ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has passed new restrictions on abortion but fell short of the votes needed to override a likely veto by abortion rights supporter Gov. Mark Dayton.

The bills passed Friday after several hours of debate that grew emotional and graphic at times. One of the bills would prohibit abortions starting at 20 weeks after conception unless it would save the woman’s life or prevent lasting physical impairment. A woman is usually considered about 22 weeks pregnant at that point under the common method of measuring the length of pregnancy.

That legislation passed by a vote of 82-46.

A separate bill to ban public funding of abortions passed 80-44. It takes 90 votes in the House to override a veto by the governor.

Some Democrats joined most House Republicans in supporting the bills, which have also been making progress through the state Senate.

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Comments (32)
  1. dan says:

    Wonderful! Its a great start to stop the murder of voiceless babies. Bring on the comments!!

    1. Robert says:

      Have you taken in a child who has been abused? Who is homelss who needs love or are you like most pro-lifers, a hyprocrite?

      1. Sheldon says:

        Robert, why should a baby die because the mother sleeps around. Abortion is NOT birth control. Too bad your mother was pro life….

  2. HooDatIS? says:

    its my abortion and i want it now
    so sad when lawmakers tell a woman when and if she can get an abortion

  3. Lori says:

    I dont believe abortions are the way to go. But dont go messing around with a womans rights. I have my choice, dont take away someone elses. Dayton do what you need to do to stop this.

    1. pat says:

      The baby has no choice and no voice Lori and I am sure you are a compassionate person who would do what you could to save an animal who has no choice or voice, please don’t but a childs life below that of an animal.

  4. zee the reporter says:

    Dan you are out of control it is a woman’s right! get a job!! zee reporting on dan!

  5. zee the reporter says:

    And the GOP can kiss my ass!

    1. lib says:

      Why are liberals so crude and rude? Oh I know, they have no real argument to support their beliefs so they resort to vulgar and crude and rude comments.

  6. stace34 says:

    You want to stop abortions, prevent the unwanted pregnancy. You do that with comprehensive sex education and giving people, especially women, access to free/afforable contraception. But no the GOP doesn’t want that. They also don’t want to help the mother support the child once it is born.

    GOP wants smaller government in name only. Most have no idea what being a true conservative means. Keep the government out of my body and out of my love life. Though I would not choose abortion I support a womans right to choose. No one makes this choice lightly.

  7. Governator says:

    I wonder how many of the legislators who voted for the restrictions have actually practiced what they preach and have adopted a child. that’s what they always say, “You can put the child up for adoption.”


  8. Sue says:

    Quit wasting your time GOP on abortion rights and figure out how you are going to balance the budget. It should be a women’s right to choose and when you decide that you will take care of all the unwanted babies because of this than you can take up the debate. Hail Gov. Dayton for women’s right.

  9. GH says:

    You people are sick! What about the babies that are being killed? What about their rights as human beings to live? And don’t get started about how it’s not a baby until it can live outside the mother. If that were the case, we would be allowed to KILL babies who are born early on need support breathing. The most selfish thing a woman can do is kill her baby because it doesn’t “fit” into her plans.

    1. KMB says:

      So, GH, I guess you are going to adopt or support (via welfare) all those unwanted babies.

      Face reality.

      1. Jake says:

        So, KMB, are you planning to start killing all the unwanted babies who are actually born? I mean, you’ve declared them unwanted, so I guess that’s the standard for who lives and who dies.

      2. GN says:

        Knocked-up twice, abortion twice, tubes tied once. Have all the fun you want
        after that. Tax payer funded abortion — knocked up once, tubes tied once.
        That should end the tax liability and help reduce a little bit of the deficit.

    2. GOPSUX says:

      Just like a con servative will hate a minority because he doesn’t fit into the con servative’s plan.

  10. CX says:

    20 weeks is more than enough time to decide if you want the baby or not. Decide the first month and take care of it why wait for 20 weeks thats cruel to both mom and abortie.

    1. Mary DH says:

      The first month?! How often do you expect women to get a pregnancy test? Should we be reporting to the doctor once a month? Twice? Three times? Pee into a cup every morning?

      1. GN says:

        Mary, it appears you have more fun than the average woman.

  11. betty says:

    No one wants abortion, but its in the Constitution. Besides, why is it that pro-life people are so concern about the life of the baby while its in the womb but after birth, they couldn’t care less. I don’t see pro-lifers opening their homes to abused, homeless babies and children.

    1. Jake says:

      A) Not true. It’s apparently in the “penumbras and emanations” of the Constitution. B) Not true. There are many, many prolife people who adopt, foster, and support disadvantaged children. To make that blanket assertion is either the result of refusing to see what is out there or great disrespect. C) That whole before the womb/after the womb argument is just silly. Have you ever heard a pro-life person advocate killing 2 year olds? Protection of life is a different matter than support of life, anyway. If you heard of a homeless man being murdered, would you object to prosecuting the murderer because nobody took the guy in? Of course not. A person is protected because he or she is a human, not because they are privileged. The same standard should apply to infants and developing fetuses at a very early stage.

