By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

It’s one of those moments I’ll never forget.

Much like I remember watching ABC News from my parents’ suburban Chicago living room when the Tiananment Square uprising began; CNN when the first bombs started falling during the 1st Gulf War (“Can you hear me in Atlanta?”); and Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer when the airplane flew into the second World Trade Center tower, I’ll remember watching CBS as President Obama announced that we got him.

Osama bin Laden has been the face of evil in the United States for the past ten years. He’s been public enemy number one since I was 26. Most college and high school students can’t remember a time when terrorism wasn’t a real threat for the U.S.

And while I watched the simultaneously inspiring and disturbing sight outside the White House, as young people chanted “USA! USA!” I shared in that moment with my friends and neighbors. I didn’t have to be in a crowd to experience that moment, because I shared it with thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter.

Much has been written about how this was Twitter’s “CNN Moment”, the time it really crossed over from being a niche, to being everywhere. I don’t know that I agree with that.

But I do know that a Tweet from @PatiLucha, which read: “@DeRushaJ osama bin laden is DEAD!?” got me to stop watching TiVo, and start watching TV. I do know that I watched as people celebrated and asked questions and celebrated some more. I shared my first thought:

Can you imagine being the men and women who got the mission to go in and get Osama bin Laden? And they did it? Incredible.

I shared the moment on Facebook, and I also shared the moment with my wife as we sat in our basement, holding hands.

It’s a profound moment in our history. And it was profound to share it in such an uniquely 2011 way.

Jason DeRusha

Comments (10)
  1. Lisa says:

    Where was I? Taking a #2

  2. dan says:

    Looking for Elvis

  3. Terry says:

    In the Philippines, Monday morning here, heard a lot of people laughing and cheering, went outside to see what was up, heard “they got him, Bin ladins is dead!”.

  4. ReaL American says:

    Which time that he died were you referring to? Honestly, hip hip hooray amerikkka? Whats wrong with you? It only took apparently, what, a decade for the US to find the most wanted man in the world. Why are there any people in jail? And why did it take longer to assist the first responders with their medical expenses for their heroism, just to end up being insulted by being put through a terrorist screening process before they can receive any benefits?

    Just waiting them out to die.

  5. PLS says:

    Waiting to see it live. I think they should show the actual clip of the killing of Osama. They could but it on Pay-Per-View. Charge a healthy amount and apply it to the national debt. If this offends anyone, they shouldn’t pay to watch it. We need to be more creative on how to raise money to pay off the national debt.

  6. mike says:

    I dont care i wish the media would quite Idolizing him he is dead forget about him.

  7. Robert Crampton says:

    in not rejoicing but I’m glad. they did there job

  8. Robert Crampton says:

    now we need to get obama impeached.

  9. John Smith says:

    Americans and people all over the world never forgot 9/11/2001. On May 1, 2011 the world celebrated as we killed Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden has been killing and spreading hatred for decades. Unfortunately, this is not the end of terrorism but it is a great accomplishment in the fight against terrorism. WE KILLED OSAMA BIN will donate 25% of our proceeds to the organization Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. Our first shirt represents the fact that WE DIDN’T FORGET, and after 3,520 long hard days, we got our man! Each month we plan on producing a new, high quality shirt to help fight terrorism and celebrate the accomplishments our young men and women have achieved.Let us know what you think.

    Every time you buy a shirt or sticker from W K O B L, not only will you be making a statement but you will also be helping Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. WKOBL would like to pay for a first class ticket to HELL for Osama Bin Laden….looks like he got one for free!

    The two founders of this website have been helping spread the word against terrorism since 2001 when they had their first website called KILLTERRORISM.COM (now offline).