By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

— Minnesota’s Department of Transportation has announced a nearly $400 million road repair project, which will occur over the next four years.

“We expect … to really improve more than 700 miles of roadway over the state in the next four years,” said MnDOT commissioner Tom Sorel.

Funding for the program will not require any increased revenue. Money will come from current state and federal funds as well as previously authorized bonds.

Minnesota is not the only state with deteriorating roads.

“This is, I would say, a national problem. The condition of our infrastructure and our roadways, and, I think we’re probably pretty typical,” said Sorel.

State performance measures indicate about 750 miles of trunk highways in Minnesota are classified as being in “poor” condition.

WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Interviews MnDOT Commissioner

For more information, visit MnDOT’s website.

Comments (8)
  1. Tea says WORK! says:

    This is actually one thing I AGREE with as far as “tax and spend”!!!! I just wish they cut things like WELFARE to get the money for it and didn’t raise the tax on gasoline or my tabs to get it……Still…SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!

    Plus…it provides JOBS!!!!! I have an idea…HIRE the people on welfare and unemployment!!!!

    1. increased tax revenue says:

      E very one can afford to pay more on license tab fees. What they need to do is increase it back to the level they were before Jesse Ventura became Governor. Every one can also afford to pay increased park, fishing, hunting fees. If you live here in this state and enjoy the quality of life in this state then you can afford to pay to have it. Other wise pack your bags and move to Mississippi.

      1. Lenny says:

        Who are you to make a statement like everyone can afford to pay more taxes. The election was what people said, and it was they cannot afford more taxes. The voters will decide what kind of ‘quality of life’ we want not you. So maybe you should pack your bags and move to California with the rest of the pot head dreamers.

        1. Jacob Wright says:

          “”thumbs up Lenny””

      2. Darren says:

        Hey, If you want to pay more taxes I will be more then happy to give you the address for the State of Minnesota Department of Treasury. Write a check I am sure they will take it.

  2. GOPSUX says:

    And don’t forget, millionaires need more money.

    1. RedWing,MN says:

      Go back to your crack pipe fool!

  3. y says:

    I wonder if I can bill the state for the repairs to my car caused by these damn pot holes all over the metro area

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