had it been a marked car, he wouldn’t have hit it. It only makes sense!

  4. Take the keys away each time. says:

    I think they give the drunk too much power by calling the problem a disease. Is smoking cigs a disease? It may be just as addictive but it is not a disease. When you say that it kind of takes the power from the person to say that it is a choice that they make, when they hear disease they just say oh well, there is nothing I can do because it is a disease. Therefore there is no accountability. I know for a fact on this because like Ken I had a DUI before. I never drove after drinking again as I learned my lesson. I do not consider myself an alcoholic though, I made a bad decision after celebrating a friend’s Bday and to this day I still feel that it was 1 of the dumbest things I have done in my life. If they would treat it as an “addiction” and not a disease this would help out a lot. Just my personal view on this as I had to go to classes with a lot of people that used this as an excuse on why they were repeat offenders. “It was not my fault, I have a disease”!!!

  5. Take the keys away each time. says:

    WCCO you suck. I just wrote down a story on how I had a DUI and think and learned from it and never drove again and you will not post it???? What the he!! is wrong with that? Why have a blog that you cannot share stories on even though no foul lang. was used or any attacks on other? THIS IS A JOKE!!!!!

    1. insignificant says:

      perhaps it was just a “re-fresh” of the page,as it appears it happens ’bout every minute on this site,eh?

  6. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    His blood alcohol was 3 times the legal limit and he wasn’t dead or passed out? Wow. I am tipsy after 1 glass of wine and have to hand the keys over to my hubby to drive home because he’s not a drinker. Geez.

  7. hit em again says:

    Its not this guys fault stupid cop shouldnt have been in the freaking way

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    The news is good at hiding the facts in some of the drunk driving accidents. Like if it wasn’t the drunk driver who caused the accident.

    And They use words like “Drinking related accident”, so they can include a drunk on a bicycle who falls off a bridge and trump up statistics.

  9. Valerie says:

    I lived with an alcoholic 30 years. He’s been sober 11 years. What does being an alcoholic have to do with driving drunk? When you’re an alcoholic you crave liquor you don’t crave driving. So, yeah, they deservice more jail time.

  10. Valerie says:

    OOPS, mean deserve more jail time.

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