  12. M B says:

    The statistics show that if you forbid a young woman her right to choose, she is more likely to go on welfare. But, that’s okay, because the GOP wants to make sure that once they’ve forbidden abortion, taken away their welfare so they can’t afford the baby they’ve been forced to keep, and shot down preventative education, that they just fall between the cracks of society. I am however willing to entertain a bill that would have the welfare costs of these babies passed on to those who want abortion banned.

    Then you say, why didn’t they give it up for adoption? Because the reality is many don’t want to once it’s born, whether or not they can afford it. If they do, there’s a fair chance that after having someone else raise it for a number of years, all she has to do is go back to the courts and cry and bawl and the court gives her the kid back. Is either of THOSE (poverty or having your world turned upside down in a court battle) a good option for the child? There’s a reason adopting babies from overseas is popular: because you avoid a lot of the legal custody headaches once the adoption has taken place.

    Give the women their right to choose, whether it be a mistake or not is for them to decide, not for us.

    1. Fed up says:

      MB, maybe you should learn some facts before you show your ignorance. Look up the statistics on how many times the MN courts have “given the kids” back after a number of years. Keep spreading your ignorance.

    2. Fed up says:

      And foreign adoption is gaining popularity due to most domestic adoptions being of the “open adoption” variety, where the birth mother will have some amount of interaction with the child, the amount of which is determined before the adoption agreement takes place. Most people who want foreign adoption want that because they want the child to be exclusively theirs.

    3. sad says:

      No one is forcing you or anyone to keep the child. I had an abortion when i was 19, I believed it was just a blob. Several years later, when I was married and we had our first child and I saw the developement stage of the child I had aborted, ( 20 weeks), I was sick and I knew I had killed my own child. I have had to make my peace with God over the years, and I thank him and praise him for his forgiveness.

  13. Max says:

    Minnesota — you elected the Republican majorities to the Legislature. You reap what you sow. What were you thinking, Minnesota??

  14. hoedown says:

    I just dont understand how its so difficult not to get pregnant. I’ve never got any1 pregnant, and i can’t remember half the sex ive had. Abortion should only be allowed in case of rape, otherwise you shouldnt be getting pregnant, Ladies you make the final decision , don’t let some drunk guy pound you unprotected, ok there is the occasional condom break or pill didnt work, but those are very rare. Wow woman have become trashy, must be why i like them so much

  15. No Ones Perfect says:

    Well said M B. Its the woman’s right to make that choice. Sometimes things are beyond their control. They may want the baby, but know things are sometimes for the best.

    I wouldn’t say its selfish either, maybe in some cases where the woman keeps getting pregnant an having abortion after abortion.. But a lot of women are NOT like that.

    Some know it would be safe for themselves or the baby to go full term so u do what u have to.. Some ppl need to grow a heart an stop bashing ALL women for doin this!!!

  16. No Ones Perfect says:

    Sorry I meant to say.. “Some know it wouldn’t be safe for themselves or the baby to go full term so u do what u have to..”

  17. ihateyourhate says:

    I’m a RN who works with women with high risk pregnancies. Just a few months ago I had a patient who prematurely ruptured membranes (water broke) at just a few days shy of 20 weeks. There was a complete absence of fluid around the fetus, fluid which is crucial for lung, kidney, and muscular development, among other things. With a gross loss of fluid, it cannot reaccumulate and the fetus will surely die either before birth, during labor, or shortly after birth. When a fetus like this survives birth and is born alive, it is doomed to suffer a painful, and sometimes prolonged death which might take several hours. Can someone explain to me why on earth a woman should be denied the choice to end this pregnancy on her own terms, in a way that is acceptable to her and her family? Who is anyone to tell this woman, “No, you MUST carry this pregnancy until you deliver naturally, even though you will watch your baby die an agonizing death in your arms.” For some families, this might be what they desire. But not all. I know I wouldn’t. I am sick and tired of the pro-lifers acting like these second and third trimester abortions can be lumped in the same category as first trimester “birth control abortions”. Anyone who has the ability to Google can find many statistics to back up the fact that very few abortions that occur after 16 weeks are because of these reasons of “convenience” or because it’s “unwanted”. It’s women like the one I described, who have an extraordinarily difficult, PRIVATE choice to make, one that has no positive outcome in the end.
    Besides, when it comes down to it, this isn’t about killing unborn children anyway, it’s about people who don’t approve of women who have non-procreational sex. They are all sluts and deserve to be punished for the rest of their lives for not keeping their legs together, right. Let’s cut the bull and call a freaking spade a spade.

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