By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

We know we get tornadoes in the U.S., but what about the rest of the world? How does the Prince get paid? And why were the royal bridesmaids so young? We’re hitting “Reply All” to WCCO viewers’ Good Questions.

Why were Kate Middelton’s bridesmaids and Prince Williams’ groomsman young children?

It’s a British thing. They think we’re weird for having adults as bridesmaids. In England, they typically have an adult maid-of-honor and best man, and then a bunch of kids.

The little girls in the royal wedding were all under the age of 10, and all relatives of the couple. The young boys were also under 10, and also relatives of the couple.

The “page boys” all wore military-style uniforms, just like William. The bridesmaids wore a similar dress to Kate, that’s why they’re all wearing white. Certainly beats those awful lime green bridesmaid dresses we see at American weddings!

Do the Prince and the Duchess get paid? – Melissa from White Bear Lake

Not for being a member of the royal family. William, in the past, has received a stipend from his dad Prince Charles. But he’s wealthy in his own right, because of inheritance.

He inherited money when his grandmother the Queen Mum died in 2002. Plus, he got half of Princess Diana’s estate, which in today’s dollars is about $11 million. He also earns about $62,000 US a year as a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.

Are there tornadoes in other countries besides the U.S.? — Wayne in Ramsey; Kyle in Redwood Falls and Jennifer in Turtle Lake

There certainly are. Europe has about 170 tornadoes on land every year, but that pales in comparison to the more than 1000 tornadoes we have in the United States. That’s because of geography. We have a lot of open land in the Midwest where there’s lots of room for energy to get building up.

The Netherlands and England have the most tornadoes per area. But many countries have tornadoes, including India, New Zealand and Australia.

Jason DeRusha

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  1. Phil Mcrackin says:

    Energy smenergy OK that might be true.

  2. Mr. Truth says:

    On your main page, the headline was “Why So Many U.S. Twisters?” I get to the story and there is NOTHING about WHY, only a little bit about other countries having them. Basically, the headline was a lie. I expect more from WCCO than that.

    1. dee says:

      it ansered my question!

  3. Not Blind says:

    Mr. Truh, Are you blind? That is the only thing I can think of. Read the second sentence. It says that is because of geography and the U.S. has a lot of open land copared to other countries. I would expect that comment from a 2nd grader…unless you are one?

  4. Rawland Troup says:

    The Federal politicians talk about “cutting spending” including entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Why are Federal politician’s entitlement programs not included in the spending cuts?