By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Sunday, a vigil was held to remember a young woman who was gunned down last week.

Last Monday, Tomika Swoope was walking back to her home near 32nd and Columbus Avenue when gun shots rang out. She was hit in the head by a bullet and died Thursday from her injuries.

To honor Swoope and call an end to violence, family and friends gathered at the corner where the shooting happened to lay flowers, cards and balloons.

It’s time to take our neighborhoods back from violence.

People stood holding hands and praying for peace

Jenny Kraft, Swoope’s fifth grade teacher, was in the crowd during the vigil and talked about the lady with big dreams and whose life was taken too soon.

Kraft was also the teacher of Tyesha Edwards back in 2002 when she was shot and killed doing homework inside her home that isn’t too far from where Swoope’s was shot.

“It was like a flashback because the Monday morning after Tyesha died I didn’t want to go back to school,” recalled Kraft. “And Wednesday morning after I knew, I didn’t want to go back to school either and I’m still teaching fifth grade and I know I have to keep going and keep doing what I can for the kids and our neighborhoods and being more than just a teacher.”

Police haven’t release much information about Swoope’s shooting. They haven’t commented on whether this is gang-related and they have no suspects in custody.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the TIPS Line at 612-692-8477.

Comments (5)
  1. Mark from says:

    Its wonderful that they are praying, but lets start putting these losers away for good.

  2. Tom says:

    Didn’t grandma take any pictures of her without that hat on?

    1. lib says:

      No kiddng, I think the hat speaks volumes on her on her associaton with Gangs. I am sorry this young woman is dead, but the mothers, and yes that is where it begins, need to take back their communilties and as boring and old fashioned as it may sound, you need to marry a decent man before you have children, one who will support you and your children and not just financially, I am sorry for the family of this young woman who had so much promise.

  3. Not surprised. says:

    That’s great, but NOTHING will change in that neighborhood until people open their mouths and start talking to the police and saying what they know. They don’t talk out of fear of retaliation, but nothing will change until someone has the courage to talk to the police.

    So while the motives of the friends are honorable, it won’t happen because parents are raising “angels” in that neighborhood and they are honestly blind and deaf. In reality, they don’t want more family members in jail so family lie to the police about the whereabouts of their “angels” who didn’t see or hear anything.

    I used to live in this neighborhood and remember this girl. I know what I am talking about. “Honestly officer, we didn’t see anything and we were in the hosue all day and didn’t hear anything”. Until families stop protecting their “angels” nothing will change.

  4. random reader says:

    If she was not in a gang, why does the Youtube tribute video of her open with her all dressed in Red, flashing the Blood’s hand sign?:

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